This is the Moment
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Note: The views expressed in this story are not, nor have they ever been, the views of it's author. The author means no offense to those who do believe and hopes he has presented your views respectfully.

Note: Okay some of this is kind of in line with my thoughts, but I don't go anywhere near as far. And no most of it isn't even thoughts that occur to me, just a little bit the solipsism part.

Chapter One
Am I the only one who fucking sees this? Everybody has their opinions on every little thing. Their stupid, stupid opinions, when clearly there's only one truth. People get lost in their thoughts and their emotions and fail to see the clear truth right in front of them. The clear, obvious truth.

Sometimes I think... Sometimes I think this isn't even real. Like I'm the only one with awareness and everybody else exists just to fuck with me.

Why, god, why!? What are you doing to me? Do you just enjoy watching me suffer?

Everything happens for me. If I think it, it comes to life. If I want it, I get it. Synchronicity exists just for me. It's god winking at me.

Chapter Two
I can't sleep. I can never sleep. My neighbour hammering doesn't help.

Staring at the ceiling. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

Doesn't he realize he's pissing people off? Doesn't he realize he's pissing me off? Does he know who I am!?

Chapter Three
Sitting by myself at the bar. Dusty old place. My favourite watering hole. I overhear three different tables saying the exact thing at the exact same time. What was said was "It's almost over."

Was that for me? What are you trying to say, God!? Why don't you just tell me!? Am I the only one who can see!? I see... I see the universe is conscious. How can nobody see? We deny it and we deny but it's right there in front of us. Karma, synchronicity. It's all right there. I am conscious and the universe is conscious. Everybody else is just the universe pretending to be a person.

Chapter Four
Why is he always hammering?

Is it for me? Does he want me to hear? What... What is it? I get... I get a bad omen from him.

I... Think I'm gonna move.

Chapter Five
Of all the souls I could have been, why this one? I mean, what are the odds of me being the only soul who gets it? Of all the souls in the universe, why me?

Chapter Six
In my new apartment, lying in bed, and guess what? Hammering!

He's following me... He's following me and he's building my coffin.

Chapter Seven
I'm watching the TV in the bar, sports are preempted to say major synchronicity is happening all over the world and people are getting scared.

I look at the guy next to me and say "This is getting fucked up." He says nothing and I look away. I look back at him and say "Are you even...?" But he's vanished. The bartender tells me "It's all a big joke."

I look at the clock on the wall and it goes back one second then forward one second. Then it stays at one second much longer than a second. I say "Is that clock broken?" But the bartender lady just stares at me. I look around the bar and everybody is just standing still, staring at me, not saying a word.

Chapter Eight
I'm walking down the street and suddenly the person ahead of me stops moving his legs but keeps moving forward. Did somebody slip me something?

He starts cutting in and out. Everybody starts cutting in and out. Everybody vanishes. The trees start cutting in and out. The buildings start cutting in and out. The sky flashes white. Everything flashes white.

I feel like... I feel like I'm next.

Chapter Nine
I wake up and look at the face of God. Nothing but white all around me. I say "Oh yeah, it's just you and me." God says "Yep. Just you and me. Care to go again?"