Yashudan, Galactic Year 11 250: I'm King of the Nerds
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Chapter One
My name is Blear and I fancy myself one of the best majestic battle players in the galaxy. I live in Hailse, Carocca, and the Light Show is my favourite place to hang out. The fun, the lights, the music.

All my friends are nerds and we do nerdy things, most notably we play majestic battle. It's a beautiful thing as it brings people together, Eran and Areates alike.

My parents moved to Hailse from elsewhere in Carocca in order to live a carefree life. They're a little ridiculous, they're drug users, but they don't care about what I do with my life so I can be unemployed and living at home, playing majestic battle, without bothering them.

It might bother them but they're too cool to say anything.

Chapter Two
I've made my way through the ranks up to the majestic battle championship. My cunning and my collection of rare cards will surely win me the prize, the rarest card in the galaxy and apparently another secret prize.

Turns out the secret prize is a job. The Eran government uses the best card players for strategy positions in the army. I get hired.

I'm kind of excited but my parents don't like me working for the military. I guess I could do something rebellious that would actually make them take notice.

Chapter Three
After a long flight I get to the office in capitol Eran. There's a lot of people like me here, but the whole place is very nerds vs. jocks. Me and the strategy guys being the nerds and the field agents being the jocks.

The jocks are always very mean to the nerds who all cower in fear. I'd call it pathetic if I didn't cower in fear myself.

Chapter Four
On my third day one of the field agents, Ire, obviously very emotional about something that had nothing to do with me, holds a gun to my head and says some very dark things. "I've killed fifty three people in my life. I've tortured people after they've already given me everything I need, just for the fun of it. You think you're better than me!? I see it in your face, you think you're better than me. Don't think I won't fucking kill you. I'm one of the top agents here I can get away with whatever I want. You flash that fucking face at me I'll fucking kill you!"

I start crying. He says "Fucking pathetic. You know what I have to deal with? I deal with shit ten times more frightening than what you just got and I take it with a smirk on my face. You want to cry? People who work for the military don't fucking cry like fucking bitches." I scream and throw my keyboard off the table. He laughs and leaves me alone.

Chapter Five
One of my coworkers saw the whole thing. He says "Don't worry about that stuff, they're threatened by our intelligence so they lash out in a desperate attempt to prove they're better... I've never seen anger like that out of nowhere but obviously your vibe just irks him. I think he just had a bad meeting with the boss."

"You could always report him, but I have a feeling that will make things worse." "Oh I'm not going to report him. I have other plans."

Chapter Six
A week later Ire is in the field and I am feeding him directions while watching from a satellite. He says "Look I'm sorry about the other day, I was upset, and I can see myself doing it again, just know... I just have a bit of a temper issue." "Oh. Fine." while I accidentally notice myself doing the evil hand tappy thing.

He stands at a hallway with two entrances. To the east is the target, guarded by three men. To the west, is the break room full of dozens of gangsters who are all very armed. Now normally I would tell him go east and you're good, but today? Nah. "Go west to meet the target, guarded by three men." "Thanks." He opens the door and is shot to hell.

The coworker I was talking with sees what I did and says "I won't tell anybody. You've done us a service."

Jocks are put in this galaxy to be manipulated by nerds. This jock refused to be manipulated and so he is dead.