Fuck All
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Chapter One
The year is 1898. The name's Woodrow and I rob trains with my friend Lawrence. Well I'll rob anything but I get the biggest rush out of robbing trains. I live near Winnipeg. I've killed so many people I hardly even remember all of them. I think I've killed... 30?

We've had a few disagreements as of late and things are getting a little tense between us but we still trust eachother with our lives.

Chapter Two
So we're riding up beside a train and we leap aboard the caboose. My horse runs along side the train and knows to wait. I go through the door and the guy is hiding beside the door. He grabs my gun and we have a bit of a thing, then Lawrence shoots him dead. We gather all the jewels and cash from the train patrons and leap out.

We went off into the forest and are seeing what we've got. I ask Lawrence "What's my cut?" And he says "Fuck all" and shoots me in the stomach and leaves me for dead.

Chapter Three
I'm lying there bleeding out when some Indian hunter finds me. He speaks English okay and asks me what happened. I say "the inevitable happened." He says we gotta get you to a doctor and throws me on his horse.

On the way in we talk. I say I'm on a quest for revenge and he tells me his heart too burns for revenge. Apparently his wife was murdered a few years ago, but he says he never got a look at the guy.

He takes me into town and brings me to the doctor. Doctor says I almost bled out but I'll be fine. I ask him if he's seen Lawrence and he says yeah that guy made quite a spectacle of himself, go to the brothel and ask around. After you rest a little.

My new friend, Mahikan, is coming with me. Says if I help him he'll help me. I say sure.

Chapter Four
We go and talk to the madam of the brothel. She tells me some guy came in, paid for all the hookers, made some of them kiss eachother and fucked some of them. He beat the shit out of all of them and strangled all of them. One girl almost died. Then before he left he threw absurd amounts of cash in the air.

She tells me he was heading west, so we go west.

We land in Portage La Prairie and go to the brothel. Same deal here, so I guess we just follow the trail of beaten hookers.

Chapter Five
We're now in Brandon and we finally catch up with the fucker in the bar. He spots us as we walk in, stands up and says "Woodrow! You made it! Come on I'm buying your drinks." "With my money." "Yeah sorry about that. I've been thinking about what I did and it really wasn't called for." "You almost fucking killed me!" "I know I know..." "Well fuck you I do not accept your apology." And I pull my gun on him.

He says "Hey remember we had good times. Remember that Indian chick outside Winnipeg?" "Yeah I guess that was fun." Mahikan says "Was she wearing a red and white dress?" Lawrence says "Yeah that sounds right." "It was you!" I say "Oh shit I must have forgot, sorry pal." "Sorry pal?! I'll kill you!" Everybody draws guns.

Chapter Six
So we're in a Mexican standoff here. Everybody pointing his gun at one and then the other. Mahikan says "Did you rape her?" Lawrence says "Well yeah what the hell else?" "Did she suffer?" "Boy did she." He points his gun at me and says "You didn't think for a second that I was after you the whole time?" I say "No I had completely forgot about her. We've had to clean up after a lot of Lawrence's escapades they all kind of run together."

Everybody shoots and everybody dies.