My Favourite Psychopath
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note: The following story is dubbed in English.

Chapter One
My name is Kiyoshi, I live in Tokyo, I love baseball, I hate my job and I hate my friend. I hate that my job is with my friend, he's upper management and I'm stuck in data entry. Maybe I could be upper management too but I don't know how to express myself. I kind of wish I had more friends and I'm kind of glad I don't. People are too much for me, I'm an empath. I can sense bad vibes better than any other I just don't know what to do with that information.

My friend Hiroto is a psychopath, and I catch more bad vibes around him than I do anybody else. I can't just ditch him, he needs me to soften him. You know back when we were kids he used to kill small animals for fun. I managed to convince him to stop.

He thinks he's an alpha but he's not an alpha, he's something else entirely. He does do well in the business world, he got the job because I put in a good word for him but he's since climbed the ranks while I sit here and stew.

Chapter Two
He's at my cubicle telling me about his sexual conquests, if you can call them that, some would call them rapes. He talks about how he knew she wanted him but she was just being a "good girl" and she's "afraid of her desires." I laugh along with him like a coward, but surely he can see on my face that I am not amused. Or maybe he can't even do that? Maybe that just isn't the way he works.

He's always trying to teach me to pick up girls. He learned this thing where you make them feel like they're ugly so they lose their self esteem and are thrown of their game. I've seen this method fail him when we're out together and he just assumes they're lesbians. He hates lesbians by the way.

Chapter Three
Today we went to the arcade. I'm playing a baseball game and he's hitting on every girl he sees. I can feel the energy but I can't hear what he's saying, it just feels like dark mumbling coming out of Satan himself. Darkness looms over the conversation and evil is on his face.

Something is about to happen. I rush toward him just in time to grab his arm before he smacks the poor girl. She screams and runs. He tells me "Let's get out of here."

Chapter Four
The next day we go to a baseball game, it's my favourite thing to do but Hiroto is bored, checking out the ladies. "Not as many ladies at the game as there was at the arcade, all of them here are with a guy." "Is that all you think about? Go have a drink. Actually on second thought don't, I don't want to have to keep you from smacking some chick again." "Is there something you want to say to me?" "I've been wanting to say something to you for a long time, I just don't know how to do it... I've been a coward."

"Tell me." "You're very... aggressive. It makes me uncomfortable." "I'm just an alpha." "Are you?" "And you're a beta. Or maybe an omega, I don't know how these things work." "...Maybe." "Look, we all have negative thoughts about our friends, I think we should just ignore them and get along." "Is that what we do? We get along?" "Of course, you're my sidekick." "...Great..."

Chapter Five
We're at work. I want to talk to Kyouko but I'm no good at this. She's by the coffee machine talking to somebody. I'm gonna do it. I walk up to her and say "H-hello." "Hi Kiyoshi, how are you?" "I'm okay, how are you?" "I'm good. Hiroto was saying you saw a ball game yesterday?" "Y-yes, I love baseball." "So does my dad. I've never really cared for it." "W-what do you like?" "What do I like? Like sports?" "Like anything." "I... Guess movies?" "Oh g-good I like movies too." "Well everyone likes movies." "I g-guess so." "Well... It was nice talking to you." "You t-too."

Hiroto walks up to the coffee machine and says "You should have seen this girl I picked up last night. I went to a bar after you went home." "Oh?" "Stunning." "Are you gonna see her again?" "Hah! Not after what happened." "...Oh..." "Well I have to get back to work. Let's do the club next weekend." "...Okay."

Chapter Six
We're waiting in line outside the club. Waiting about half an hour until Hiroto says "Fuck this" and goes to talk to the bouncer. I feel the dark energy again though I can't make out what he's saying, just sounds like mumbling to me. The bouncer puts his hands up and says "Fine, jesus" and lets us in.

We get pretty drunk, sitting at the table with loud music. I hate it. I'm not much of a conversationalist but it would be nice if I could. I set my head down on the table as he says something. I can't hear it but the energy again. Everything snaps and goes back to normal. I put my head up and he says "I'm gonna go pick up some chicks."

Chapter Seven
We're walking home from the club.

He says "Introverts are such bores. They live boring lives and never party." "I'm a bit of an introvert." "Yeah and you're fucking boring. I make you more fun." "Do you?" "You'd have no life without me." "I guess that's true. But I'm all you've got too." "Maybe we need eachother." "Maybe we do."

Chapter Eight
The next morning there's a knock at my door. I open and he's pointing a pistol at my head. "What the hell?!" "Pretty cool, right?" "Where the hell did you get that?!" "I know a guy." "How come I don't know this guy?" "Well you have no reason to." "Why do you need this anyway?" "I have a lot of enemies." "Sure, sure, but I don't think you need a damn gun." "You never know. You got any old tin cans? I always wanted to shoot at some." "I guess..." "Also, got any fireworks? We set those off and nobody will call the cops." "Wow you've really been planning this out haven't you. No I don't have any fireworks." "Okay let's go get some."

We buy some fireworks and go out to the little yard in my apartment complex. Nobody's around. We shoot a few tin cans. "This is pretty dangerous, you know." "No kidding." "We should stop." "Wait! I want to kill something..." "Oh, come on! No! You've been so good not killing things for fun!" "Fine, fine... If you're gonna be a bitch."

Chapter Nine
We're walking down my street and we run into my sister, Anzu. I say "Hi!" She says "Hi!" Hiroto says "It's been awhile... You've become quite a woman." "Well thanks, I think." "You wanna get a drink some time?" "I don't know..." I say "No! Don't even think of it! Off limits!" Hiroto says "Come now you don't own her." Anzu says "Yeah! You don't own me!" I say "Don't do it... You don't know what you're getting into." Hiroto says "What's that supposed to mean?" "You're going to force yourself on her then ditch her." "I would not!"

She goes home with him.

Chapter Ten
The next day I'm talking to Hiroto over the phone. I say "What did you do to my sister?" "Your sister's a good girl too... But yes, we did." "Fuck! Fuck you!" "Hey! We're in love..." "I doubt it."

I call my sister. "Did he rape you?" "Well..." "Did he!?" "No!" "He says you're in love, is this true?" "I don't know..." "I'm gonna kill him!"

Chapter Eleven
I go to his apartment. The second he opens the door I punch him in the face. "Fuck! Ow!" "I told you she's off limits! That you were gonna treat her like you treat all the other girls!" "Girls like it." "Fuck that! I should call the police and tell them you're a rapist!" "You're not going to do that..." "Watch me!" He grabs his gun. "What are you gonna shoot me?" "What are you gonna go to the cops?" "If I do I'm telling them about your gun!" He cocks the pistol. "Don't do it..."

Instinct takes over and I knock the gun out of his hand. We both run for it. I pick it up and point it at him. He says "Calm down..." "You raped my sister!" "Calm down..." "I would be doing the world a favour..." "You're gonna go to jail, fucker." I start to cry. I put the gun down and say "I don't want to be in your life anymore." "You're nothing without me." "I could have killed you." "I could have killed you..." "Hm." "Well see you at work tomorrow." "From now on, you don't know me and I don't know you."

The next day at work I asked out Kyouko. Right in front of Hiroto. We're going to go catch a movie.