Yashudan, Galactic Year 11 907: Introducing Kura
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Chapter One
My name is Kura and I am a mercenary with a mech, known as a carse.

I have no moral compass and I will do anything for money. And when I get the money I spend it all on drugs and whores. Every night I'm not sleeping in a brothel I'm sleeping in a tent, camped out somewhere secluded with my mech.

When I'm on the job I'm stone cold sober, it's one of my few moral stances, I make sure people are getting what they paid for.

Chapter Two
The Carocca government has given me a job that the Eran government didn't want to touch. There is going to be a shipment of weapons going to the Knights of a Free Carocca and I am to halt it. I'm to be paid handsomely.

But apparently they have hired another carse to guard the shipment. Barse. I've worked with him in the past and I've done battle with him in the past. We have a mutual respect. But I'm getting paid more than he is.

Chapter Three
In my younger days I was a part of the Knights, I joined shortly after the third "reset," when they've gone too far and the government cracks down on them. But they will never die, ideals never die.

I realized how pointless we are if the Eran government is going to allow us to exist.

Chapter Four
I'm on site. The secluded launch pad in Areates is within eye sight. Barse sees me. I fire before he does and shoot out the engines of the shipment.

Barse fires at me and I avoid it. We go back and fourth with light artillery for awhile before he brings out the big ones and launches a massive missile, he was reluctant to fire before for the same reason I was, those fuckers are expensive, almost takes every cent I'll be earning from this mission.

Chapter Five
But if he launches his I must launch mine. We both eject at the last second and land near eachother, wounded.

Everybody at the launch pad has fled. It's just me and Barse, lying on the ground near death. He's crying out in agony, and I don't know him to be a pussy, he must have got hurt real bad.

I always wondered who would win in a fight between the two of us.

Chapter Six
I call out "Hello, old friend!" He says "...Kura? I thought that was you." I say "Long time no see." He says "You're working for the fucking government now!?" "Not really, no. I'm working for myself, same as I always have, same as I always will." "But you would take a job against your old brethren?" "Yeah, I know, I'm a bastard." "At least you have a little self awareness." "You're saying you won't take a job that pays as well as Carocca can pay?"

"I would not and I can't believe you would. Now I'm happy we wrecked eachother's mechs, I made you think about money. They paying you enough to fix your mech?" "I don't believe they are, no." "Well then you're just a fucking idiot, aren't you?" "...I believe I am, yes."

Chapter Seven
"All you care about is money?" "That's all I have in my life now, carnal pleasures." "Well I have dignity and I think that's worth a little more than carnal pleasures." "Like to put a value on both of them? If we're putting a value on both of them I can't see how dignity could possibly beat hedonism." "Hedonism is just for you. I don't work just for me, I work for the good of the galaxy." "And yet here you lie, with me, crying in agony, you're saying you'd rather have dignity now than drugs?" "...Yes!" "Well all I can think about now is drugs, I guess you're the stronger man."

"...Maybe one day you'll care about others again." "I wouldn't count on it."

Chapter Eight
Alright I think I've got enough energy to get the fuck out. I set my broken leg. "Fuck that must have hurt." "Yep." "Could you please... Put me out of my misery?" "I was already planning on it. No way I'm bringing you to a hospital." "Thank you, old friend." I shoot him in the head.

Chapter Nine
I check my bank account and it would appear the money from Carocca has gone through. I call out "Hey!" to a hiding tech guy. I say "Think you could repair this engine real quick?" "...It'll take a couple hours." "Alright you have two hours before I kill you." "What!?" "You'll work harder that way. Trust me I'll do it I'm not just fucking with you." "...Yes sir."

And I take the weapons to my old friends the Knights.