Yashudan, Galactic Year 10 025: Ellissy Discovers Herself
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Chapter One
My name is Ellissy, I'm 10 years old and I live on the planet Tata in the Eran empire. I'm wind elemental and I'm at a very powerful for my age level 15. I'm an only child but my friend Karrn is like a brother to me. I've known him for as long as I can remember, and I can remember far.

One day the darkness came down from the sky, after hearing word that it was happening elsewhere too. My parents knew what it was right away and told me to hide in the cupboards. I sat in there more scared then I've ever been in my life. I hear screaming and I hear the fluttering of many wings, like a swarm of bats. I start to cry but I know I can't make a sound or my parents hid me for nothing.

Chapter Two
Everything's been quiet for a few minutes now, so I get out of the cupboard. I don't see my parents but I do see a mess of blood and gross stuff. I start to cry. I scream out.

I get out of the house and wander around the dead city. Gross stains all over the place.

I know today I am a grown up. My childhood was killed by those monsters.

Chapter Three
I decide to go to Karrn's house. I find my best friend who also hid, his parents also sacrificed themselves for him.

"Karrn!" I start to cry and I run over to hug him. He cries too and says "I thought I was the last one on this planet." "If we survived maybe some others did too. We need to find eachother and start a new society." "And we can be presidents!"

Chapter Four
We wander for awhile until we find an old radio station. We go in and play with the controls for a few hours until we've figured out how to work it. We're very smart. Together we'll make good leaders.

We put out a broadcast "Everybody who hid in the cupboards, come to the big building on main street half way between the government building and when it splits off into houses."

Everybody who comes is also a kid who's parents sacrificed themselves for them. Most of them are around my age, the oldest one is 13. Usually I would look up to any big kid but now I'm in charge.

Chapter Five
The oldest, Palk, says he's in charge 'cause he's the oldest and the most powerful. I say "But I'm the one who started this!" He says "I'll kill you." I say "Okay but I call vice president." "No president. You call queen. I am the king, not the president. I will let you be my queen." "...Okay..."

Chapter Six
Palk tells us to go hunting for food, so we go hunting for food. We find an old grocery store but all the electricity has gone out so the refrigerated stuff is gross. We all grab a shopping cart and head for the canned foods. There we find another group of children.

"You're the one with that stupid broadcast. Some of us survived because we're strong not because we hid." "Well okay, you can come too. But how strong do you have to be to stay alive against those things? My parents are powerful and they still died." "Are you saying we're lying? We didn't hide! Hiding is for wusses." "I don't want to fight." "Well we're gonna."

They beat us up and take all the canned food.

Chapter Seven
We come home and tell Palk what happens. He says "This means war!" He says we can get a bunch of guns from his old house. He says he has no need for them but the rest of us aren't powerful enough and need guns.

So we go to his house and get the guns. I'm scared. I guess in this new world we have to fight to survive... I don't really feel innocent anymore but I still can't get used to the idea of killing people. In times like this we should all get together and help eachother, but I guess that's just not possible when some people are just bad.

Chapter Eight
We find the other group close to the grocery store, they moved into an empty mansion and wrote "The end is only our beginning" on a big banner over the door. I think these people may beat other people up but they didn't have any idea their lives were at stake. I don't like living in a world where our lives our at stake I just want to go back. I can't handle it.

Everybody goes in and shoots the place up but I freeze at the door and cry and Karrn stays behind to hug me. Lots of screaming and gun fire in the house, then everybody comes out, Palk dragging a boy out with him, apparently that was their leader. He says "My queen, you're going to want to see this." He takes a knife out and carves out his heart and takes a bite out of it. I throw up.

Chapter Nine
Everything is calm for a few months, though we're running low on food. Palk eats most of it, he's getting rather fat, the rest of us are just given enough to survive. I tell Palk "We're going to run out of food soon, maybe we should start farming." Palk says "We don't farm, we take from those who farm."

Chapter Ten
Karrn tells me he doesn't want to live like this and the others agree.

Karrn walks up to Palk and says "We don't like this. We can't live like you want us to live. We're nice people not thieves and murderers." "Are you saying you're challenging my leadership?" "Yes! We all agree. We don't want you to be our leader." "Oh." And then he pulls out his knife and stabs Karrn in the brain.

He says "We can't be like we used to be. This is a new world. Things don't run like they used to. Now the strong survive. The strong survives and the weaklings like you either fall in line or die in the wilderness. You need to follow along or you'll die, you can't survive out there without people like me."

Chapter Eleven
We all decide that together we can be strong enough to take out Palk, I agree, I'm pretty powerful. We all gang up and start running towards him, he takes everybody out with a fire spell. Everybody except me.

He let me live because he is in love with me.

Chapter Twelve
Palk tells me the two of us are going to live happily ever after. One day we'll rule over this planet, king and queen. He says "We need to plan our wedding! There won't be anybody to see it but that's okay, we don't need any other people, all we need is the two of us. King and queen, ruling over all of Tata."

He grabs my behind and pulls me in for a kiss. I say "I'm not ready yet!" "Fine, we'll wait, but you better be ready soon, we need heirs."

Chapter Thirteen
I try to leave him in the middle of the night but he wakes up and catches me. He starts to cry and says "I can't believe you want to leave! Don't you love me!? We were chosen to be together! We are the most beautiful couple in Yashudan! We're going to be big, but we need to stay together!" And then "...Do you love me?" "...Yes I love you." Though obviously I don't mean it.

Chapter Fourteen
Palk says "I can see your ribs, it's gross, you should eat more." "When did you see my ribs?" "I undressed you while you were sleeping." "You what!?" "I own you and I'll do as I please."

I knew I had to do something, so I stabbed him in his heart as he slept with his own knife. It's over. He thinks I would survive better with him by my side but I'll take my chances by myself.

Chapter Fifteen
I wander the wasteland by myself until I can't go on. I can't find food anywhere and I faint on the street. But while I'm fainting I see a bunch of adult figures in the distance.

I wake up on a space ship in a doctor's office. The adult tells me "Society will go on with what few people are left." Then says "We need to get you some food, I can see your ribs, it's gross."

At that moment I knew my future was in government. I had to make sure society never becomes what I experienced on Tata.