Yashudan, Galactic Year 21: The Areates War
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Chapter One
An Areates diplomat is killed by a rogue faction in the Eran government on a visit to Eran's capitol city. Before this event, tensions were already very tense, but now a full on war breaks out.

Me? I'm a double agent. Eran thinks I work for them but I actually work for Areates. I'm 31 years old and my name is Bayre.

Chapter Two
I discover some dirty technology being built by Eran. It's an anti terraforming device that destroys atmospheres with chemicals, based on their own pollution machines but ramped up exponentially.

Both sides already have city destroying bombs but this would be a game changer, to be able to destroy all life in a planet with one blow.

I don't have the clearance to get to it, but I'm working on it.

Chapter Three
There is a major skirmish on an Areates planet, named Barste. The Areates kick them out and begin to evacuate before Eran returns.

Eran returns before they're done evacuating and kills many. The Areates say this was purely malice, and if that's how you want to fight that's how we'll fight.

Chapter Four
I visit the man with the credentials and get him to talk about the weapons.

I kill him, cut off his hand and carve an eye out of his face in order to fool whichever censors I come across.

I take his ID and alter it to have my face.

Chapter Five
Areates decide to attack Eran's home planet. Eran finds THIS in pure malice and does the same. We now have two fronts going on at once, both with everything on the table.

Chapter Six
I scan the eye, but the censor recognizes it as a disembodied eye and the alarm sounds.

I smoke bomb, soldiers come, I kill all of them in the confusion.

More soldiers come, too many for me to handle. I say "I just got here too, the imposter must haven gotten away." "Can I see your credentials?" "Here you go."

I didn't succeed on getting in there today, I'll have to try something else.

Chapter Seven
Eran is holding the Areates royal family hostage at the same time Areates are holding the Eran royal family hostage.

While this happens, both civilizations have weapons of mass destruction pointed at both capitol cities.

Chapter Eight
I'm walking down a hallway with a fellow agent and we see one of the guards again. "Hello, Orre" and leaves. The other agent says "Orre?" "I must look like him or something." "You don't, and he's dead, found dead in his office with a hand and an eye missing... The eye that was used when you responded to that alar-" and then I stab him in the throat.

Chapter Nine
Talks break down and both royal families are killed, both of them were very stubborn and refused to stop the war.

But both empires understand that as the tensions with the doomsday weapons increases, the only options are stand down or risk the both of them losing their capitol cities.

Chapter Ten
I drag the dead agent back to the door, I know I must act fast and I will be dead when this is over.

I scan the eye and it's fine, but this time it would appear the man watching the camera is actually paying attention, I guess he looks at this screen more than the others since the event, the alarm sounds again.

Guards come running, I kill them all and then enter the research lab.

Chapter Eleven
The new leaders take power in both empires and sign a peace treaty. It is officially a stale mate.

Chapter Twelve
I'm bunkered down behind a table with guns drawn while my line to Areates rings.

"The war is over! You can abort mission, we don't need it! Let them have their filthy technology!" "Fucking..." And I shoot myself in the temple.