A Dream of Shadows
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Note: The views expressed in this story are not, nor have they ever been, the views of it's author. The author means no offence to those who do believe and hopes he has presented your views respectfully.

Chapter One
I'm fast asleep and dreaming. I'm dreaming I'm in bed and everything in my apartment living room is piled against the door and the atmosphere is very dark and frightening.

I wake up to eight dark figures standing over my bed, watching me. I sit and stare at them for awhile, I see them often, they get more and more menacing when they see I'm not afraid, but I refuse to be afraid.

I feel a frigid cold energy from outside my window and start to get a chill. It is cold outside but I don't usually feel it coming from the window. Plus it feels... Different. It feels metaphysical.

Chapter Two
I'm in class the next day, after the lecture I ask my transpersonal psychology professor if he could turn me on to the ghost researchers he once featured in his class.

I say "I've definitely got a haunting at my apartment. I've heard the neighbours say several drug users died there when they thought their fentanyl was heroin." He says "That's very interesting, let me write down their information for you. Please, keep me updated."

Chapter Three
I talk to one of the ghost hunters on the phone, he says "We can probably make time for you but we're really busy, Winnipeg is a very haunted city."

He says "It definitely sounds like something in your apartment, I don't know what it is, could be poltergeists, could be shadow people... Don't worry, usually they don't mean to harm." "These ones clearly mean to scare."

Chapter Four
I bring the ghost hunters to my apartment.

They walk around my apartment with some sort of doohickey that's supposed to detect energy and another doohickey that's supposed to pick up their voices.

He says "There actually doesn't appear to be anything here, we find no presence." "Oh... Well, thank you..."

As they leave I hear a voice whisper "Charlatans..."

Chapter Five
I'm in bed, not aware of the fact that I'm asleep. I start rotating horizontally and lifting out of bed into the standing position, until I'm hovering above the bed.

I wake up and the shadowy figure is right in my face. I catch a brief look at the shadow's face before it goes back to a shadow. I feel the frigid air from outside expanding into my room once again.

A voice says "You will open the gate, our hero, we will reclaim what was ours, all of us."

Chapter Six
The next day I'm once again talking to my professor about this gate. He says "I've heard of Winnipeg being home to a 'gate,' there are several around the world. Something about leylines crossing or something, I don't know I've never paid it much mind." "Hm."

I say "The ghosts didn't like the researchers, they didn't reveal themselves to them, and when they left I heard one of the ghosts call them charlatans." "Interesting, I wasn't expecting that. How sure are you that it's a haunting? You could be, I don't know... Wishing there was something where there isn't?" "I know in my heart they exist." "Well, okay."

Chapter Seven
Again I'm dreaming.

I see a shadow figure on the other end of my living room and suddenly become paralyzed with fear and fall to the ground, hitting my head on the corner of the table. As this was happening I felt time come to a stop.

I wake up and I'm in the middle of talking. I'm saying "mech’ereshawi iyemet’a newi mech’ereshawi iyemet’a yalewi metelalefīyawi yemenifesawī ‘alemi yikefetali inami ākalawīwi ‘alemi ānidi yihonali" and the cold energy enters my apartment even more powerfully than it ever has before.

I snap out of it and sit there staring at the wall for over an hour, transfixed. I noticed shadows moving and forming the image of skeletons.

Chapter Eight
I get back in touch with the ghost hunters. "Please! I know it's real! You have to cleanse my apartment." "We don't do cleanses but we can turn you on to somebody." He gives me the information of a pastor who specializes in hauntings and possessions.

The pastor walks in my door and says there is no energy here but for main's own peace of mind he can perform a cleansing. He takes out some herbs and lights them on fire. Immediately I lapse and start saying, louder than before, "mech’ereshawi iyemet’a newi mech’ereshawi iyemet’a yalewi metelalefīyawi yemenifesawī ‘alemi yikefetali inami ākalawīwi ‘alemi ānidi yihonali!!"

When I snap out of it the pastor is dead on the floor.

Chapter Nine
I stand transfixed looking at the pastor's body and watching as a dark energy comes off of him and joins the dark energy of the room.

I snap out of it and I know I need to call the police. I take my phone out and it dies, despite being at nearly full battery. I yell out "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?" And a whisper says "We want you to open the gate."

I drag the pastor into the hallway and knock on door after door to get somebody to phone an ambulance. Nobody answers, as a dark energy fills the hallway. I drag the body out into the street but the city is dead. I leave the body on the ground and run to the professor's house.

Chapter Ten
I frantically knock on his door and he opens. "Oh thank God! Somebody answered their door!"

"The ghosts tell me they won't leave me alone until I open this portal. Where do you think it would be?" "Well, the legislature is built on ancient leylines, my guess is it would be there. But I would say don't do it." "I have no choice." "Please... Don't go breaking and entering."

Chapter Eleven
I break a window at the side of the parliament building and I feel a dark presence. Luckily I have my flashlight. I'm almost there. I find my way into the basement and it's a long hallway with pipes. I walk down the hallway and it feels like it never ends. Eventually I find myself at a pentagram on the floor. I look back and the hallway is a lot shorter than what I walked.

"What do I do!?" The whisper says "Bleed." I pull out my pocket knife and cut my palm. The pentagram illuminates itself. Darkness like I've never experienced flows out of the pentagram and I am paralyzed with fear.

I go back outside and everything is still dead. I hear a whisper say "Synchronicity is not your friend." Everything feels dark like the hallway in my building but getting even more intense. I begin running home, shadow person after shadow person crossing my path. The clouds turn into satanic, skeletal figures.

Chapter Twelve
I come home to my apartment. I pile everything in my apartment up against the door while haunted Winnipeg rages outside. I feel the presence in my bathroom, I go there and see the pastor's dead body in the bathtub. I run out and put more furniture against the bathroom door too.

I hear a knock on the door. Terrified, I yell "What!?" And I hear "It's professor Davidson." I yell "Why did you brave the outside!?" And he says "Excuse me?" Then he says "I'm worried about you, please answer the door." I say "fine" and start moving stuff away from the door. I open the door and say "How could you have travelled out there? It's chaos!" "Huh? It's a beautiful night out there." "Where were all the people!?" "...? There were plenty of people."

The professor says "Look, the police are outside to take you to the psych ward, you seem to have had a psychotic break. I don't want you to bow down to stigma, the schizophrenic mind can perceive things I can't, but at the same time sometimes the shaman needs a little help. Please, for your own good, let them take you." "I have proof! The pastor's body is in the bathroom, I'll show you!" We go to the bathroom and there's nothing there. "Please, go to the hospital."

I hear a whisper say "haha" and the dark energy disappears.