The Devil's Trumpet
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Chapter One
I just want to forget. No amount of drugs and alcohol can make me forget. Last month my beloved wife Tara was murdered in cold blood by an unknown assailant. The police have no leads and I have no idea who it could be.

She was a very kind woman, very sweet, and almost as psychedelic as I am.

I'm an avid drug user, I prefer the psychedelics but they're a bit much in my current state. I could tell the shrooms were trying to heal me but I wouldn't let them and had a bit of a freak out.

So I'm going to escape into delirium for a few days on datura.

My name is Mark, by the way.

Chapter Two
So I smoke the datura. Alone. Hope I don't break anything. Actually I don't care if I do I was just saying.

I'm in my wife's old apartment. The one she lived in before we moved in together. She's nowhere to be found. It's terribly empty. I look all over for her, forgetting that I'm on datura and thinking I'm in her actual apartment. I notice I'm smoking a cigarette. I thought I quit. Guess not.

I search all over and she's not here. She was supposed to be home.

Chapter Three
Now I'm back in the apartment we used to live in when we moved in together and I'm having a conversation with Tara. We're talking about getting a cat together, we both love cats. Maybe we'll get two so they have others to play with.

She randomly disappears.

Oh right I'm on datura.

I sense a slightly skeletal demonic figure in the background. An unsettling wave washes over me. I can tell it means me no harm but it is very stern and negative.

Chapter Four
Now I'm in my childhood home, having a conversation with my father, who is also recently deceased.

We're talking about how we're going to move forward now that my mother is dead. My father doesn't want to live in this house anymore, everything he sees reminds him of her, and I agree. We need a new house where we can create new memories.

He tells me he's been dating a woman from work. I say "What!? Already?" and he says "Well actually... I was seeing her for a long time. On the side." I start to cry.

Then he disappears. Oh right I'm on datura.

Chapter Five
I'm back in the house Tara and I bought together. This time we're talking about having a kid. Both of us agree we're not ready to be responsible and want to keep being irresponsible drug users, but both of our parents want the grand kids. It's not fair to the kids, though, that they would grow up in a home where the only reason the parents had them is to appease the grand parents.

We decide some day but we're not ready yet.

Suddenly there's another cigarette in my hand.

I see the demonic figure in my peripheral vision and freak out a little, but then I realize I'm on datura.

Chapter Six
Now I'm outside the club where Tara was murdered. Her friend who I think always wanted her is there with her. He asks if she wants to go behind the club and smoke a joint and she agrees. He stabs her several times.

I try to kill the murderer, I stab at him but nothing, and then he disappears.

Chapter Seven
I'm back on my couch, when I realize I don't know what's been happening to all these cigarettes I've been smoking.

Suddenly the couch is on fire and the fire spreads quickly. The walls are on fire. Everything is on fire.

I see my wife standing in the fire, burning up until she's nothing but a skeleton.

The demonic figure watches.

Chapter Eight
I'm in a pile of ashes and the demonic figure comes to me.

"I live with the Lady Salvia and the DMT Elves in the world of makebelieve where all the demons live, the same demons that come from the sky when you trip on mushrooms, the beings that give you symbols like the runes, and we don't show ourselves to just anybody." "...Hello." "My drug teaches you of the connection between this life and the next, I am here to help you to communicate with the dead. You're in the same place but on a different plane."

"...Can I ho home now?" "Of course."

I come to back on my couch, nothing is burned.