Yashudan, Galactic Year 11 892: The Beginning of Kura
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Chapter One
I'm a mercenary and my name is Kura.

I grew up in a boarding school for future mercenaries that would work for the school and hire themselves out en masse. I was brought in after I was abandoned at age 3.

I'm at the top of my class.

Chapter Two
Some of our mercenaries were hired out by an anti-Eran group. A big mistake, you mustn't fuck with the government. But surely they wouldn't know it was us, it could be any mercenary.


Our school is completely wiped out by Eran. A small group of us, including the headmaster, who I have now learned is a coward for not going out like a man, escape.

The headmaster tells me he wants to kill himself but he can't bring himself to pull the trig- and then I shot him. This is your fault, you accepted the job, you knew this would happen.

Chapter Three
I'm once again living on the streets. I wander into a Lika house and brothel called Tead's Den.

I'm being orally pleased when I hear the proprietor saying that he needs a mercenary to take out a smuggler who's been stealing from the proprietor, Tead, when he delivers the shipments.

I tell him, once she's finished, "I'm your man."

Chapter Four
I got the man's address and go to his house. He answers the door. I say "You Grean?" He says "Yes." I say "There is a bounty on your head and I'm here to collect it." He says "Fuck, I left my gun over there. Well guess I'm going to make this easy for you." I say "I appreciate it" and shoot him in the head.

I go back to Tead's Den and say "The job is done." Tead says "Well done, here you go." and hands me 5000 credits. I say "Thank you." I hand it back to him and say "I'll take her, her and her, and the rest in Lika." He laughs and says "Yes sir."

He says "You'll be getting more jobs. I put your name out t here in the underground."

Chapter Five
The next day a man walks into the brothel and says "I'm looking for a man named Kura." I put the Lika pipe down and raise my hand. "Right here."

The job I'm about to give you is dangerous. You're more likely to die than to succeed." "Let's hear it. I have one foot in the grave anyway."

"The man I want taken out has a lot of security. Alarms, mounted guns and a whole lot of men. I don't know or care how many men you need to kill, all I care about is the target."

He gives me a map of the place and points me in the right direction.

Chapter Six
I slip in through an air vent outside. The vents aren't on the map but I think I can navigate by looking through the vents.

I get to the main security room, take out the three guards with my silenced pistol. I climb down and disable the alarms and sensors.

I open the door and take out the two guards in the hall. Then back into the vents. I find my way towards the guard break room and take out all five of them from the vent. Wait, no, there was six. He runs out the door and I spring into action. I'm very fast, you see. I take him out in the hallway and drag his body back to the break room and reenter the vents.

I find my way to the bedroom and I take out the target in his sleep.

Chapter Seven
With this kind of money I should invest in something. I want to be a carse, so I buy a mech. Tead tells me where to go to get a black market mech.

I get to the warehouse and give the secret knock. An older woman answers and says "So you want to be a carse?" "I do." "Let me show you our selection. But first I need to know you have the cash." I whip out a big stack of bills. "Okay good."

This one particular one catches my eye. Looks old. Has some personality. She says "Oh you like that one? That one is bad luck, everyone who's piloted it has met a grizzly fate." "I would expect a used mech to be once piloted by now dead people." "I suppose that's true." "I'll take it."

Chapter Eight
Back in Tead's Den, another man comes looking for me.

He says "I've been following you since the incident at your old school. I know you killed your headmaster and I like it. I work for the Eran government and I want you to finish what you've started." "You want me to take out the other survivors?" "Exactly. Honestly, we want to find out what you would do for money, if you have any allegiances." "I have no allegiances. I'll do anything to anybody for anybody."

Chapter Nine
I know one of them is around here, I've partied at his parent's house before. I walk in when they're in the middle of dinner.

"Sorry to interrupt. Queat, there's no way of you getting out of here alive, but as long as you tell me the locations of the other survivors I won't kill your parents." "You're working for Eran? I like it. Okay, to save my parents, here's my address book. I'll circle the others." "Thank you." "I've always envied you, Kura." "Thank you." And I shoot him in the head as his mother cries out in sorrow. I say "Enjoy the rest of your dinner, sorry to disturb you."

Chapter Ten
I meet the next one at the door of his apartment. "Kura?" "Kura." "You need me for something?" "I need you to die." "AW! FUCK!" Bang.

The last two seem to live together. So... It'll be quicker but it'll be more difficult. Maybe if I use my silencer I could catch the second one before he knows what's happened.

I wait at the entrance for somebody to come open the door. Somebody comes and I rush in behind her. She says "Wait. I can't let you in." I show her my gun and she says "Okay sorry!" and opens the door for me.

I knock on the door and then get into position beside the door. He opens the door to nobody. Says "Hello?" and walks out into the hallway. In a soft voice I say "surprise!" and shoot him in the head.

I walk in and see the other one watching television. "Kura?" "Kura." and shoot him in the head.

Chapter Eleven
My contact with Eran says "You may work for us now." I say "Sometimes, sure, but you don't have my allegiance." "We can make you a rich man." "I can be a rich man with or without you. And I plan on blowing it on drugs and hookers." "You're making a mistake." "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll see me again." "Well, here's your payment." "That's all?" "You've earned something more important than money, you've earned our respect." "Fine."

Well it's enough for one hooker and a few puffs of Lika.