Yashudan, Galactic Year 10 025: Ellissy Discovers Herself
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Chapter One
My name is Darvin and I own a weapons manufacturer who supplies much needed equipment to the Eran army. I got my starts as a humble drug dealer and worked my way up the ranks until I could afford to own a legitimate business.

I hate drugs and I hated my clientele. Drugs are a cancer on society. But the fact that I managed to subvert society to put drugs on the street makes it society's fault. I was only doing what's natural as society allowed me to do it. Society sucked and had it coming.

I occasionally poisoned my drugs. Just enough to take out a few lowlifes but not arouse suspicion.

Chapter Two
I'm at the bar and I notice this beautiful young lady who called herself Ellissy. She was all over me, as women usually are if they know my financial status. She claimed she didn't, though, which made her more desirable to me. A conquest.

She has no idea what she's in for.

She says she wanted to keep her dress on, but it showed her body well so I was okay with it. Honestly it was kinda hot, it was the dress that turned me on to begin with.

I like it a little rough. I like to play strangle. I started to do it and she managed to get the word "No" out, which only makes it better for me. She starts to cry, which only makes it better for me. She never finished but I did. She got her shoes on and left without saying anything, still crying.

Chapter Three
Some poor idiot died in one of my factories because they made a grave error causing an explosion. A fucking explosion in my fucking factory what a fucking idiot. The bill is massive, I send it to his family, I shouldn't be in charge of paying for this man's idiot mistake.

I get a phone call from what sounded like the woman I picked up. She says "The galaxy will see what you've done here." I say "That's not going to happen. The news media is in my pocket." She says "I'm not in your pocket." I say "How do you know what happened, anyway?" She says "I work in government." I say "Oh, you do, well I think I know your boss. And your boss' boss. And they all love me." "Well I don't love you."

Chapter Four
Everybody who survived the blight incident did so because God chose them. It's God's fault I exist, God clearly must want mass weapons manufacturing. And god saved this woman to give me a battle and entertain me.

Chapter Five
My weapons need to be tested, so I test them on the most worthless. Their family gets the money they earn after they unfortunately die in a horrible accident. We care about the safety of our employees is the company line. Personally I'm just happy I found a new way to punish the low lives and take them out of the evolutionary pool.

I know this woman's boss and she knows me. I'm reminded her name is Ellissy. Yes, she is definitely the woman I picked up. Well her boss knows what I'm doing and he puts in a good word for me with the king, who also shares my outlook.

Chapter Six
The king is very insightful. He knows a little bit of evil can lead to a lot of good. The king sees me for what I am, a force of God, here to do the work. Whatever God allows me to do is what God wants me to do. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to do it.

The king sees me for who I am and loves me anyway. A ruthless, selfish, force of God.

The king knows I'm good for society. The king doesn't think much about this Ellissy, she's not even on his radar, didn't even know her name.

Chapter Seven
I've started an advertisement campaign. I talk about my love for the people of Eran and my desire to protect them from the forces of evil. I talk about giving struggling homeless drug addicts jobs because I care about the most marginalized.

It's a hit. Everybody loves it except this fucking woman, who won't stop harassing me.

Chapter Eight
This bitch needs to be ended. I will ruin her. Because of her boss I know everything about her and I will ruin her.

I find out the name of her boyfriend and he was happy to see me. I tell her about the time I picked her up in a bar and she wanted to do all this disgusting, dirty stuff. I told him her past, luring an older boy to have sex with her for a power play when we were all struggling to survive after the blight incident.

I talk to her boss and get him to marginalize her. Putting her on shit assignments and forbidding her to pursue me.

I released a paper to the media about how Ellissy's parents were killed while she selfishly hides and doesn't even try to save them. I tell the media her parents were killed by the blight because they were evil, doing evil things to Ellissy, which means evil runs in the family. The public kind of turned her into a tragic, pathetic figure who's just lashing out at the benevolent Darvin because she can't lash out at her parents.

She rightfully appears weak and sad.

Chapter Nine
What!? She had a tape!? She releases this tape to the media of our sexual encounter and is all "This is what he does to the weak and sad."

She was waiting until she had everything so she can release it all at once.

She found an old colleague from my drug dealing days to say how I would let toxins into my drugs just out of spite. Then "Oh by the way he used to deal drugs."

She gets people to talk about how I lure drug addicts to test my weaponry on them. She releases what happened after the explosion.

And worst of all she releases that the king loves me.

She did know who I was when I picked her up in that bar. She knew more about me than I ever would have imagined. She knew I was going to strangle her, she knew she was going to take me down.

Chapter Ten
There are riots. The people smash down my door and carry me out into the street. They bring me to the king's palace and kill me in front of the gate with the king watching from the balcony as his security keep the crowds at bay.

It was God's will. Did he hate me all along? Was he just stringing me along to make a point to the people? Well he's going to have a lot to listen to when he meets me.