Yashudan, Galactic Year 14 051: After Yashudan
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Chapter One
It was 30 years ago, the Eran government collapsed. Five years later the atmosphere on the planet completely gave out and scorched the land. On other planets, the rebellion tried to take control, but were destroyed in a Kamikaze attack that left most planets barren.

Every city on every planet now lies deserted.

My parents escape to a ship that will traverse the galaxy in the hope of finding life, but all the undiscovered planets have been discovered and all of the discovered planets have been destroyed. Our only hope now is to find life that's still developing.

Chapter Two
My name is Stard, I am one of the few remaining survivors.

My parents, and all of the other adults, have died of malnutrition because they gave the food to the children. The last people to know what civilization is are dead. The remaining crew is of ages 12 to 19, me being the oldest at 19.

One of us is a Tyn, his name is Garre and he's 18. We've heard that the people of Eran and the people of Areates don't get along, but that isn't a problem anymore.

I've asked Garre what the future looks like, he says "There is no future to view, everything is darkness."

All I do is stare out the window at the blank void. That's really all any of us do.

Chapter Three
We need to find seeds before malnutrition gets us too. We figure our best bet is old Eran, which was largely ignored in the fighting.

I keep doing DMP, I hear that's how people in the past have contacted the Gods, but I keep coming up with no response.

Chapter Four
We land on Old Eran.

We come across the square where Jarrel disappeared.

"My parents told me about a man named Jarrel who disappeared in this very spot. He was worshipped, but from the afterlife he betrayed the Eran he had grown to hate and nearly wiped out all of Yashudan. This, apparently, is the forbidden history that my parents knew, but there's nobody around to forbid it any more."

"I'm uncomfortable around this spot, it feels ominous."

We find some seeds at the research base and we stockpile our granary.

Chapter Five
I'm constantly drawn to the square, I can't stop thinking about it, always calling to me.

I finally get ahold of the council on DMP. They say "It's over, this is done, just give up, and stop bothering us we want to sleep. It won't be long until the glow of 3 kelvin is all that exists." "It can't be over, there must be other places we can go." "You can go to the square in Old Eran. But only if you wish to be cursed with eternal life." "...That sounds good to me."

Chapter Six
We return to the square and Garre begins casting the spells necessary to bring us there. Wherever there is.

I say "Wait!" "What is it?" "The council seemed to think this was a fate worse than death." Garre says "Fuck it I'm going." and the rest of our crew agrees with him.

Chapter Seven
I'm all alone now. I am the last person in the galaxy.

I may as well be high at all times. There's some daddomoite in storage. I take it expecting to feel the warm love of the universe, but it feels empty, like it's reaching for something but it's tapped out, it's looking for things that aren't there anymore.

Chapter Eight
I live in solitude for about a year, bored, all I do is aarpa and qua. All I do is sleep and look out into space.

I visit the memorial statue for my parents, who's remains were shot into space. I say "I'm sorry, the hope you had for a new civilization dies with me. I failed the galaxy."

Chapter Nine
I do DMP one last time and get no answer.

I decide to go to the observation deck and meditate until I starve to death.

And that was the last breath of this galaxy being exhaled, after it lay dying for years.