Eat My Dust
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Chapter One
My name is Chris, I'm 28 years old, live in Winnipeg, and love speed. Both the going real fast kind and crystal meth kind. I race cars on the weekends and am a getaway driver for hire. I live life on the edge, risk death as often as I can and fuck and do drugs as often as I can.

I'm dating my dealer's girlfriend, May. We party together with some of the other street racers. We fuck and take naked pictures of eachother on various drugs in a dingy basement with smoke from various chemicals filling the room.

I'm told I'm a narcissist and I don't care about anybody. They may be right I can't really tell. But I would definitely sell out anybody I care about if my back was against the wall.

I drive a Mustang when I race and a regular old Honda Civic when I do getaway stuff. Just fast enough without bringing any attention. I've been made fun of in the racing community for owning a Civic.

Chapter Two
Me and May are talking in the drug den. She asks me "What's the most you've ever lost on a gamble?" I tell her "When it happens I'll let you know." "Come on serious." "I make my own luck. I only make smart bets." "That's inconsistent with what I know of you." "Well what do you know?"

Chapter Three
The next day I'm racing in my Mustang against some new Asian dude in a souped up Toyota. I put a grand on the race, it's not a big race but 1000 is still exciting. Fucking Toyota.

I dominate from the start. He blows his nitrous right away and still isn't fast enough. I don't fucking lose.

Chapter Four
A few days later I'm doing this bank job in my Civic. Two guys running out with sacks of cash old school.

Police aren't there until we're well past the end of the block. I get mostly out of the area but there's a road block. I drive the wrong way down a one way street to get away from it, but I'm spotted and they go after me. I pull into traffic and run a red light. Another cop on my tail. One of the robbers says "This guy gonna get us fucked let's bail." The other guy shoots him in the head. I say "What the fucking shit!?" and he says "Always my plan, one less person to share with, one last person to fuck me over." I say "Ooohh... Shiiit..." and pull down an alley, get out and run.

He yells he'll get me but I'm gone. I hot wire another car and get the fuck out of dodge.

Chapter Five
Then I'm racing again. This one is a big one, we're racing for pink slips. Against my buddy in a Camaro. Dead street as usual, in a shitty neighbourhood. We're at a stop sign, May waves the flag. I've got him for the first stretch, but when we turn I drift a little looser than him and he gets a lead on me.

In the end he takes me, but fuck that he's not getting my ride. I shoot him in the head and take his fucking car.

Chapter Six
I sell his car to a chop shop and buy a shit load of meth.

In the basement with May. Just me and May. She's all "I can't believe you! You know nobody is going to tolerate that shit." "Yeah well at least I got a lot of meth." "But you're going to lose everything else..." "Fuck 'em I've had enough anyway." "Enough of them?" "Enough of life." "So what's the plan?" "Let's see how long I can stay alive. I'll make a game of it." "...Okay, I'm in."

Chapter Seven
I step outside and they're all there, guns drawn. They start to fire. I start to fire. May screams and runs to the car, but nobody shoots at her. I duck down beside the door and bullets fly past my head. I run to the back door as the room fills with bullet holes. They come in the front door just as I'm leaving the back door.

I run to my car and I'm out.

Chapter Eight
My dealer, Noel, is supposed to be out today, so I go to pick up May. When I knock on the door he answers. Says "You went through that 8 ball already?" I say "I, uh..." "You're here to see May?" "I..." "Are you the one who's fucking her?" "Ummm..."

May yells from the driveway "Get over here!" I run to her as Noel draws his gun and shoots at us. I get in the car and we drive off.

Chapter Nine
I pull out of the driveway and my former racing buddies are on my ass. They shoot at me and I shoot back. I take out one of the drivers and before his passenger could get behind the wheel that guy from the bank job is on my ass too.

The police noticing a fire fight give chase.

Noel is right on my ass and starts ramming me. I lose control and roll the car. I leave May in the passenger seat, I don't even know if she's okay, and I run off. The police go in on foot and eventually take me down.

I guess this is the most I've ever lost on a gamble.

Chapter Ten
I'm dragged into custody and the detective is all "You seem to have pissed off quite a few people." "Yeah..." "How about this? You tell me everything you have on all of these people and you'll get a light sentence."

"Well okay..."