This Emotional Triangle
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Chapter One
My name is Wayne, and ever since high school I've been in love with Laura. She's so cool but she's in a different class. I'm a nerd, an outsider, she's a raver and a mall rat. She's one step above me. She treats me like I'm one of the cool kids though, she's so nice. She only thinks of me as a friend, though. I asked her out for grad but she said "Sorry, I've already been asked by a guy, Dan Matthews."

Dan Matthews. Dan fucking Mathews. I hate him. He thinks he's so damn cool. And she seems to think he's so goddamn cool too. Witty, charming... A fucking chad.

Fuck her, fuck all of them, I'm going blackpill incel. Enjoy your life, Dan "Chad" Matthews.

Chapter Two
But then in my first year of university me and Laura make out in my dorm room. Okay I'm not blackpill incel anymore. I wish I had my first kiss in high school like a normal person but at least I'll have it in university like a normal loser.

But she tells me "I hope you don't make too much of this." "Well, what is this?" "We're just having fun, we're not exclusive." "...Okay, that's fine." She's so cool. All I heard is she's too cool to be tied down but I know what she really wants. It's only a matter of time she will belong to me.

Chapter Three
In the lunch room the next day I tell people she's my girlfriend. I may be stretching it a bit but she's basically my girlfriend.

Chapter Four
Then she introduces me to Dan. "This is Dan Matthews." He reaches out his hand. "I know Dan Matthews." I don't shake his hand. "You do?" "We went to high school together." "Oh yeah I remember seeing you around." "Oh yeah?" Laura says "I was friends with him in high school too." "Ah cool."

I ask "So are you dating?" Laura says "Well, we're not exclusive." I say "'Cause you know, me and her had a bit of a thing too." Dan says "Oh good for you." "Good fo- fuck." "Sorry I didn't meant it like that." "Look I know I'm batting up with her." "Hey no don't put yourself down, you got her, good for you." "Fucking..."

Laura says "Look I like both of you."

Chapter Five
Then she invites me to a rave and we do ecstasy. I always wanted this to be my life and it's finally fucking happening, I'm one of the cool kids, I knew kids like me become cool kids in university.

Dan's not such a bad guy, he thinks he's better than he is but he isn't bad. I can see why she likes him. I wish I thought I was as good as he thinks he is. Maybe one day I will...

Chapter Six
But then as we're coming down I start to feel a little shittier and a little angrier at Dan. I can't believe I liked that fucker. I say "What did you mean 'good for you' when we were talking earlier?" "Well I mean, she's a little out of your league." "But you're in her league?" "I think I am, yeah." "She's too good for either of us." "Yeah maybe. Did you fuck?" "No... No we didn't fuck." "Well we did." "Oh well fucking good for you." Then there was silence for a good 20 seconds and she came out and left with him.

For the next week whenever I saw him around I would give him the evil eye.

Chapter Seven
Then she invites me to another rave. "Well Dan be there?" "Of course." "Fuck it I'll go anyway."

Dan says "I'm always happy to be here with you two beautiful people, in this emotional triangle with two excellent people." I say "You say emotional triangle like it's a good thing." "It is a good thing. Three souls come together as one." "You think we're one?" "Well I mean we're all one." "So are we a thrupple?" "I guess? Sure you could call it that." I'm embarrassed to be in a thrupple but I don't say anything.

Later that night we had a threesome. I lost my virginity to another guy. I hate this.

Chapter Eight
In the cafeteria I go to sit down with Laura and my friend waves us to his table. He says "So you're the girlfriend?" "Uh... Yes?" As she gives me a look. He says "Uh oh, looks like he's more into the relationship than you are." I say "It's true but I don't care. My life is awesome because of you. I don't want you to leave my life." "I'm not going anywhere." "Good. Sorry I tell people you're my girlfriend." "People?" "Just, y'know, people."

Chapter Nine
The next day the three of us do shrooms together, this is my first time. We go to Assiniboine Park 'cause Laura says it's the best place in the city to trip.

Dan says "You can't, like, own a person. Nobody owns anybody, we all share everybody, everyone on Earth shares with everyone else on Earth." Laura says "We were all meant to be together and we are all one." Dan looks at me and says "We have become one, my brother, I don't know why you resist, we are one." I say "Let me ask you... Would you have sex with just me? Or only with her involved?" "...Yes, I would have sex with just you." "Sure you would." "Well do you want to?" "Not really." "Okay."

That night we have another threesome, but to be honest it was more of a twosome. Dan and Laura went at it and I just couldn't. I stopped in the middle and left.

Chapter Ten
I wake up the next morning and knock on Dan's door. I say "You know what? I've had just about enough of you. Me and Laura could be happy together but you get in the way." "I don't think Laura thinks I'm getting in the way." "She's just trying to be cool, she thinks she's real cool having two boyfriends." "Well isn't she?" "She is! Too cool for either of us." "Look I know you're out of your league here so it's natural to feel insecure." "I'm not fucking insecure. And she's not out of my fucking league." "She totally is." I punch him in the face. He says "Fuck! Check yourself!" I punch him again. He punches me. I jump at him and knock him down and start strangling him. He gets out the words "Are you serious?" And then I watch the light fade from his eyes.

Then I knock on Laura's door. I say "Dan is no longer, now we can be together." "What are you talking about?" "He's not going to get between us anymore, we can have everything." "...Did you do something to him?" "I did." "Is he... okay?" "No." "Okay now you listen to me, if I had to choose I would choose him. If you're upset with this situation you're just going to have to step out." "Well, you won't be able to choose him now." "What are you saying?" "He's dead." "He... You killed him!? And you think that would make me want to be with you!? Get lost you fucking psycho I'm calling the fucking police on you!" Then I strangle her to death too. I undress her and fuck her one on one like it always should have been.