Yashudan, Galactic Year 10 024: The End of the Beginning
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Chapter One
My name is Ark and I am a tyn. I am 84 years old, level 140 and a time and sound mage.

I'm on my beloved Areates, using my time magic to create a time loop where I can instill mass amounts of knowledge into somebody in a matter of a few minutes.

I tell my students "I won't be around long, the government wants me out, my philosophy is considered dangerous to our culture."

Chapter Two
I flee to Parnest, where I set up in a town square and blast my hypnotizing sound art. People gather around and I educate the people on my principles, a one true God who is the universe itself. Some think the one true God is actually multiple people acting on behalf of one God.

A few of them decide to join my "cult."

Chapter Three
I'm using aarpa with my students and telling them the story of Areates. "I love the place but they try to create a scientific philosophy devoid of all spiritual mumbo jumbo. I disagree so I was put on my way. It's a beautiful culture, I just wanted to change it slightly. I like the philosophy, it's just that they say life is a runaway train with no conductor. I believe there is a conductor.

Chapter Four
One of my students runs up to me and says he has a message. Somebody told him that somebody told them that "Ark doesn't have long to live, another tyn is after him."

Chapter Five
I am addressing my students. I speak of a great cataclysm that is coming soon.

"It is one of two cataclysms, the second one will happen later that will actually make us extinct, but it was bound to happen eventually, it is the only thing that can happen to any culture in the universe. The second one is more complicated, it's not a force of good versus a force of evil. We tried enlightenment but misguided people crushed it because enlightenment goes against their core values, we will all be destroyed because we stared too long at the sun."

"This first cataclysm, and it will be soon, is different. It is a good man conducting an evil act that will be solved by good people from an evil empire. But most will die and the galaxy of Yashudan will basically start from scratch. We will survive though. Not us personally but society as a whole."

Chapter Six
The other tyn has tracked me down. He thinks I am dangerous to the galaxy. The other tyn sees the coming cataclysm too but not the final one.

He says I want the coming cataclysm, I say "I can no longer tell the difference between what I want and what is going to happen, I can do everything and I can do nothing, as everything I do will already be written and I'm just doing things because that is what will happen."

I say "We both know you lose and we both know it's futile anyway." "I know, I was sent here by the government but honestly I just had to meet you before the end, I had to tell you that I had the power to kill you and chose not to. As it is futile."

Chapter Seven
I tell my followers "You are all more enlightened today than anybody since Jarrel and until Arker. Our knowledge will disappear with the cataclysm but we should enjoy it anyway. I am the greatest tyn who will ever live but my life is made meaningless. History will forget us."

Chapter Eight
And then blackness fills the sky. Strange creatures. They descend on us and tear us all to pieces. My final words are "we forgive you."