The Angel of Death
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Chapter One
My name is Derrick Scarff and I am a military trained sniper who, since returning and finding the mundane nature of life so insufferable, now hires himself out to criminals to kill other criminals.

I get my money and I party hard... Booze, cocaine, chicks... I consider myself a republican. I've twice voted for our current president, Jonathan Marcus.

The year is 2041 and the world is dying. The oil companies run the show, they've bought out all of the renewable energy and clean industry and shut it down so they can sell oil. The North American Union is constantly at war all over the middle east. They don't even provide excuses for war anymore they just go in there and take it.

I work for bitcoin.

Chapter Two
When I was serving in Iran I had a photograph of President Marcus in my bunk. He signed it himself, which is the kind of behaviour that is common amongst presidents in this era, they're basically celebrities. He came to rile up the troops and I got a personal meeting with him because of my many achievements.

I'm the best sniper there is, not in history but in this war. I've got 334 confirmed kills. I was born to snipe and it's the only thing I can do well.

Then by the time my third tour of duty was over I was honourably discharged. I was offered a job training cadets but it just didn't excite me, so I went private.

Chapter Three
A man, Dan, hires me to take out a rival gangster that's been making a move to war. He's tough to get so he can't just kill him in a normal gangland shooting. Man is hunkered in his mansion with at least five armed guards, electric gates, all that shit. Anything goes down he's got an emergency line to his gang.

So I climb up to the roof of an apartment building four blocks away with a perfect sight on his house. I wait for three hours and finally he's in front of a window. And that was that.

Dan takes me to the club that night and buys me coke and booze, introduces me to some ladies... We party until it closes and then keep the party going at his place. He tells me we're best buds now, that I have no idea what he can do for me now, he's going to make me exceedingly wealthy.

I wake up in his guest room with two women, go downstairs and his butler makes me breakfast and a bloody mary, and then I'm off.

Chapter Four
The next day I get a call. It's from the rival gang. They hire me to take out Dan. I'm reluctant, but they offer me a lot of money. 500 grand for one shot.

So I take him out. Sorry buddy.

Chapter Five
I get a call from Neil Ferdinand. He's one of the richest guys on the planet. Another enthusiast of bitcoin, made billions in bitcoin. Young guy. There are rumours he's been invited into the Illuminati, but that's just conspiracy theories.

He hires me to take out John Farthe, another wealthy man rumoured to be Illuminati.

I get him coming out of his office.

Chapter Six
After it's done I get another phone call, unknown number. "Hello?" "You're messing with the Illuminati." "I'm not messing with nobody, it was Neil." "Well then you're going to kill Neil and you're going to do it for free or we will destroy you." "I don't give a shit I don't work for free." "Do you know who you're fucking with?" "Do you?" "Fine you'll get your money."

Then Neil contacts me. "Don't be alarmed that I know what's going on, I had your condo bugged is all. It's Neil." "Hello Neil." "I'll pay you double what they were going to, for each guy, if you take out the remainder of the Illuminati. Seven guys." "That's a big job." "I think you're up for the challenge."

He says "They don't respect me because I made my billions on bitcoin. Take them all out and I'll make the new Illuminati, fill it with new money instead of old money, kick big oil out." Then he says "I'll be with you as you do this on your headset and eye piece."

Chapter Seven
After I take two of them out I am contacted by one of them. "I know you'll be after me next." "I will." "If you kill me your son is dead." "I don't have a son, I have nobody." "You have a bastard child, the mother didn't tell you because she didn't want you in his world, but the records are still there." "Well then he's not my son and I don't give a shit." "You won't even be there for your own son?" "He's just my DNA he's not my son."

But I think about it for awhile and decide I need to find him. I call all the women I've slept with that I can still find, and eventually I find her. I tell her "I can't raise this son, but I can help." "Oh?" "I'm going to wire you 200 grand, but you need to take it and flee the country, you and your son are in danger. Call me when you've arrived safely."

And she does. And she says "I hate you."

Chapter Eight
And then I kill the man who threatened them coming out of his office. I kill number 4 as well, and then get contacted by number 5...

He tells me the woman and our son was killed in Paris. Neil says "You wanna make an omelette you gotta break some eggs." Now it's personal. I'm not doing this in his office I'm doing it in his home. I follow him to his home and once again perch myself on a nearby apartment building. I take out his guards, I take out his wife, I take out his children, I let him cry for awhile then I take him out. Neil says "Cooollld blooooded."

Chapter Nine
The sixth guy has a whole tactical team protecting him as he leaves his office and as he enters his home. They drive him in an armour plated car. Luckily I have armour piercing bullets. They're expensive though.

I think my best bet is once again as he leaves his office.

I count "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Hmph. McManus was a fag." I shoot all ten of the guards with armour piercing bullets and let the target freak out a bit as I reload and shoot him with a regular bullet.

Chapter Ten
The seventh guy can't be found by any of my usual methods, he seems to be invisible. Neil tells me "He wears disguises and voice changers everywhere he goes instead of having security. Dude is basically king of the planet, he owns everything, he's the number one guy... He blends in and nobody knows it's him, he's also learned ninja techniques to disappear in a flash."

I get a phone call from the invisible man. He says "I am on a mission from God and the world ends when I end." "What is your mission?" "To rule the Earth with an iron fist and bring us into the next age." "And what's the next age?" "Oblivion." "You want to destroy humanity?" "Humanity is dangerous, we must." "I can't allow that." He hangs up.

Then about 10 minutes go by and he calls me again. "I can see you truly are the angel of death and my rule is on it's way out. Perhaps I was wrong. Clearly you and your trashy friend are going to win." Then I hear a gunshot distort my phone and silence.

Chapter Eleven
Neil tells me the president of The North American Union is scared, the people who put him in power are no longer around. Neil tells me "And now you must kill the president." "But all the time I was in the war I admired the man." "Since when do you fight for anything but money?" "It's nothing when you're killing bad guys but the president? I can't do it." "He's just a shill, he holds no real power, especially now." "I don't care." "Well then I'm hiring somebody to kill you." "Well then I'm going to kill you."

Chapter Twelve
I kill Neil.

The Illuminati fills again with the successors of the oil company guys and the world goes on like nothing happened and nobody knows what just went down.

The man Neil hired to kill me kicks down my door and unloads on me. And that was it.