John Can't Sleep
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Chapter One
My name is John. I have sleep issues. And mental health issues in general but the most troublesome is the sleep issues. I sleepwalk, have narcolepsy, and honestly I can't tell the difference between awake and asleep. A lot of times I think I'm asleep I'm awake and a lot of times I think I'm awake I'm asleep.

My roommate is Jessica and she's adorable. The sweetest person you'll ever meet, has a pretty face and an adorable voice. She wouldn't hurt a fly and cares deeply for everybody.

She's dating a jerk. Bob. He uses her, emotionally speaking. He's a narcissist. He'll deliberately put himself in shitty situations to make her say something adorable and have empathy for him. I don't think she sees this but I see this.

Chapter Two
I wake up and find myself standing over Bob's dead body. I start to panic. Then Jessica walks in and screams and cries. I say "I! I! I'm sorry! I didn't! I didn't mean to... I can't believe... I'M SORRY!"

She calls the police while I start pacing. She tells the person on the other end that I have mental health issues and I'm not a bad person. She gets off the phone and I cry and apologize again.

When the police come she says "Go... Just... Go out the back door and run away. Don't ever come back!" So I run.

Chapter Three
I'm being tortured to death by Jessica. She has me tied up. She breaks all my fingers, then my wrist, then my arm, then my spine, then my neck. I don't mind.

And then I wake up. I'm in some dark ally and I appear to be laying in garbage.

Chapter Four
I'm looking for meth on the streets, I need something to keep me awake, I'm dangerous when I sleep. I need to never sleep again. I never thought I'd be smoking meth but I guess I never thought a lot of things.

I find a dealer but he thinks I'm a narc and threatens to kill me. He's just about to but then I wake up again. It would be out of my character to try meth... Or maybe I should, it is true it would keep me awake.

Chapter Five
So I ask around for meth, eventually I find paydirt and a guy brings me to a meth house. I buy a bit and smoke it.

Jessica walks up to me and stabs me in the stomach, but then there's no wound and she disappears. I guess sleep deprivation and meth leads to hallucinations.

Chapter Six
I'm on the street panhandling for meth money. I haven't slept in a long time and it's making me kinda crazy. I tell people "There's a demon inside me! He does terrible things when I sleep so I can't sleep!" and after they give me money I say "Now you need to get away from me! Run away! I don't know what I'll do!"

Chapter Seven
I find an abandoned house to crash it. It's kinda spooky looking and falling apart.

When I'm inside I hallucinate all sorts of ghosts in the house. One of them says "You know Jessica, yes? We love Jessica." And I say "Yes she's very lovable." "No you don't understand. We love her for reasons you are unaware of." I think to myself maybe there's something about Jessica.

Chapter Eight
The ghosts say "You want to be with us?" I say "It sounds better than life..." "It's not." "Well it sounds better than my life." "Maybe." "I want death!" "Talk to Jessica..." "Jessica... I think I love her." "Look inside. You don't love her, you worship her." "I suppose I do." "Go home and talk to her. She would love to see you again."

"I want death. But before death I want Jessica." "Oh you will have both. Go, tell her you worship her, she would love to hear it before the end." "Okay. I'm gonna do it."

Chapter Nine
I knock on the door. She answers "John..."

I say "Explain to me why I worship you now." And she gets a look on her face. Suddenly she looks like I've discovered her evil secret. She says "Because you were born to be my slave." "I, what?" "I've loved you for so long, I want nothing more than to have your soul, like I have Bob's." "You killed Bob..." "I did." "You let me take the fall for it?" "Are you mad?" "I... No. For some reason no." "Because you are mine."

Chapter Ten
And I once again find myself tied up. She breaks my fingers, she breaks my toes, she breaks all my joints. She says "Just embrace it." And I say "Thank you, master." She sits on me and leans in to kiss me. She licks my face. She pulls out a knife and plunges it into my chest as she moans. She slices me wide open. She winks at me, kisses me again and strangles me."

I manage to choke out the words "Thank you, master" before I die.