One Foot in the Afterlife
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note: I had to check and make sure I'm not accidentally ripping off Pirates of the Caribbean as I've only seen the first one so I don't know, all I can see is they have a thing with Mayan artifacts too but I'm pretty sure I do it different. Fucking all the best ideas are already taken.

note: It wouldn't have been called British Honduras yet but fuck you.

Chapter One
The name is Drake, but my mates call me Dreadful Drake. It's the year 1697 and I'm a privateer who is present in the Caribbean. I'm of British descent and my countrymen pay me to mess with the Spaniards and the French.

My first mate is named Grant and he is somewhat of an advisor. I can sometimes get too foolhardy and he brings me back to reality.

There's a lot of other people in my crew and I love all of them but they're expendable and not worth mentioning.

My boat is blessed. Over 30 raids since I've been on it and I've survived a lot longer than a pirate is supposed to. Most die after a few years of becoming a pirate but I'm steady at 6 years.

We are not good men, but we are the best at what we do.

Chapter Two
Today we raid a Spanish ship. Our thing is to kill every last one of them in the name of Britain, and today is no exception. We find spices and fabrics and a whole lot of coinage, which we will sell to my country for dirt cheap.

I don't need a lot of money, just as long as I can keep my mates happy and my body full of rum I'll be fine.

Chapter Three
I meet my guy, my guy who pays me, Sam, and he pays me for the deed and a little more for the wares.

Then he lets me in on a little secret, a Spanish ship will be transporting an ancient Mayan artifact back across the pond and he wants this artifact in a British museum.

Mission accepted.

Chapter Four
We raid the ship, we kill everybody and we recover the artifact. From the moment I first laid eyes on it I felt a presence. Honestly every time I'm near it I start to get a little head ache and a little depressed.

It's an idol of the Mayan god Cizin, the god of death, earthquakes and ruler of the world of the dead.

I stick it in the hold and tie it down. I tell my men don't go near it if you value yourself.

Chapter Five
As I drift off to sleep I can feel my consciousness longing for the artifact. I feel it drawing me to it. I feel darkness over powering me. The floor disappears into blackness and beneath it are skeletal figures crying and laughing.

I see Cizin floating above me. He says "One day the earth will swallow you all up and into the underworld." I say "Are you in league with Satan?" "If you want to call it that."

I feel my soul being pulled from my body and falling towards the idol.

I wake up to Grant shaking me. He says "You stopped breathing for a good two minutes. You okay?" "I'm fine, thank you for your concern."

Chapter Six
Sam tells me it's time to give the idol up and send it to the main land. I say "You don't want this idol, it will swallow your soul." "Be that as it may I have people expecting me." "...I can't give you this idol. For the good of everyone it stays with me."

"Are you refusing an order directly from the throne?" "I am." "Bad move my friend, you need us to survive." "Well maybe I won't survive."

Grant says "This thing is evil we should just get rid of it. Give it up." "Not this time. This time I'm following my gut." "Your gut gets men killed." "Indeed it does."

I say "It already has it's claws on me. It makes me feel... Special. I'm keeping it. I've always had one foot in the afterlife but now that phrase feels a little more literal."

Chapter Seven
Cizin once again comes to me in my sleep. He says "The only constant in life is everything dies. Death calls for all of you from the moment you were born. Everything you do is just leading up to your death. Your energy will return to the planet. From your energy plants will grow. And they too will die."

He continues "The magic mushrooms my people take are focused energy from the planet. They will tell you death is to be embraced, it is not to be feared. For everything must die, but energy never can."

Chapter Eight
Cizin wants me to eat these magic mushrooms so I must give it a shot.

We make land in British Honduras, find ourselves a Mayan translator and make for the jungles to the last Mayan city, Nojpeten. We travel through thick jungle, lost a man to a snake and another to fucking ants, and finally find ourselves at a lake with an island city in the middle, Nojpeten.

We walk in, everybody staring at us and afraid of us. They part as we walk to the main pyramid. One man attacks us but a spear is no match for a pistol. Everybody runs away, nobody stays. We climb up the pyramid and find the leader, holding a spear. I say "Tell him we come in peace." He lowers his spear.

I say "We wish to try your magic mushrooms. The god of this idol came to me in a dream and told me." He smiles and directs us to the door.

I give him the idol, he sighs and turns his back. He says "I will come with you, I will be your guide."

Chapter Nine
We eat many of them, they taste like wood, I don't mind.

After about half an hour I start to see images of death and war. I say "This is awful, this is wonderful." He says "War is the only thing every culture has in common. War is how the world will end. Death comes for us all."

Outside people start screaming and guns are heard firing. The leader says "Today war comes for us, today we experience death." He smashes the idol and we all hallucinate darkness overpowering the room, then the city. All the plants go bare and turn grey. I say "How is this happening?" "You're just hallucinating, the plants will out live us, they will feed on us.

Chapter Ten
We step outside and see the battle commencing. Everyone who dies falls into blackness and black smoke. I tell the leader "You know I'm not exactly on your side, I'm not their countryman, but I am from the other side of the world." He says "This time we had was nice but we must go back to our real worlds." He draws his spear and stands at the top of the pyramid while me and my crew walk down the stairs and the Spanish run up the stairs, giving me and my mates strange looks as they advance.

We get to our boat and I look back to see the leader die. We step onto our boat and float away.