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Note: The views expressed in this story are not, nor have they ever been, the views of it's author. The author means no offence to those who do believe and hopes he has presented your views respectfully.

Chapter One
I find myself drifting down a river with a friend, both of us lying on our backs on separate rafts. We're mostly going with the flow of the river but every so often we paddle with our hands in this serene landscape. It'd dark, a full moon, plenty of stars. Everything is a shade of green from the lights coming off a city down at the end of the river, it's all green.

My friend's iPhone is playing music and we're talking philosophy.

Oh, and we're dosed on 2C-B, also known as nexus, and a little percocet.

Chapter Two
"Oran Mor" by Jakob comes on.

"Psychedelic drugs are life themselves, you can get a fulfilling experience and have fun doing it. Eating the fruit of knowledge and playing in the garden." "You think psychedelics are the fruit of knowledge? I always figured it was the science god didn't want us to know." "No it's totally psychedelics."

"If God didn't want us to indulge but the devil does then clearly God is the evil one and the devil is the good one." "I won't argue with that." "Maybe God doesn't want us to indulge because if we've all turned on, tuned in and dropped out there would be nobody left to work. I chose the life of not working. I chose the devil." "God wants what is better for society, but society is evil and god is evil, the devil wants us to break free of society."

Chapter Three
"The Open Sea" by Surface of Eceon comes on.

"On the subject of living for yourself and not society, the devil wants us to be libertarian because it puts your own pleasure in your hands and not just what society wants you to do." "God wants you to be socialist because it puts society first." "And nobody wants fascism, fascism always comes from a false prophet, the people think they are gods on Earth but it's just men pretending." "I'm not sure Hitler ever felt he was God himself, even if his people did."

"Just men pretending."

The air is getting a little greener. My friend paddles toward me.

Chapter Four
"Le:465" by Blueneck comes on.

"That's what we get with men pretending." "But really that's all we can do is pretend. Nobody can really say what God wants. You were pretending just now when you said God wants socialism. The hell do you know what god wants?" "Yeah true. Maybe God wants us to live amongst the rocks and the trees and society itself is nothing but evil?" "You just said a society is what god wants." "Well maybe God doesn't want a thing from us and he just wants us to do whatever we want."

I say "Maybe all God wants is for us to die."

Chapter Five
"Orgone Donor" by Deathrpod comes on.

"God wants us to die because we look so pathetic down here trying to chase things that won't matter any more when we're dead." "Yeah totally. Money, women, even enlightenment, it all goes away when we die, so what's the point?" "Every friend you ever had will leave you forever in death."

"Maybe we should just die."

Chapter Six
"Dungeoneering" by Tim Hecker comes on.

"Change the track, Tim Hecker is too glitchy for me." "I can't the phone is all gibberish. Fuck you anyway, Tim Hecker is the GOAT."

"You know I feel more at peace than I ever have."

"...I can't remember how we got here."

Chapter Seven
We get to the city. "Where were we going anyway?" "I can't remember where we were. I can't remember where we're going."

A man walks up to us and says "Welcome to Nirvana."