Yashudan, Galactic Year 8012: I've Always Enjoyed the Saxophone
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Note: The ending was stolen from a real life story I read online a long time ago.

Note: No I don't think drinking your own urine is healthy. I mean it may be I don't know.

Chapter One
My name is Reant, I live in capitol Eran and I work for the Eran military as an equipment specialist. I've stolen a few pieces of spy equipment over the years and they are stored in my crappy little apartment. I could afford to live in a nicer place but why bother, all I need is a place to sleep and eat.

When I'm home I always pile furniture in front of my door. With a job like mine you never know.

I'm reluctant to tell people I drink my own urine, but I feel it purifies me. Other than that I don't exactly have a personality.

Chapter Two
I use to spy equipment to live vicariously through my neighbour. He's always having sex and throwing parties. Right now he's having sex with his beautiful girlfriend and I'm masturbating listening to it.

I envy his life but I just... I just can't bring myself to be like him. I'm just wired differently. I wish I could bring myself to be like him.

Chapter Three
I'm at work, here I call my urine bottle apple juice and nobody knows a thing. I wouldn't be ashamed if I were found out, it's good for my health, but it may create problems with the other workers.

At work I keep my head down and don't really talk to anybody outside work chatter.

I just got a talking to from my boss who says I need to bathe more and the other workers are upset at my smell. To be honest I don't even know if my shower works, I've never turned it on.

Chapter Four
Every day on my way home from work I pass by a homeless lika addict while going into my building. He disgusts me.

The neighbour I spy on was coming home at the same time today. He says "Hello!" to me in the hall but I keep my head down and don't say anything.

Chapter Five
I'm at work, one of my coworkers comes in all exhausted and says "Let me have a sip of your juice." He grabs it before I say anything and starts to chug. He immediately spits it out and says "What the fuck is wrong with you!? That's fucking disgusting."

He goes and tells the boss and I'm fired.

Chapter Six
When things go wrong like this I take pleasure in cutting myself. The endorphins are better than lika and I deserve pain.

I've started crying all the time.

But I still get joy out of listening to my neighbour and masturbating.

Chapter Seven
I throw all my pee jars against the wall as I scream and cry. I can't be bothered to go to the toilet so I've been wearing diapers. I just toss them in the garbage when they're done but I haven't taken the garbage out in months.

I want to kill my neighbour and take over his life but I guess it doesn't work like that. But the thought is always there in the back of my mind, taunting me, teasing me, telling me I don't have the guts.

Chapter Eight
One day I'm in my bathroom and the neighbour walks in with the landlord. I hear him as he first comes in say "Hello? I noticed an awful stench coming from in here and we just wanted to make sure everything is okay." I say nothing. "Helloo...?"

He walks into the bathroom and finds me squealing violently on a saxophone, laying down in a bathtub of my own feces with cuts all over my body.