Just Bring me my Pistol
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Chapter One
My name is Derk, I'm a private detective and I'm currently tied to a chair in an empty warehouse with one armed guard. I'm a genius at the pistol and a genius at manipulating people, I think I'll be just fine.

Somebody hired me to get beef on the people holding me. I was told the boss has sex with very underage girls and I was being paid to bring him to justice.

Chapter Two
I started out tailing the guy and watching where he was going. Nowhere suspicious... His home and the strip club he operates out of mostly. There was one interesting trip to the adult video store but that was probably normal. The more I think about it, though... That could have been my lead and I blew it. It didn't occur to me until later that there could be an underground child pornography ring. I'm ashamed of myself for missing it, I don't usually miss those things. I could have brought him down and bring down a child pornography ring at the same time.

Chapter Three
Eventually he discovered me. Again a failure on my part. He threatened me, asked me who I worked for, but I kept my cool and gave him nothing. He held me at gun point until more people came. I told them "You pay me off and I go away." He says "We have another way to make you go away."

I tell the other guys "Do you want to know why I'm tailing him?" And the boss says "They do not, and you don't want to tell them, or I can make this very slow." One of the guys was like "Tell them what?" "It's better that you don't know." And I say "You're probably right."

And so here I am.

Chapter Four
In my chair, I tell them "I have connections with the police and you could be in serious shit." To which they responded "WE have connections with the police and YOU could be in serious shit."

I say "My client would probably pay to have me released." to which my guard says "That's the plan, but after we get the money we're killing you and your client." "That's awful." "No honour among thieves."

Chapter Five
"Look, we know who your client is. He works, or rather worked, for the people you were following. He's trying to make a power grab by getting dirt on the leader." "So there is dirt?" "There are rumours." "Oh, well then I guess my client has it coming, but I'm an innocent pawn in all this." "Are you gonna start grovelling? Come on don't be so pathetic be a man." "I just... I didn't think it would all end with me being manipulated like a pawn. I figured it would be more glorious than that."

Chapter Six
I tell them "Look, I'm as pissed off as you are. You let me go and I'll kill my client." "We couldn't ask you to do that, we'll just kill you both, it's a lot cleaner."

Another guy who just came in says "Wait that might not be a bad idea. Keeps our hands clean, we can make it look like we didn't do anything, it's better for our image with the police and it's better for our image with the people who work under him that may be supporting him."

"Bring some more people in so he doesn't try anything."

Chapter Seven
They untie me and give my my pistol back. I shoot all five of them dead with ease.

I walk down the hallway and kill another room full of people. This alerts the others and suddenly I have a hallway full of people. I take cover behind a door and take out the rest of them.

Chapter Eight
I return to my client and say "The surviving parts of the gang is now your's to control, but in the future I would prefer you be more upfront. Now, I think I've earned more money than you were already giving me." "You bet."