Yashudan, Galactic Year 10 031: For the Glory of Eran
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Chapter One
My name is Deek.

It's been a few years since the Blight. Most of the population of Eran was destroyed, only about a quarter of them remain. I was lucky enough to be in a rural area and my parents built a bunker.

If Eran was dystopian before, it's really ramped it up since then, all you see is propaganda about doing right by your empire and either joining the military or building weapons. In order to prevent another Blight Eran has devoted themselves to building enough weaponry to destroy the galaxy five times over.

Sure I recognize my empire is dystopian but I still have faith in my government and it's religion. I think in order to be powerful you must be at least a little dystopian.

Chapter Two
I am passionate about helping to make cool weapons and even more passionate about saving the galaxy from future blights. My father tells me "Don't be too excited, it's not very glamorous." But I don't care I just want to do what's right.

I see an advertisement. It says "Come to the city! Blight will not destroy our beloved urban culture. Eran forever. Come assist the development of our grand image. Come save the galaxy from another Blight."

Okay I'll do it, but not because you told me so.

Chapter Three
So I start working. As my father says it isn't as glamorous as they would have me believe. It's awfully dirty and crowded, I'm just screwing on one particular bolt over and over. They come over the loud speaker saying "You give your livelihood for the glory of Eran, be proud, be strong, and be productive."

I start crushing on this one chick, Farra, who's kind of sarcastic about the whole thing. Saying "Move your hand in a circular motion thirty thousand times a day for the glory of Eran."

I try to convince her that while our part isn't glamorous, helping the people who will save us from another Blight is. I tell her "You're doing the right thing. Obviously you care a little or you wouldn't have joined." "I joined because my parents made me and I'm not old enough to say no." "How old are you?" "16." "Me too."

Chapter Four
Poor working conditions gradually wear me down and I begin to resent my bosses. I even begin to resent Eran in general a little. Ferra tells me "I told you so." "I guess you did, yes." "Well we can't give up now, giving up is met with torture and jail time."

"Well what if we quit without telling them?"

Chapter Five
Ferra introduces me to two others who share our grief. She says "We've been coming up with a plan to steal one mech each and escape to an unteraformed planet where we would use technology we stole to build a base." I say "...Okay, I'm in."

"Stealing stuff to set up a base is the easy part. The security is kind of lax and the night guard has a thing for younger girls." "You would prostitute yourself?" "For freedom? Yes." "...Suit yourself."

"Now the mechs... This one will require some luck on our parts. If they catch us we're as good as dead." "Understood." "We use some of the equipment we gain to make our base to set off a small explosion to the East of the hangar. Most of the guards will be drawn away but surely some will stay. We come in from the west and if we're lucky use the chaos to sneak past. We have our base equipment on a dolly that we will load into the mechs. On the way out we may have to do some shooting but once we turn the cloaking on we should be good to go. We'll be using their own technology against them."

Chapter Six
We land on the barren hellscape of Tatria. There's an abandoned military base and not much else. It was to be terraformed but we found other planets much more suitable to sustain life and decided to give up on this one. Which makes it perfect for us.

We get to work on building our base. A massive tent to grow our food in, four small pods for us to sleep in and a common room to converse, play the card game "Majestic Battle", and be bored in.

Treek, the whinier of the four of us, says "If I knew it would be this much work I would have stayed on Eran."

Chapter Seven
We aren't having a very fun time and Treek wants to go back, but the rest of us know that isn't an option. If they would have tortured us before they'd likely kill us now.

Treek aggressively flirts with Ferra and she's kind of creeped out. I say "Don't worry, I'll keep one eye open on your pod when I sleep at night." She has a "My hero!" moment and kisses me.

Chapter Eight
I'm really enjoying the simple, zen life as a farmer. Honestly it's better than my life before I started working for the government. With not a lot else to do I've been focusing a lot on meditation and I've been living a very beautiful zen life.

Treek feels the opposite. I tell him to meditate too and he says "Boring! I want to play video games." I say "Such a child..." And he gets all pissed off and goes to check on the crops.

Ferra seems even more attracted to me when she sees how balanced I've become.

Chapter Nine
I've been researching how to terraform and I want to turn this planet into a place for people to escape the draconian rule of Eran. I think the Areates government would be enthusiastic to assist us in doing this and would supply us with all we need.

Chapter Ten
I find out from the fourth friend, Jonta, that Treek has communicated with Eran and told them where we are in exchange for his own life and the ability to go home, not to mention with spite for me getting with Ferra.

Eran comes at us with a small force.

Chapter Eleven
The three of us get to our mechs while Treek smokes Aarpa in the common room with a smile on his face. Before we leave I charged at him but Ferra convinces me he isn't important right now.

I get in my mech and immediately fly into the atmosphere, above the attackers. I have no experience with mechs besides the flight here, but I do my best. I manage to take two of them out before I'm hit with a missile and fall to the surface.

Ferra isn't so lucky, she is hit with a mortal blow and as she crashes to her death says "For the revolution!" Jonta says "We will remember you. We will remember this. For the revolution! It only just begins!"

Eran comes to my crash site and loads me into a transporter back to Eran.

Chapter Twelve
Eran wasn't kind to Treek. The three of us were treated just the same, we were put back to work. This time we only got a five hour break to sleep and no leisure time. We were put in shock collars.

Jonta lives on, but I fell sick and died, buried in one of the mass graves.