Yashudan, Galactic Year 10 033: For the Revolution
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Chapter One
The guards outside the sleeping quarters have been eliminated, all 124 of us are storming down the hallway, killing guards at every intersection and making a lot of noise.

We got the guns from my father, to one of our conspirators who had less restriction on him than I did. He works for Eran, but he's become disillusioned with them and rages at Eran for making his son a slave. He's higher up in government and he's the one who's really going to make the revolution happen.

Chapter Two
We get to the main hangar and all of us steal our own mechs and flee to Tatria, where we plan on turning our old base into a thriving community. It will be a beacon of freedom, overshadowing even Areates as a place for people upset at Eran to find a home. Speaking of Areates, this is all thanks to them, they are going to help us terraform and give assistance in other ways, such as having Areates privateers fight Eran with us, something a lot of them have already been doing.

Chapter Three
I'm telling them stories about the beginnings of the revolution. I tell them about Ferra, I said I was in love with her, but then so were the rest of us. "She gave her life for us and we will always honour her, even if many of us never even knew her. She was a true hero."

I tell them about my family, how my father married an Areates woman and has to keep it a secret from the Eran government he works for. I say "If anybody has a problem with me being half Areates they need to have a new mindset, you're not on Eran anymore. The Areates are also our heroes."

Chapter Four
I begin a friendship with a woman, Nalliar, I tell her I see a little Ferra in her. She says "So you're in love with me like you were in love with Ferra?" I say "Maybe..." "I hope you are, because I have feelings for you too." "Okay, then we are in love."

Chapter Five
My father communicates with me for the first time since our escape. He says "There are 10 Eran government plants among you." He mentions that one of them is Nalliar.

I say "But we have you in our pocket, and you're worth more than 10." He says "Even more so now, I've been put in charge of dealing with you, as I told the higher ups that my son is my problem and I feel ashamed, I must make it right."

He says "Every one of those 10 plants answers to me and only me."

Chapter Six
My father has told one of the plants to take me out, but he warns me ahead of time so I'll be waiting with guns drawn, it will look like my father didn't deliberately send him to his death, but he did. I kill him the moment he kicks in my door.

He tells one of the plants to tamper with our irrigation, but didn't tell them there was a security system in place. Once it goes off he is discovered and he is killed.

That's all for now, two people in a row was already pushing it.

Chapter Seven
My father tells me he's in a very difficult battle convincing Eran to not just crush us. He's convinced him to turn it into controlled opposition like the Knights of a Free Carocca.

He says they're going to send a small army, not enough to wipe us out but enough to put the fear of god in us. They're going to let us think we've won. Naturally the soldiers going into battle think the plan is to crush us so they'll fight for real.

Chapter Eight
And the enemy arrives. I tell the people they all knew this day would come, but that today we have an ace up our sleeves, I can't tell you what it is, but it may just save us.

We all get into our crafts and take the technique we took the first time, get higher than them. missiles being launched in every direction, explosions, lasers, if I wasn't fending for my life I'd say it was beautiful. Something I noticed is the other plants didn't suddenly turn, clearly they know Eran's plan and think they're in this for the long run so they have to appear on our side. It must be killing them to harm their own people.

And in the end, as was written, victory is our's.

Chapter Nine
To see what happens and to solidify our status as controlled opposition, I put Nalliar in charge of the revolution.

My father says "Good move, the Eran government believes you've fallen in love with her, and that this will be very useful to them." He says "But more will have to be done to make Eran believe I am legit, there are rumours."

I say "You must assassinate me to convince Eran you are in fact legit and let the revolution live on."

"This is a very brave move on your part, I admire you. It breaks my heart to do this, but if it's what you want then it will be done."

Chapter Ten
Before it's over I decided to call my mother. She already knows the whole plan and answers the phone crying. She says "How could you two do this to us!?" I say "Look, it's not like you were ever going to see me again anyway." "But I would have known you were doing well, if I don't have that to think about I don't know how I'll go on!!" "You still have my brother. You still have father." "No! I don't have your father any more! If he goes through with this he is dead to me! The marriage is over!" I say "Sorry mom... I love you." and I hang up.

Nalliar comes to my door and says "I'm sorry I have to do this..." and she draws her gun. I smile at her.