The World of Yomi
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Chapter One
My name is Noel and I love anime. I even draw my own manga, or graphic novel to you gaijins, in traditional anime style.

I'm drawing it right now, actually, while I listen to DJ Krush.

It's about a highschool kid who in his sleep is transported to another world full of demons and angels, he fights to bring peace to "The Other Side" as it is called. Or "Yomi." His angel friends want him to kill the demons and his demon friends want him to kill the angels. He's torn between his friends on both sides.

Yes, I'm white, but after high school I'm moving to Japan. I go to Silver Heights highschool in Winnipeg, Canada.

Chapter Two
I'm in love with Jennifer. I've been in love with her since middle school but I'm too timid to ask her out.

I'm with my friends in the hallway. "Face it Noel, you were too afraid and now you're in the friend zone, there's nothing you can do she's never going to look at you like that." "I'm making her slowly fall in love with you." "That's not how it works, you're the friend she talks to about her relationships, you're another girl to her, you're not the sexual object you wish to be."

"We'll see." "Yeah she's too hot for you anyway." says my friend Matt.

Chapter Three
I sleep with my night light on. Nobody knows but me, my sister and my parents. It can never get out that I'm a 16 year old who sleeps with the night light on. I've always been terrified of the dark, I always feel like some subtle force is looming. It's watching me. It likes to watch me sleep and it enters my dreams.

But tonight the subtle force actually manifested itself. A dark creature forms from the shadows. It has long arms, jagged teeth and piercing red eyes. It's all black and it phases in and out of existence. The night light goes out and it falls all around me like an evil blanket.

I can't move. I'm paralyzed with fear. Did I fall asleep? Is this real? I don't remember falling asleep. It's real. It's fucking real.

Then I black out and next thing my alarm is going off.

Chapter Four
I'm at school. I'm a little out of it. Matt is talking to me about asking Jennifer out but I'm just going "Mhmm" and "Okay." It's the kind of thing that should be destroying my insides but I can't really think or engage.

She walks by and Matt asks her out. Suddenly reality hits me like a massive shock, all my fear is temporarily pushed aside and all I can do is keep myself from crying. Fuck you, Matt, I hate you.

Chapter Five
I'm writing my fantasy novel and I find myself inside the world of angels and demons, which I call Yomi, by the way. My demon friend wants to ask out my angel friend but knows it is a forbidden love. I tell him to follow his heart. But then the father of the angel makes the demon disappear. I fight my angel friend's father with my energy sword and kill him dead and the angel high council banishes me to the land of the demons.

I think for a few seconds then realize I'm back in my bedroom. Whoops.

I think I may be going schizophrenic. After this and the monster incident.

Chapter Six
I'm at school and I can't find Matt anywhere. Everybody seems so solemn. I ask Jennifer "What's going on?" She says "Matthew is missing!" Once again I find myself in the headspace as the day I met the monster. Everything just washes over me, everything is quiet background noise. Jennifer is trying to say something to me but I can't hear her.

She starts crying.

Chapter Seven
I'm in my bed falling asleep. I've started sleeping under the covers to hide from the monster.

I turn to my right and Matt is under the covers with me. He says "I'm sorry about that business with Jennifer, by the way, I just couldn't help it I had to follow my penis. She really does like you, maybe now that I'm out of the way... Maybe you can have her." I turn to my left and Jennifer is under the covers with me. She says "I wish you made your feelings known. We really could have had something." I say "Can't we still have something?" She says "I don't know" in a flirty way. She says "Just tell me the truth. Open up to me. I can be a very good shoulder to cry on. Tell me about your mental issues, I can help you through it."

Chapter Eight
I find Jennifer by her locker first thing in the morning. I tell her "I have to tell you something! I need to tell somebody and you're the person I choose because I think you will be understanding." She says "Okay. Shoot." I say "...I'm going schizophrenic and I'm scared."

She's silent.

She says "O...Kay... I'm really not sure we're close enough for you to lay this on me. Look, do me a favour and keep your distance. I can't be friends with a psycho it would ruin my status."

I start to cry right there.

Chapter Nine
I'm back in Yomi. I'm searching the demon world for my demon friend who disappeared. The other demons look at me as though I don't belong. They scoff at me. They turn their backs on me. I say "I'm you're friend! I'm not an angel!" And one of them says "No, you're not anything, you're just a little psycho."

"How did... How did you know that?" "I know everything about you. I know you as well as you know you. I am you."

I snap out of it.

Chapter Ten
I get to school and everybody looks at me funny. People whisper to eachother and point. Nobody wants to talk to me.

The whole school knows...

Somebody yells out "Murderer!" And I say "What!?" And she says "You killed Matt, you fucking psycho!" "I DID WHAT!?" "We all know he got in your way so you killed him you fucking psycho!" "I did not! I don't know what happened to Matt!"

I start to cry again. Somebody walks by, spits on me and says "Murdering crazy fuck."

I walked to the office crying and told the secretary "I'm dropping out." "We're going to need to talk to your parents." "Talk to whoever you want I'm not coming back and nobody can make me."

As I walked out I heard somebody whisper "That's that schizophrenic kid who everyone thinks murdered Matthew Switzer."

Chapter Eleven
I'm back in Yomi. I found my demon friend who disappeared and everybody in the demon world loves me. He and my angel friend get married and bring peace to the land of Yomi. They say they couldn't do it without me, I brought peace to the land. Everybody celebrates me and hoists me on their shoulders. The king of the demon world approaches me, it's the monster that I saw a few nights ago. He tells me the world owes me a great debt.

This time I'm not going back.

I live happily ever after in the world of Yomi.