A Dying Land, Year 2049: Knowing I've Made a Difference
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Note: I don't necessarily believe this world is our future, I'm just making shit up. I mean maybe bitcoin takes over but probably not.

Note: I know a *spoilers* certain event wouldn't necessarily end the government but fuck you.

Note: No I don't actually want to *spoilers* blow up Washington and install anarchy.

Note: I know I said *spoilers* that the economy is bitcoin but then he gets actual cash but I guess they still have cash too fuck you.

Chapter One
My name is Aaron Berkman and I live in a dystopian hellscape. I belong to a society concerned about the state of our world, the Antidystopian Warriors, we've been called anarchists, we've been called communists, but we're much more, we are the light, we are the bringers of destruction to this twisted hellscape of a society and we will usher in a new and brighter world.

We squabble about how serious we really are and how far we are really willing to go. I've been called an extremist by, well, everyone, everyone except Daniel, me and Daniel see eye to eye. Daniel is the leader of our organization and possibly the only one who's really serious, the only one I can really trust.

I am a hacker. I am the best. I've been in and out of virtually every government computer, waiting to make my move.

Chapter Two
Today I've decided to destroy the world economy. This is the beginning of the end. This is the move that starts it all.

I took down bitcoin. Everybody lost their bitcoin. All of it. Every last bitpenny.

See, bitcoin has become the centre of our economy. Everybody uses it since the world economy kind of tanked while the crypto currencies thrived. It became the official currency of the planet.

Chapter Three
And then there was chaos. Riots, theft... Death... The man at the top killed himself, the man below him killed himself and his family, people killed their accountants. Every city in the world was on fire.

The people finally realized how fragile their pathetic little society was and it pissed them off.

I want them to know it was me, that I was their hero, but they can't, at least not until I'm finished.

Chapter Four
Now it's time to start blowing shit up. We debated for awhile... News organizations, bank headquarters, political institutions. Then Daniel realized... We could wipe out every dirty politician at once if we levelled Washington, and we can easily do that by hacking into their fusion reactor.

I'm on board. Brilliant. The others don't like it, they don't want so much innocent death, but we figure... If you want to make an omelette you gotta break some eggs. Let's do it.

Chapter Five
And then there goes Washington. It's done. It's over. The North American Union is finished. All of this land is now nobody's land. All of this land is now in anarchy.

We expected the rioting to intensify but it really didn't. Everyone was in shock. Everyone just stared in silence. The whole world did.

Kind of... Kind of don't really know where to go from here.

Chapter Six
Our people were of mixed minds. Me and Daniel stand by what we've done, but a lot of people are disillusioned.

"We were never about this." "We were about bringing the end by any means necessary." "I never wanted to kill people. At least not so many people. When we brought down bitcoin we were doing the lord's work, but now? Now... This is a travesty." "We still are and always will be doing the lords work." "Well not with me. I'm out." And then other's were out. Then it was just me and Daniel.

You know what? I don't even care. As far as I'm concerned we've won. I've won. This is over.

Chapter Seven
And then the police come. Pathetic, they cling to their law and order in a land of chaos. They work for nobody and yet they still think they have authority. Fuck you. I have as much authority as you do now. Fucking come at me see what happens.

We get the guns. A few cops go down. We go out the back.

Me and Daniel decide to separate. This is probably the last time we'll see eachother.

Chapter Eight
I come to the light rail stop. Check the schedule, this needs to be perfect... 6 minutes? No, that won't do, I don't have that time. I pull out my smart phone and hack the system. Skip all the stops. It comes in 3.

They probably saw me just in the nick of time, they're going to come for me at the next stop. I hack the doors and open the doors. People freak out a little. I jump... Off the bridge. I land in the water. I swim to the edge and I'm nowhere they would expect me to be.

Chapter Nine
Well I'm fucked anyway so let's rob a bank. I walk in, walk up behind the security guard and shoot him in the back of the head. I shoot the ceiling. I point the gun at the teller and say "Hurry the fuck up." She hurries the fuck up. I walk out with a bag of cash and throw it down the sewer.

I see a parked cop car. I rip my shirt, dunk it in the gas tank and light it on fire. Whole thing goes up.

I see a fucking payday loan office. I smash their stupid front window. Hate those fuckers.

Chapter Ten
Eventually they chase me down. Three cars worth of them. I stop. No sense running anymore. They say some stupid shit over their loud speaker. I pause for a moment, take out my gun and shoot at them. I may have got one of them but the rest end me. And that's it.

I die and the world burns. I die happy knowing I've made a difference.