The Eyes of God
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Chapter One
My name is David and I'm a scientist working at the north pole. One day we noticed unexplained radiation and scientists from all over the world came to figure out what's going on. We found a point in the tundra and dug a hole to find out what it is.

It is strange technology, carbon dating puts it at the dawn of man. The whole world holds their breath while we try to figure out what it is and who put it there.

The prevailing theory is it is alien technology. Perhaps the little scamps that keep making crop circles.

When you're near it the air is... Different. Everything feels more important. Time feels slower. It feels like God shines on this spot.

Chapter Two
The United States claims it, Canada claims it, Russia claims it, Denmark claims it. Things start to get tense as all of these nations start building up a military presence in the north pole. Nobody knows what it is but everybody knows it's important.

A lot of people are afraid of it, a lot of militaries are afraid of it, everyone has their guns pointed at eachother but also at the anomaly.

Everyone has their guns pointed at us.

Chapter Three
The anomaly appears to be made out of plastic, a very strong plastic. It looks like it has mechanical elements that are based on alternating current but it hasn't been activated in eons. It has what appears to be a solar panel attached to some kind of battery. It needs the sun to turn on. We set up a series of mirrors to bring sunlight to it and it starts making noise.

I walk towards it while everyone else is backing away from it. A wall of energy. I walk up to it. I put my hand in. My hand doesn't come out the other side. I look back at my colleagues and then I jump into it.

Chapter Four
I'm... somewhere else. Somewhere warm. Somewhere green. The trees look strange. I take a sample and find it's silicon based. I see what looks like brick walls, falling to pieces, overgrown with plants. Off in the distance is many skyscrapers also looking like they're falling apart. The silence is deafening. I walk and I walk and find no sign of intelligent life. I see some strange creatures unlike anything we have on Earth.

I wander until nightfall. I look up at the sky and I can see the galaxy I'm in is not the milky way.

Chapter Five
I finally come across intelligent life. He holds up a device and speaks a different language into it. The device tells me "What do you think of what was once our world?" I say "It's beautiful" and the device translates it into his language.

"It used to be much more. Eventually we, as every civilization does, collapsed under our own technology. Many died, the survivors took to the sky. Now we just playfully interact with the universe. We were once the chosen race, the master race, the first race in this universe. We watched as life developed all over the universe and built connecting points. We didn't interact directly, God did not want us to." "...Every civilization does?" "It's inevitable." "...Oh..."

He tells me "It's a shame, your people. You find this amazing piece of technology and all you can think about is who owns it." "That's us." "This universe is for everyone. Everything is for everyone." "I see..."

"Now you must go back. Tell people or don't. We have nothing to give you and we have nothing to take from you."

Chapter Six
I come back and everybody is aghast for a few seconds. One man steps forward and says "What is it...?" I say "It's mine! It belongs to me."