The Server
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Chapter One
My name is Roger and I have an IQ of 190.

After getting my PhD in computer science I was offered a job to work on a new system of AI. I don't know what it's for exactly, I'm given information on a need to know basis. It's private sector but once the project is finished they plan on selling it to the government.

I was basically given an offer I can't refuse. Once they told me of the project they told me I have no choice to work for them now as I know too much.

I know I'll never leave and I am locked in.

Chapter Two
I say goodbye to my girlfriend after giving her ownership of the house. I tell her not to wait for me, I'll never be back.

I walk down to the black car waiting on the street. They put a hood over my head and put me in the back seat.

On the car ride there I am told the AI will monitor everybody's brain waves and detect potential criminals. I'm told getting out is very difficult but if there's an emergency you may leave, accompanied by them, to the hospital and nowhere else.

My mind can tell where we're going by the number of turns and time between each turn but I decide not to tell him.

Chapter Three
When I met the leader back a few weeks ago I could tell he was obsessed with me. At my work station he comes up to me and asks how everything is going. I say "Look I know you're obsessed with me but I just want to be left alone." He says "You're a valuable employee but I am by no means obsessed with you. Honestly I find you kind of annoying. I'm obsessed with the idea of your mind but quite frankly I don't care for you."

He's fucking evil.

Chapter Four
I can't do it. This machine will be used for evil, and I just want to get back to my girlfriend.

I fake a seizure so they bring me to the hospital. On the drive there I pretend to come out of it.

I'm told that if I flee they will track me down.

Chapter Five
I get to the hospital and while waiting in the emergency room say I have to go to the bathroom.

I'm told "I hope you flee, I love tracking people down."

I jump out the window of the bathroom and head to my girlfriend's house.

Chapter Six
At the door I find out my girlfriend is already with another guy. I say "That was fast" and she says "Actually, I was cheating on you. I can't be with you... You're just too difficult."

The goons find me at her house and shoot me in the back. As I'm dying I see them point their guns at her and she's all "I don't know anything!" The one goon looks at the other and clicks his gun, and I die before the shot was fired.