Yashudan, Galactic Year 9017: Toxic Fog and Toxic People
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Chapter One
My name is Err and I am a petty thief living in capitol Eran, I do whatever I need to do to survive and keep me high on lika.

I can't afford a gas mask so I walk around without one, which I know will significantly shorten my life. That plus the lika I'm really not long for this world, honestly I live my life like I could go at any moment, because I just might.

My only friend is a man named Hail, a fellow lika addict. We're pretty tight, one of us always has the other's back if one of us don't have enough lika. He's a former family man who ended up on the streets 'cause of the lika, his family don't want to see him. Unlike me, I never had a family and I was more or less born on the streets.

Chapter Two
An opportunity has come up, the man who deals me lika is dying himself, and he offered me his territory if I wanted it. I want it.

Over the next couple of years I rise through the ranks by being ballsy, I become a distributor. It started with me working in somebody else's turf, when confronted about it I just killed him, the first time I've killed anybody, but I don't give a fuck.

Chapter Three
Once I become a distributor I learn there is a government plot to get people addicted to lika. They want to vilify the poor and the drug they take, they want the poor people to kill themselves over the drug, and every once in awhile... They release a poison batch of the drug. They can't do it all the time or the conspirators could be unmasked.

I can afford a mask now but the decades spent without one are going to significantly shorten my life.

Chapter Four
I know I've been given a batch of the poison lika, and is told by my Eran guy, Orre, that I work for them now, and I must sell it.

I knowingly sell the poison to Hail, who didn't notice I was holding back tears. I don't know if I can do this, but after I killed my best friend because I was too much of a coward to face the Eran government, who would have sold him the poison anyway, I find myself with another reason I can do anything now, nothing matters, if I were that kind of person I might go on a raping spree right now, but I'm not.

I don't like this new me. The only way back is I need to say something to Orre.

Chapter Five
I tell him "I can't do it anymore." He says "Either you kill the degenerates or we kill you, obviously you don't care that much or you never would have done that to your friend, you probably never would have got into the drug trade to begin with." "You know the people addicted to this drug aren't degenerates beneath you, they're real people with real lives, some of them are a lot better than you." "Real pathetic lives, killing them is an act of charity."

"Have you tried the drug?" "I have not." "You take a massive rip of this pipe and I'll never question dealing for you again." "...Deal."

Chapter Six
He rips the pipe and says "I feel dirtier already." "You see why somebody would devote their life to this stuff?" "A little, yeah, but they're still degenerate, watch me not ruin my life, I'm still better than them." "Oh...? "...One more rip wouldn't hurt."

We have a bit of a two man party and really open up to eachother. He says "I feel like I have less of a need to bullshit people, like I can just be myself even if it's in people's face." He talks about how he got into his field. "My disdain for drugs and the people who use them, probably due to my father, who was a lika user. I watched it ruin his life and the life of his family."

Chapter Seven
"So are you still going to poison people just because they like this stuff?" "...I don't know. Yes, probably. It's my job."

I pack a pipe full of the poison stuff and offer it to him. He says "Interesting timing on packing that bowl. Why don't you hit it first?" "...Okay..." And then I hit the pipe and instantly feel my body failing but I fight it long enough, I've been fighting toxic chemicals all my life, I just need to stay alive long enough to convince him to hit the pipe.

"...Alright then." And he hits the pipe and says "I knew it! Well, goodbye, new friend."