Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War
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Chapter One
It's the year 2049 and the American empire has Canada in it's sights. Canada has been asking for this for decades.

Our president isn't like other politicians. He's not a politician he's a businessman. He knows how to make his country rich and an important part of that is Canadian natural resources.

People are afraid of his fool hardiness. If other countries come fight for Canada he'll nuke them, knowing that they would nuke him back and destroy the planet. He's playing an intense game of chicken and he knows the other leaders are sensible enough not to risk the death of the planet.

Chapter Two
I'm in a camp outside of Winnipeg and a Canadian suicide bomber takes out the gates and a few soldiers.

Anybody can become a suicide bomber if they're driven to the edge as much, if they let go of all attachment to this world and decide to embrace something bigger than themselves.

I respect them.

Chapter Three
We're watching the president give a speech. "The Canadians have turned into savages with the suicide bombings. They don't even believe in rewards in the afterlife, a lot of them don't even believe in an afterlife, and yet still they choose to make their friends and families deal with the fact that they ended their own lives, and not only that but took out many righteous crusaders in the same move."

I disagree, but I see where he's coming from, I still love him.

Chapter Four
A political experimental rock band called Stereobrain is holding a concert in occupied Winnipeg. It is being guarded by the Canadian military.

All of the political dissidents are rounded up in one place, it's the perfect place to strike, we send in our troops.

The Canadians knew this would happen and filled the audience with suicide bombers. When we come in, the entire place goes up in smoke. Even the ordinary citizens knew this was the last concert they would ever attend. Nobody screamed, everybody is calm.

The last thing the frontman of Stereobrain says is "Fuck the president, fuck the United States, viva la revolution."

I was one of the outside guys, but I am wounded in the attack and left for dead.

Chapter Five
I was taken in by the Canadian resistance and nursed back to health, the kindness of Canadians is very clearly an important trait. I think their idea was to brainwash me but I told them I'll save them some time, I'm already losing faith in my country.

Chapter Six
I go back to my military camp, am welcomed with cheer. My commanding officers all walk up to me, all in one place, and I take this opportunity to send them all to hell. I take out my rifle and shoot them all before they know what's happening.

My involvement was integral to the freeing of occupied Winnipeg. I am one of five isolated events that truly save the city.

Chapter Seven
In anger, the president nukes Winnipeg. A move that may lead to the end of the world but I won't be alive to see it.