Yashudan, Galactic Year 2200: Imposing Our Will
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Note: The views expressed in this story are not, nor have they ever been, the views of it's author. The author means no offence to those who do believe and hopes he has presented your views respectfully.

Note: I'm sorry, this one is a little boring. I promise I won't do it again. It's just that I needed to lay the groundwork for future stories. Okay now that I've rewritten it it's better but still not my best.

Chapter One
There's an unenlightened planet about 5000 light years away from home Eran. Every other planet we've conquered was quite a bit more advanced, this one is still medevil.

We've scoped the place out a bit, watched them interact in town squares and such, it would appear they are a race of warring kingdoms, and they call the planet Tata. We are going to go down, enlighten them, unify them, and put them under our control.

Chapter Two
The system we are going to put in place for this and future unenlightened planets, is this... We're not just going to go down and say you belong to us, that would make them feel like a slave state. What we're going to do is unify the planet from behind the scenes, and just when the whole planet loves their beloved unifyer, that's when he tells them about life in the rest of the galaxy and how they have the privilege of joining the Eran empire.

This will be the trial run for developing our plan to conduct this sort of operation in the future.

Chapter Three
A debate is on about whether or not we're doing the right thing.

The consensus is that there's no point in letting them develop on their own, they'll just end up being behind the rest of us for all eternity. They need the ability to catch up to us so they're not just seen as lesser when compared to the others.

Plus, if diplomatic tensions with Areates break down, we need as many soldiers as we can get at all costs.

Chapter Four
My name is Lami, and I am poison elemental. I land in a secluded area in the countryside, outside a major city, dressed in the clothing of the locals in order to blend in.

I bring massive amounts of gold and crystals. I bring a non suspicious looking sword and a hidden gun in case of real trouble, but as a mage of level 50 I'll probably be fine. More importantly, I'm bringing a shit ton of stetva, which I will keep my soldiers high on at all times.

Chapter Five
I ask around where somebody might go if they wanted to purchase a militia of mercenaries. I ask and I ask and I ask and eventually I find a helpful stranger who brings me to an underground bunker/office.

And I purchase myself a militia after talking to a man at the desk in front of stone walls, they will meet me outside.

They are all standing in a beautiful empty field. The beauty of this planet is beyond words. I'm used to the smog filled wastelands of Eran.

I address myself and tell them they now operate on stetva at all times. It is an elixir from the gods that will give them strength and gumption. I tell them we're gonna do this clean but we're going to need to be able to handle our stetva.

Chapter Six
On to the first kingdom, the smallest and easiest kingdom. On the road to the capitol we fortify every small village we come across, until finally we are at the not very well guarded gates. On the way I had to be brought back into focus a number of times while I observe the beautiful countryside of it's virgin lands. No pollution, no garbage, just endless beautiful greenery.

Our archers take out the sentries and our battering ram breaks our way into the castle. We fight a very one sided fight on the way to the throne room. I feel a strong blood lust from the stetva and decide maybe it would be more fun to do this dirty. My soldiers were way ahead of me, already raping their way through all the women in the capitol city. Eran doesn't want me to be evil but they should have thought of that before they let me bring the stetva which as far as they know I am just feeding my soldiers and not addicted myself.

We make our way to the king's chamber, who sits there waiting for us. We give him the opportunity to surrender but he chooses honour and falls to my sword. I get a certain pleasure out of it that I'd never experienced before, the stetva has opened my mind to new realms of cruelty.

The surviving enemy soldiers lay down their swords and pledge to join our cause, they understand and respect the idea of a one world government and they want to be on whatever it was my militia was on that allowed them to take out a small country with just a militia.

The wife of the dead king despises us and speaks out against us. I guess she didn't realize she's living in a new world now, one that doesn't allow such things, so I personally killed her. I made it slow. I let several of my soldiers gang rape her. I've loathed before, but nothing like loathing on stetva. I didn't even really have a reason, she was being perfectly reasonable, but I really fucking loathed her.

Chapter Seven
I'm having a conversation with my number two, the previous commander of the militia. He says "You said this stetva is the elixir of the Gods. I say no God would allow this level of depravity. This is an elixir of the underworld. We know it. You know it. You can stop pretending. We all hate the Gods, that's why we love you, we want to burn the Gods creation to the ground. Destroy it all. Rape it. scorch the land."

I may have to kill this man. If we burn it to the ground my superiors would not be happy.

I say "One day I will introduce you to a God that you will like." He says "Only a god of evil will sooth my heart." "Well, it's pretty close. It's certainly not a god of good."

Chapter Eight
The next kingdom is a big step up from the first one, but with God on our side I think we can pull it off. Again, we conquer every small village and in this case small cities, north up the continent until we get to the north coast, where the capitol is. Every town and small city, we murder whoever doesn't like us and let us have our way and we rape every woman we see.

I felt strange feelings for a small male child after we killed his parents. Not the feelings you think. A feeling of lust. I've never felt this toward a child before and it's frightening me. It's the stetva. So I kill him for frightening me and that was just as good.

My mercenary army was worth the price in gold and the new recruits can hold their own. We take quite a lot of damage but we eventually make our way through the castle and once again to the throne room. This king is less honourable and has hidden. We scour the castle over and over until we find a hidden passage way and the king.

He begs for his life and says we can have his entire army if we let him live. Not only his army but we can make his wife and daughter our concubines and his son our slave. I accept, and he goes into hiding.

His son hates his father with a passion and says he'll never be our slave and we should just kill him. So I do. The daughter was still young and attractive so I let my favourite soldiers have their way. The wife was getting on in years and not as pretty as she probably once was, so I decide she can just die.

Chapter Nine
I tell my people I'll be back in a week and disappear into the wilderness, where I say I will visit the gods. I'm picked up by Eran.

I give my report to my bosses and tell them we're well on track. I am informed that the Areates have been in talks with Eran about why Eran gets to annex them and not the Areates. I'm told we may need to be prepared for battle as the talks are going nowhere.

I mention my soldiers are slightly unruly but it was to be expected of stetva addicts. The boss says just keep yourself clean, you have an image to uphold. I agree and say I have done nothing unethical.

Chapter Ten
I come back and in the next three months I conquer the entire planet. We've raped every woman and a few children, we've enslaved the locals and we've scorched the land a little.

I had never raped anybody before this mission, I had never even thought of it, but then again I had never done stetva. It's the kind of thing that's frowned upon in the Eran military and is mostly just for gangsters and serial murderers. But I was told the best way to effectively use a small army is to get them high on stetva.

Chapter Eleven
I declare to the people that I am the god king, sent to this planet to conquer, unify, and rule.

I spend months having the slaves build my giant marble palace.

Some speak out against me, saying I am only in it for personal glory. Those people are executed.

I call myself the salvation of the planet and the peasants agree.

I have a new woman brought to me every day.

Eran grows impatient but I keep telling them I'm not finished with them yet. But the truth is I'll never be finished. This is my life now.

My number two comes to me and says "We didn't sign on for this. We expect death for this world." I say "What about just death for you?" He says "Please, do it, and make it fast. I'll see you in the underworld." I stab him through the brain.

Chapter Twelve
I'm about to give my speech about Eran when something happens in the skies above my new kingdom.

Diplomatic tensions between Eran and Areates have turned into full on battle in the skies of Tata. Basically a light show for the residents of the planet who start to panic and call it the battle of the gods.

I say "They're fighting over who gets to rule our new world government." The man beside me says "I didn't know the gods were so jealous."

Chapter Thirteen
Eran wins and lands on the surface. A man, my boss, comes out of the craft and I bring him to my capitol where he addresses a massive crowd.

He says "You are about to enter a realm beyond your wildest dreams, things you never even thought possible will come to you all, we will bring you advancement beyond your wildest dreams. You will find you are a part of a beautiful galactic community and you will help us keep it strong. Welcome to the Eran empire, prepare to thrive."

It's at this time I tell him "By the way, I'm never coming home." He says "That was never an option." So I take out my sword and cut his head off. One of my soldiers yells out "God killer!" and everybody cheers. His number two says "As long as Tata will remain under Eran control, I will let you keep it." And I said "That was never an option."