I Can't Wait to See What the Future Looks Like
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Note: The lab in this story is fictional. Yes it is inspired by the actual lab in Winnipeg but they do different things. Also I don't think the real one existed in '67.

Note: No this wasn't inspired by that one episode of the Simpsons, though that episode did come on shorty after I started writing this.

Chapter One
Welcome to our home. That song you're hearing is "Season of the Witch" by Donovan. We live in Winnipeg and the year is '67.

This is the living room. The two guys on the couch are Frank and Lance. Lance is up here as a draft dodger, don't tell anybody. In the kitchen here is John "The Suit" Marcus. The house is his, I mean technically, he's the money maker in the group that lets us get by. He's a businessman who was inspired by the hippy movement and he does a shit load of cocaine.

The woman in my bedroom is Marla, my girlfriend, I mean everybody's girlfriend but specifically my girlfriend. And in the hall here is Matt, he's kinda dark. I believe that's Jane in the shower.

Now in the basement, that's Dan's domain. He's a big nerd and takes a lot of flack for it, but he takes it in jest. He's our resident drug manufacturer, and he also takes care of the grow-op. He listens to weird music.

Chapter Two
And my name is Scott.

I have no personality of my own so I create an artificial one out of all my favourite public figures. I build a strong artificial personality because I feel I don't have a true identity of my own. And my subconscious makes fun of me for it every time I trip.

My favourite bands are Love and The Velvet Underground. My favourite movie is Easy Rider.

Chapter Three
Talking with Jane in the living room, tripping balls on DOB, my favourite drug.

"I struggle with free love. When I have a man I want to be the only one to have that man." "It's understandable, but just remember you still have more of his love than anybody else. And you should love your fellow man almost as much as you love your guy, and sex is just a way to express that. But nothing will compare to sex with the one you love the most. Monogamy is such a cruel philosophy, nobody owns anybody, but sometimes you love one person more than the others."

Then I say "I'll prove it, let's fuck." And she says "Well... Okay..." And we fuck.

Chapter Four
Still at peak on DOB and I get the message "I have no personality" from the God mirror. You have no personality of your own you just piece it together, but then I suppose that's just who you are, a composite, and if you're a composite of the greatest one could only assume that makes you the greatest, you are a blank slate who absorbs only the best.

I ask my friends "Do you like my personality?" Matt says "We love your personality."

Marla says "You're the kind of person who could really achieve something huge."

Chapter Five
The next day, smoking weed with the Suit, talking about old times. He tells me I'm the one who saved him. "If it hadn't been for you I would just be another worker drone. Now thanks to you I'm an enlightened worker drone. You, and psychedelics, but mostly psychedelics, have changed my life." "God gave me to you, and I did what God needed me to do. You're an important cog in this family, we couldn't have it without you, thank you."

We met in a local pub. This guy was accosting us for dressing like hippies and you came up to us and said "The way they dress is none of your business." I said "You wanna hang out?" And then we did LSD and that was that. He says "I was always interested in the hippy culture but I always just assumed I was a straight man looking in at something I could never have." "But now you have it." "Now I have it."

"I'm not going to try and convince you we're better than your work friends with the cocaine, you guys have your place in the world, it's just that we see something your friends don't. You see it, though. You definitely see it. I'm surprised you don't find yourselves bored of them." "Well, we go way back."

Chapter Six
Today we've done way too much DOB. The nerd apologizes and says this batch was a little too strong but it probably won't kill us. "It might but it probably won't."

"The End" by The Doors comes on. Matt says "Well that's a fitting song to die to." I say "You're not bothered?" "You think you can fix people? Nothing fixes people like death fixes people." I say "You're special."

Towards the end Matt starts singing along...

"Fuck, fuck-ah, yeah
Fuck, fuck
Fuck, fuck
Fuck, fuck, fuck yeah!
Come on baby, come on
Fuck me baby, fuck yeah
Fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah!
Fuck, yeah, come on baby
Fuck me baby, fuck fuck
Woah, woah, woah, yeah
Fuck yeah, do it, yeah
Come on!
Huh, huh, huh, huh, yeah
Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill"

Chapter Seven
I say "I am important. I can be a profit." "We think you can be a profit too, we've already said it, you've changed our lives." "So what am I gonna do?" "Maybe we should save the world from evil."

"We love the planet and we will do whatever we can to keep harm from happening to any living thing, and especially humanity as a whole." "Any living thing? You're such a vegetarian." "I wouldn't even kill a fly."

Chapter Eight
"House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals comes on. "How are we going to save the world from evil?" "We need to take action." Matt says "Let's blow shit up."

"Hey nerd can you make explosives down there too?" "Easy."

Chapter Nine
I'm speaking in the living room in front of the whole house. "Let's blow up that lab, they manufacture all sorts of terrible diseases. They say they're trying to help us I say they're trying to make chemical weapons." I say "We have to make sure the place is empty. Let's plant the bomb then call in a threat so they evacuate the building." Matt says "Fuck 'em let's kill evil." "They're not all evil some of them are just working stiffs."

Chapter Ten
We sneak in the back and plant the bomb. Matt says "Fuck it, I checked the building, it's empty, we don't need to call it in." "Alright let's bug out we got five minutes." And we bug out. And ka-boom.

Chapter Eleven
We're watching the news the next day and we find out a security guard died. I tell Matt "You did this on purpose!" I start to cry and run to my room.

I write the name "Edward Coopman," the man who died, on a card. I look at it and clear my mind. I cry a little more. I put the card in my pocket.

Marla comes in to console me. She says "The man is in a better place." I say "We don't know that. What if all it is is darkness?" "Never. He's returned to the source. He is at peace." I say "Maybe..." She kisses me, we fuck.

Chapter Twelve
I'm talking music with Dan, tripping on DOB. I tell him I enjoyed The Silver Apples but Terry Riley isn't for me. He says "It's out of the ordinary stuff you'd listen to but you should try meditating to it." "Yeah maybe."

He says... "I'm struggling with the fact that I built a bomb that killed a man." I say "We're all struggling, but keep in mind you made the bomb to help. It's like people who manufacture drugs, sometimes people overdose and die, but the fact that you made the drugs makes you a benevolent soul. It's not your fault." "Thanks Scott..."

Chapter Thirteen
I'm talking in front of the people of the house about our place in the world and what we are doing. "We're not going to save the world, but we are a part of a movement that will in fact save the world. An important part. Remember when we fight that we fight for the greater good. We fight for the planet and all it's people. And we are not alone. You may not be able to find many people as extreme as us, but they're out there, and even the rest though not as extreme, are all saving the planet."

"Next we're going to blow up a hydro electric dam. They destroy the ecosystem and are responsible for the death of many animals."

I take the card out of my pocket, look at it, and clear my mind.

Chapter Fourteen
This one was fun. We scaled down the side of the dam and planted a sticky bomb.

"I don't trust you any more Matt, I'm calling in a bomb threat, I insist." We beat feet and then call in the threat. I look at the card and sigh.

Chapter Fifteen
I'm meditating on the card.

Matt walks in and says "The world needs both of us, you're the benevolent one and I am the necessary evil. Together we are the cure. We are the cure for society." Malra walks in and says "You're both so god damned sexy. The angel and the devil on all our shoulders. It's almost too much."

Then the three of us fuck.

Chapter Sixteen
A large explosion is heard from the basement.

We go downstairs and Dan is deceased. Me and a few others start to cry, but Matt takes immediate action and says "We have no time to sit around and cry, somebody is going to call 911 on us about this explosion, we gotta bug out." I say "...Okay, we bug out."

We get in our hippie van and head south. "Let's do San Francisco" I say. As we reach the end of the street we see fire trucks going into our driveway.

Chapter Seventeen
"It'll be fun to go somewhere where everybody you meet is like minded. But Lance, I'm sorry, I'm sure this is the last thing you want." Lance says "Look I'm just happy I'm still alive. Whatever happens happens."

Chapter Eighteen
We arrive in this beautiful city full of like minded people and pissed off police. It's the summer of love and I see nothing but love everywhere.

I always knew I was part of a family in Winnipeg, but now I know that my family is all of us, and not even all of us hippies, but all of us humans, we are all a part of a grand pattern and in the end everything will work out for all of us.

"This generation will change the world. Tomorrow we won't have the troubles we have today. The baby boomer generation will be the last generation in this world. We will open us all up to a new way of life. We are the generation that fixes the world. I can't wait to see what the future looks like."