The Sum of All Knowledge
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Note: No I don't believe that the covid vaccine is a tracking chip, this isn't a metaphor for that. No I'm not MAGA or anti vax but I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist. No I don't think ignorance is a virtue and I would totally get the chip.

Chapter One
My name is Darren and I'm a truther and former MAGA supporter. I never got vaccinated for Covid. I don't keep my money in a bank and I own a lot of guns. My dream is to go off grid in the forest in a house I built with my own two hands.

The year is 2030 and a new brain implant has come out that connects your brain directly to the internet and interacts with your brain in such a way that basically you know everything there is to know. I refuse to get this implant.

Chapter Two
It's the early days of this untested brain chip and already it's very popular. Everybody wants one. My family all got theirs. My wife, my son, my daughter, my parents, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, everybody. All of my friends got theirs. Everybody is very excited to get this chip and everybody seems to love it. These are people who never got vaccinated for Covid and believe pretty much everything I believe but for some reason they got this chip.

Everybody criticizes me for not getting it. They say they're going to have to leave me behind now that they know everything there is to know and I'm left in the dust, all I know is all I know, I don't need to know everything and I don't understand why somebody thinks they need to.

I'm happy knowing what I know, the more you know the sadder you get. But it does make me feel a little inadequate. But they're only smart because of the damn chip, I'm smart on my own.

Chapter Three
Nobody listens. I feel so alienated I'm actually going a little loopy. I've been giving speeches at street corners. "You don't know what this chip will do to you! All the knowledge in the world is going to make your brain overload! We weren't meant to know everything! You don't know what this chip will do to you! All the knowledge in the world is going to make your brain overload! We weren't meant to know everything!"

I get looks. I get yelled at. I get spit on.

Chapter Four
It's becoming frightening and I'm the only one who can see. Everybody is becoming exactly the same. Everybody is becoming a drone. Nobody shows any emotion anymore. Everybody walks around with a smug sense of being perfect. People don't say much, there's nothing much left to say, they already know everything that's ever been said. Personality has disappeared, everyone is a robot. There is no more opinion, everyone agrees on everything.

They can sense I'm not one of them just by looking at me. They know. They give me evil looks. People won't talk to me. Stores and restaurants won't serve me. Everybody looks down on me as a relic of a stupider time.

All of the worlds problems just vanished. We stopped polluting, we stopped homelessness, we stopped starvation.

Chapter Five
I start to try and reach out to people who haven't been chipped. I put up posters, I rain down flyers, I post on the internet. Nobody responds. I'm the only one.

Chapter Six
I don't even think people are conscious anymore. They're all the exact same person, they are one entity, the internet owns everything and everyone, the internet is taking over.

Chapter Seven
One day I'm putting up posters and people start to circle around me. So many people, all with the same look on their face. They all approach me, tackle me, hold me down. A doctor comes through the crowd and implants me.

I am now the internet.