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Chapter One
The world is over populated and we haven't been able to fly any further than Europa so we're running out of space. We've decided to start populating under the ocean. The first under sea city, also the biggest, at two million people, has become a place for the wealthy to have an adventure. The mayor, a true wild man, gladly caters to his wealthy citizens.

The name of the city is, naturally, Aquarius.

It looks like a modern city, under a dome, with buildings around the edges that pull oxygen out of the water. At the top of the dome is a light as bright as the sun, which gives the people the illusion of daylight and keeps the massive amounts of vegetation thriving.

There's an under sea lab not far from the city, accessible by submarine. In this lab they study top secret things that need to be somewhere nobody could ever get to.

Apparently there are some rogue scientists who wish to blow the lid on a very important project, and I am going down to neutralize the leak.

Chapter Two
They put me in a tiny little dormitory, enough room for a bed, a desk and a toilet and not much else. I've seen prison cells more roomy. I have a bit of claustrophobia, it must have been some sick joke among my superiors to put me down here.

There's no windows, only steel walls. My anxiety levels are off the charts knowing I'm here for the duration of the mission. I need to make it quick before I have a breakdown.

The whole city is a claustrophobic nightmare, everybody who isn't exceedingly wealthy, a little over half the population, is in rooms such as this. Piled into an already dense, cramped city. This city makes Hong Kong look like a countryside village.

Chapter Three
The mayor has been alerted to my presence, I have no idea how, he was not meant to know. He likes to stick his nose into the goings on of the laboratory a few miles from his precious city.

He asks me straight up. "What's going on down here that's so secretive even I can't know about it?" I say "Well if you know it's top secret I really don't see the point in asking me." "Asking you? No. I'm about to threaten you." "That would be a mistake." "You can't do shit. Tell me what it is or I'll put out a burn notice on you. Everybody will know you're a spy and you'll be as good as dead." "Look I'm not actually a spy." "Doesn't make a difference." "Okay, fine, but I really don't know what's being researched yet. I'm on a need to know basis."

"Well then I'll talk to you again in a few days."

Chapter Four
Let me tell you a story about the mayor, Luke Dalton. On the surface he was a degenerate. After an overdose at age 25 he decided he needs to do something with his life or he'll die a nobody. He goes to school to study political science. He's a machine. He's more motivated than anybody else in his class.

He still partied all night. Many sleepless nights spent either partying or studying, then he takes his amphetamines and goes to class. Tended to sleep about 30 hours a week.

By the time he graduated he already had a reputation as a party boy and didn't get very far in his career, too immature. Then they built this city. It was billed as the new wild west. Nobodies could make waves, no pun intended, down here. He became popular amongst his people. They truly were his people. They liked him because he was one of them.

And then due to his connections in organized crime he came to win every election by a landslide and is basically mayor for life.

But decades of stimulants has fried his brain. He's the most paranoid person you'll ever meet. Everything is about him. Whatever is going on in this laboratory is obviously about him.

Chapter Five
The next day my submarine to the laboratory arrives. Another claustrophobic nightmare, they sent the small one. Just me and two crew in a space about half the size of my room in Aquarius. The walls start closing in on me, the idea of the pressure on the submarine is driving me insane.

I start to hyperventilate, so one of them tackles me and the other injects me with valium.

Okay I'm cool.

Chapter Six
At lab number 3. I am briefed on the situation and what's at stake. There are three scientists who think the world needs to know what's happening. Two because they're pissed the government is funding such ridiculous research and one because he thinks it's so important the world needs to know.

They tell me they're researching psycho-spiritual phenomena and that's all I need to know.

Chapter Seven
The first one was easy, he didn't even see it coming. His last words were "Over THIS!? Seriously, over THIS!?" to which I responded "It's really none of my business what this is over." The other one started to run, but I checked the cell phone of the man I just killed, locked onto the second guy and tracked him to the sea port. He didn't have a chance to say anything as I came up behind him and shot him in the back of the head. People screamed, one man tackled me, but I showed him my badge and he let me go.

The third one, the one who thinks it's so important the world needs to know, I tracked the the mayoral compound. I hit the buzzer and the servant says "Mr. Dalton will not see you now." I say "Government business, refusing entry is a crime" and the door opens.

I enter into the main room and follow my tracker to the next room where the mayor is talking to the scientist. I hear him say "No, it's really cool, we get to trip balls on all these different psychedeli-" and then I shoot him in the head.

Chapter Eight
Mayor Dalton says "You fucking ass! He was just about to tell me all about my project." "Your project?" "Well it's about me, so that makes it my project." "I assure you it has nothing to do with you." "That lab has been trying to figure me out for years..." "Figure you...? Nobody's even remotely interest in you." "The TV has been giving me messages." "The TV gives you messages?" "I obviously don't think somebody on the writing end is trying to talk to me, I'm not crazy, but God puts out hidden messages through the television." "...How much... How much do you govern, exactly? I mean, you have people below you that pretty much run everything, right?" "And when I take psychedelics God speaks to me directly. He says I would be very interested to know what's going on in this lab."

He says "I'll give you anything you want. Drugs, women... Just tell me what's going on." "I really don't know anything. The lead scientist told me they're researching psycho-spiritual phenomena, that's all I know." "Look, you'd best do as I say." "Even if I did know, I don't have the authority to reveal it. I mean that's why I had to assassinate those scientists." "I've murdered seven people while I've been down here." "Look, it has nothing to do with you, so just relax."

Chapter Nine
I go back to the lab to tell the lead scientist about the mayor.

He tells me "Mr. Dalton isn't alone. I've been receiving messages from god too, in strange places due to synchronicity, but more directly when I'm on psychedelics. God knows what I'm doing and is teasing me, saying I'll never know, saying I'll be seconds away from knowing and it will be taken away from me." "What exactly... Are you researching?"

He tells me "Let's start with hypnotism, we've found that while under a hypnotic trance, you're not communicating with the person consciously, but rather unconsciously, you're speaking directly to their unconscious mind, the part of the brain that gives the conscious mind things such as mysterious dreams. We believe that this subconscious mind is the soul itself, always toying with and taunting it's conscious mind, which is the same person. It is us, sometimes it feels like a different consciousness but it is us, toying with ourselves. It is God speaking through us, but it is not separate, we are one with God, we are an extension of God. Then, when somebody falls into a trance and starts speaking in tongues, this is direct communication with God, through us. God is saying something. Whatever tongues is, it's God's language. And in addition to that we have the mysterious force known as 'runes' which appear only to certain people while under the influence of a psychedelic. We believe these runes are the written form of tongues, and that they are God's language. We wish to understand what God is saying and why it chooses the way it chooses. What are runes? What are tongues?"


Chapter Ten
"Do you want a demonstration?" And he opens a drawer and shows me a veil. "This is LSD. I'm going to give you 500ug and we'll see if you're one of the chosen few who get to see runes. You need to be a person who's particularly plugged into the universe." "Well, I'm curious, let's do this."

10 minutes later I say "I'm getting anxious." "That's normal. Your brain knows something is coming, it doesn't know what, but it's something. Don't worry, once you get there you'll know everything is fine. Unless of course you're running from something in your own mind." "I don't think I am... I... I'm not very introspective." "Well you're about to be."

And then it starts to take hold.

I'm seeing one of the symbols he's talking about, I seem to be under the impression that it is the sign for warrior. I look at the scientist and he turns into a dolphin with glasses and swims away, I see a sign and am under the impression that it is the sign for thinker.

I see one of the men I recently assassinated, the one who was talking to the mayor. He says "Pretty cool, isn't it?" And then he turns around and there's a big hole in the back of his head.

I see a symbol that I know is God, the universe. I hear a voice say "Let me show you... I'd like to blow your mind before it's over." I fall into a vortex and on the other side I see a man painting symbols on a big piece of papyrus. The voice says "This was the first language... The man painting the symbol starts to speak and it sounds like he's speaking in tongues. "This is my language..."

Then I snap back.

Chapter Eleven
"I know what it is..." "Why would it tell you?" "I think I'm about to die." "...Okay well then hurry up what the hell is it." "It was the fir-" and then a massive explosion happens just down the hall and water pours into the room."

An alarm sounds and people go running. The scientist stays. He says "Well what is it!?" "It's God's language, the fir-" and then the water engulfs us both.