Yashudan, Galactic Year 10 018: Endless Night
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Note: As you know this series borrows a lot, well from this one I apparently borrow from Fight Club. I didn't have that in mind when I wrote it but after starting it I see there's a lot of themes that I borrowed. It was accidental, unlike the other ones which were a little more intentional. The fact that it's coming out around the same time as Cyberpunk 2077 may suggest I'm ripping that off too but I swear it's a coincidence and I haven't got around to playing it yet.

Chapter One
My name is Carte. I live in the city of Denzit, the largest city on the planet of Carocca, the second most populous planet in the galaxy. The city houses about 40 million people, all crammed densely between two mountain ranges. This time of year it's dark all day. The three moons are lit up with city lights on their surface and despite urban light pollution the northern lights are often visible.

I belong to a secret society, the Knights of a Free Carocca. We rob and vandalize the occupying force of Eran. We know we'll never win but we do what we can. Our supporters, a little less than half the people of Carocca, keep us funded and encourage us to keep going. They are the exploited. The other half are the exploiters, they support the prosperity Eran has brought them.

Our home is in the poorest, and one of the densest, areas of the city where most of our supporters live. Buildings are falling apart, every wall is tagged, and the people live in squalor. It's called Ai-Denzit.

Chapter Two
We hold fights in the back alleys, a different alley every night so we're less likely to be discovered. They serve both as training and entertainment. I'm a star at these things, 20 wins to 3 losses. I'm level 70. Today the guy I'm up against has a similar rating, this should be a good one.

I start on the defensive. He throws a punch and I duck. While I'm down I sweep his legs and he falls. He gets up and charges at me, knocking me over. We both get up and I cast large dark void. His body is being pulled into it and he takes a lot of damage. He then casts large dark void on me, everybody in our organization uses dark elemental magic, and I am equally damaged. With the last of my energy I put everything into a punch and knock him out cold.

The most famous and powerful of our organization, Kilka, comes up to me and shakes my hand. I'm very nervous to be in his presence. He said that was a good fight and that one day maybe I could take his title. The man is undefeated.

He introduced me to an Areates man, Jarke, who is a government official in Areates that is secretly allied with the organization. "Good fight. Enjoyed seeing." "Thank you, nice to meet you." "Nice meet you."

Chapter Three
I tell a few of my friends in the audience "I don't want to lose this high. Let's do some stuff."

We break into an Eran owned bank and steal a shit ton of money from the vault.

On the way out we meet up with security and an Eran official, the official starts to talk "This must have been very excit-" and then one of my friends, Jak, who is kinda new, opens fire on all three of them, killing them in cold blood.

I say... "Dude, you're not supposed to do that." "Fuck 'em. I bagged me an official."

Chapter Four
Our leader, Arcant, is lecturing Jak on proper decorum. "Look, right now Eran allows us to exist as a controlled opposition, if they wanted to they would flatten us, they don't want to because they look at us as petty thieves and vandelizers." "But we can be so much more." "No, we cannot. Even a regular murder is something we can't let happen, but a murder of an official? That's going to fuck us up. Besides, even forgetting the rules, we're better than that." "This is war, there's no better." "Whatever. Do you have any idea the crackdown that will come from this?" "I didn't really think about it."

Jarke comes in with "I can't be here. When shit goes down I leave, the backlash extraordinary, can't have."

Chapter Five
We're in the high energy zone with a bunch of others, leading a new recruit to the dark side, as if he had a choice.

I start hearing voices coming from the end of the dark hallway, a place even the great Kilka has never gone all the way down. It's been awhile but I don't remember this happening last time. I ask one of my colleagues and he asks "Are you schizophrenic?" "Is that what they call it?" "You don't seem very schizophrenic, you must have a mild case."

The voice comes clearly into my ears "Somebody is lyyying to you."

Chapter Six
Talking to Jak. "We don't murder because we're better than them. They're terrible people who rule for the sake of glory, not for their people. We want a world that rules for the sake of their people, like the Areates culture, our secret ally. If we start killing for the sake of our glory we lose the respect of our people."

"We'll never kill every last Eran official, and that would be the only reason to kill. Because we can't, we just... We just have to do what we can and not get ourselves in over our heads."

"If Jarke were here he could give you a lesson on how a proper Areates man should act."

Jak says "I understand. But I'm not sorry."

Chapter Seven
As expected, the day of Eran retaliation. I'm upstairs sleeping when I hear an explosion at ground level. I go down stairs and among all the chaos I see Jak being friendly with the commanding Eran officer. More explosions, I go back up to my room, pack all the important shit in a bag and go out the fire escape, I then flee to another one of our buildings a few blocks away.

Chapter Eight
We return after the chaos and find Jak looking at the ruin. I ask "What is your affiliation with Eran?" "I don't know what you're talking about." "I saw you." "Well I don't know what you saw but I have no affiliation with Eran." Arcant says "You're coming with us." And we put a hood over his head and bring him to our other building.

We start by breaking all his fingers, still nothing. We put his arm in the fire and finally "Alright! It was me! I work for a mid level Eran officer who wanted this other officer out of the way and an excuse to wipe you out at the same time." "We appreciate your honesty, shit weasel."

We continue to torture him to death and we send his head to the official in question.

"We're done for. Let's go out in a blaze of glory."

Chapter Nine
We launch full out war on Eran. We suicide bomb the capitol buildings. We kill every Eran military police we see. We clean out their vaults and burn all the money in front of the main capitol building. We fire bomb the main capitol building.

We take over the local broadcast and put our dying message out to the whole planet. Huge TVs in town squares and everybody's personal televisions. "The tyrants will reign supreme, they will crush those who fight for your freedom and they will line their pockets with your hard earned wages. Tonight we die, your last hope, enjoy the light of Eran."

Chapter Ten
The reinforcements from Eran arrive and we will be crushed.

Kilka steals a massive ship from the space port and tells the people on the ground he will continue the philosophy and be a thorn in Eran's side. I'm a part of the crew that fights Eran off while he takes off.

He disappears into the sky and Eran overpower us. I get off a few spells but ultimately am shot and killed.

Enjoy Carocca, you spiteful cowards.