Yashudan, Galactic Year 14 002: On a Cloud
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Chapter One
The name is Arker, I'm a professional drug dealer in the city of Hailse on the planet of Carocca, best party city in the galaxy and second biggest city on Carocca, at 20 million. Everybody in the city is beautiful, cool and wealthy. They make you take a test before you move here, just kidding. But the population is very drug addled, and that keeps me rich. Plus it's the trippiest city to live in, all the lights and the street art. The climate is beautiful year round.

I'm the best at my job. I make people want daddomit more than anybody ever has. I'm king of this fucking city.

I deal in daddomoit, a chemical given to us by God itself through the work of the great Dr. Shulgitte. It locks you into the feeling of universal love. It makes you feel the love of the universe and makes you love others like the love of the universe. It is the state of being we were meant to be in at all times but we got lost.

Chapter Two
I'm selling daddomit at a club down the street from my place, one of my usual haunts. Loud music and trippy lighting. I'm at a table with some of my new friends.

I notice the police coming into the club. Somebody at the table was all like "That was me, I sent an alert, I don't agree with what you do. I hope you rot in prison." I smile at her and say "You lovable rascal." I put my mask on and flee out a back entrance.

Before I leave I tell my new friend Jass that I found him very interesting and I say "I'll give you a call so we can talk about psychology some more, enjoy the daddomoit, your friend doesn't know any better." I turn to the lady that called the police and say "I forgive you, lady who called the police, by the way. You don't know any better.

Chapter Three
I'm in the back alley. I'm about to go out the back way when I see all the police and decide to talk to them. I have my mask they don't know who I am.

I walk up to one of them and say "What's going on?" He says "Move along sir." "You guys. So professional all the time. What's it like being a police officer?" "Move along, sir." "Seems like it would be pretty cool. You get to tell people to move along. So mysterious. What are the brave cops doing today? We wonder." "Are you on drugs, sir?" "No sir. I'll leave you alone."

Chapter Four
I come home to my condo, another place all lit up with trippy lights. My Areates friend Jaly is there, he asks me what's up. I say "Oh nothing. Dodged a bullet today. You find God yet?" "I love your conviction but never."

We got another shipment coming in from Areates. I imagine with business picking up we can get a little more so I got a little more." "Yeah I have confidence we could move more."

"I miss Areates. Don't get me wrong I love living in this city, it's the funnest city in the galaxy, just... I get homesick. Think we could take a trip home one day?" "I'm open to the idea. I hear it's beautiful." "Let's do it today." "Like right now?" "Like right now. We'll go now and we'll come home with the new shipment, I'm sure they'll give us a ride, we won't have to pay both ways." "Okay! Exciting!"

Chapter Five
We arrive in Capitol City, Areates. At the gate a man says "Welcome Areates." Jaly says "Ab Lat." "Ab Scarn."

Jaly calls up one of his old friends and says "Da. Lat." "Carlat." He looks at me and says "We're gonna meet one of my old friends, he's gonna give us a tour of the city."

We meet his friend and he shows us the capitol building, the arena, a bunch of ancient ruins. I am in awe of how clean and beautiful, plant life growing out of every surface. "It's a beautiful city" I say. His friend says "Yes we all very proud."

And then his friend just happened to mention that Jaly is a Tyn. I said "I had no idea, why did you never tell me?" "I didn't want it to fuck up our relationship. When somebody finds out I'm a Tyn I tend to lose them as a friend. It's a lonely existence." "What do you see in my future?" "Your's is blocked from me, almost by some force that thinks I'm not supposed to know." "And you don't believe in God? You don't believe this force is God?" "This force is me. I know I don't want to know so my subconscious doesn't let it happen." "Oh. well what do you see in your future?" "That... Is why I wanted to take this trip. I don't have long. Drug raid." "...Oh... I don't know what to say."

Chapter Six
His friend says "So you're a believer in God? I know somebody you'd like to meet. He's a Tyn too, but he's... Different." He takes me to an older house way out in the country and introduces me to an old man with a long beard. He says "I am Farke. Arker, about time met. Been waiting for over a decade." "You know who I am?" I know you're going to be."

"I'm sure heard idiom of reality being run away train with no conductor. I know you don't believe, like me. There is conductor but he does in secret. He is not really conductor. He is conductor, he is train, he is passengers, he is rails. He's not even really a he, he is it." "Yes, that is what I believe as well." "I shunned by society for believing in God. I must live away civilization."

"You sent here because need to give this." He hands me a small fabric pouch. "It DMP. You never had?" "I never had. I've heard about it." "Don't use any time. Know when to use it."

"May recommend training in battle. When moment comes going to need it."


Chapter Seven
I'm in the high energy zone with Jaly.

"Now, we're not looking to make you a master, that would require the devotion of your entire life. We're just here to make you competent. Right now at a measly level 10, you would be lucky to win a random street fight." "I've gone my whole life trying to avoid that." "Well now it looks like it's caught up to you, you will have no choice."

"Because you won't be a master, I won't bore you with Areates elemental training. Let's just focus on your natural wind. Right now you can do a small gust, we want to bring you to medium, maybe even large, depending on how you take to it."

"Okay, let's start." He lights up and activates the high energy zone and some shadow people appear. "Go."

Lots of fighting, gradually upping the level of the opponents, after a couple weeks I'm a level 30. "I think we're good for now, we gotta go focus on other things, we're running low on cash."

Chapter Eight
I walk outside and yell "Free daddomoit to anybody who can defeat me in battle!" A thuggish looking guy says "You're on."

I cast a medium gust on him and he takes it like a champ. He throws a punch, I block it. Ah fuck my arm hurts. He casts a medium growth on me and I take a lot of damage. In the last of my energy I kick him in the leg and cast another gust. He's weakened, he casts another medium growth and I am defeated.

"Not bad, I'll take my drugs now." I go into my pocket and says "Maybe we'll do this again some time."

"Now I gotta sell some daddomoit or I'm gonna starve. I had fun fighting with you. Well done. Here's my number, give it to whoever wants to buy some daddomoit." "Well we already got a hook up but I'll keep you in reserve." "Alright. Have a nice life."

Chapter Nine
I'm selling drugs on the street to anybody I make eye contact with.

I run into my old friend Jass and say "Hey we should hang out." "Sure." We go back to my place and meet Jaly . I say "Hi Jaly , you find god yet?" "Not yet but I love your conviction."

We start to talking about the chemicals in the brain and the chemicals of the drugs. He says "I totally understand your point about the love experienced in a daddomoit high is the love of the universe. Just because we can come up with a chemical reason for it happening doesn't make it any less mystical. Of course there's a scientific reason, there's a scientific reason for everything, it doesn't disprove God, it just shows us God's method." Jaly says "It's a very respectable point, and I do think daddomoit was meant to be, it's just... The universe doesn't love. The universe is cold and indifferent."

I say "You've really enhanced my outlook, thank you." "I didn't intend to enhance you, I just find it interesting." "Yes but your perspective has given me perspective. I feel like I know something I wasn't supposed to know in this day and age, like a deliberate secret that if unleashed could change history. I think... I think maybe I was meant to teach the galaxy how to love. The science of love."

Chapter Ten
There's sirens outside. "They could only be here for us." Jaly says "You two flee, I'll keep them busy." "Jaly ... I can't let you die." "Well there's nothing you can do to stop it now. This is my moment. I had fun, Arker, thank you." "This never would have happened to you if you'd never met me." "Well it's a good thing I met you, I don't care if it shortened my lifespan a little." Jaly ... You find god yet?" "...Maybe." I start to cry and say "I love you." "You too now get the fuck out of here we've wasted so much time with this."

Jass says "We can lay low at a friend's place, she lives in the area." "Okay, any friend of your's..." "Hold that thought, she's the one who tried to get you arrested. But she was just in a mood that day I'm sure we could convince her you're a good guy." "I already expressed my good guy-ness to her." "I don't think she hates you she just hates drugs. But I've been working on her, I think if we were to tell her she needs to shut up about drugs until she tries them she may try them just to have an argument we would take seriously in the future."

Chapter Eleven
She buzzes us upstairs. When we get to the door she says "You..." Jass says "Hear me out, we just needed to get inside as soon as possible. We're only staying until the heat dies down and then he can live at my place." I say "Live at your place? We hardly know eachother." "I know, but... But you really spoke to me. I feel like I need to help you. For the good of the galaxy." Lady's all "Good of the galaxy, the fuck are you two on?" "We're both on daddomoit."

"And we want you to be on it with us. Just give it a try, you'll change your mind I assure you." "If it will shut you up, fine, I'll try a little." We take it. "See, now, sure, I feel an artificial increase in my love chemicals." "That is the love of the universe you are feeling." "No, that's an artificial manipulation of my brain chemistry." "But your hatred for me is disappearing, isn't it?" "A little, but again, that's just artificial. Before I felt you an enemy of society, now looking at you I see a sad, pathetic little man desperate to justify his life choices." "Well I appreciate your concern but me and my pathetic life choices need to get going." She says "Jass, if you let him live with you this friendship is over." Jass says "Sorry... I... Really sorry. But I'm not done with you, we'll meet again." "Whatever. I got my mask, they won't recognize me. See you again."

Chapter Twelve
Can I go home...? I walk back to my place, cops still around. I can't go home.

I have... Enough daddomoit on me to last me a few days but then I'm going to need to find a new connection, I guess my old Aereats connection is dead and gone. Plus I gotta find somewhere to live.

Is this the time for the DMP...? I think... Not. No. It doesn't feel right.

So... Do I sell this daddomoit and buy food or do I take it myself? Well we know I'm going to take it myself. I'll be fine without food for a day or three.

Chapter Thirteen
And there goes the last of my daddomoit. After this... I don't know if I can make it in the world without daddomoit. In my four years of taking the drug I've never had to experience withdrawals, but I hear they're a bitch.

Goodbye, feelings of love. Hello, near psychotic withdrawals.

Chapter Fourteen
I can already feel my love for everyone I see diminishing.

I see another bum found something good in the dumpster. "Hey! Fuck face! I need that more than you do." "I haven't eaten in over a day." "I haven't eaten in over a day either, and go fuck yourself it's mine now." I start like I'm gonna cast a spell. "Fine, take it! Not worth fighting over. But for the record I would have fucked you up." "Oh yeah!? Well guess what!" I smash the food on the ground and stomp on it, then cast a gust on the bum, who gets knocked out.

I walk out on to the street and see some off duty cops coming out of the station. I'm wearing my mask at all times now, they won't recognize me. I recognize one of the cops and go over to him. "Wait I know you, you're the weirdo who looked like he wanted to jump my bones on that raid at that club the other week." "Yeah I know you, you're the piece of shit bully cop who thought just because I was being nice I was on drugs." "Well, were you on drugs?" "Fuck you! Fucking piece of shit cop, forcing your will on the people. Fuck the cops, fuck the government and fuck Eran." "What happened to brave and mysterious?" "What happened to not being a piece of shit bully?" "I never claimed to not be a bully." "Yeah well I never claimed to be on drugs, but, well, you know. Fuck you, I'm out, enjoy your stupid evil life."

Chapter Fifteen
I meet that guy I fought with on the street. He says "Hey buddy." "You! I need help! Can you get me some daddomoit? I feel like I'd rip somebody in half if I were strong enough." "Bad times, huh? You look like shit." "I feel ten times worse than I look. I'm worried if I can't get some daddomoit I couldn't last another day. I'll either kill myself or get somebody to kill me." "Well sure you got it. Come with me."

As we walk he says "I hear those withdrawals are a bitch. I'm not gonna lecture you but they're not so bad if you don't do it all day every day." "Well I have no choice, I have to do it all day every day, it's part of who I am. It's, like, the most important part of who I am." "Well more power to you."

We get to this place and go upstairs. "Look, I hate to... Put you on the spot, but... I have no money." "Sure, say no more, you were nice to me so I'll be nice to you." "Oh thank god! Thank you!"

Success! It's in my hand for maybe a half a second before it's down the hatch. "Oh this feeling again. I love you guys."

"Look, I'm a professional daddomite dealer, but... My supply... I don't think I'll be able to access it any more." "You want to work for me?" "You'd be getting a good one. I'm good at my job." "Yeah sure what the hell. A friend of Dark is a friend of mine."

I party with them for awhile and talk drugs. Talking about my new scientific and spiritual approach.

Chapter Sixteen
I go to that lady's building and buzz her.

She's all "You... The hell could you possibly want?" "I get it now! You're society. You were sent by god to represent society, and it's beautiful. You're beautiful. Society has no idea what drugs are about, they think they're just chemicals that make you happy, society thinks that drugs are the enemy of the people, and society is scared." "I'm not scared." "You're scared. Subconsciously."

Chapter Seventeen
I make a lot of sales and finally have enough money to be back on top. I buy another condo, with my mask and my fake name. I decorate it with pretty lights again. But it's just not home without Jaly . I really miss him.

Chapter Eighteen
I think this is the time to smoke the DMP.

I'm overwhelmed with pretty colours. I meet a strange elf like creature. It says "Oh, it's you. We've been expecting you. You're not really going to trip, this time, we just need to talk. Let me introduce to you... The council."

"The council?" "God." "God is many people?" "More of less."

One of them says "We're glad to meet you." "I'm even more glad to meet you." "You are just about to embrace your destiny. It will echo throughout the galaxy more significantly than anything before it, since the blight. It is a positive thing. Our love will be felt throughout the galaxy." "Little old me?" "Lovely, wonderful, little old you. Just... Make sure you stay on daddomoit, we can't have a repeat of those withdrawals, it will ruin your credibility. Your credibility is in how you love." "I accept. Love you guys." "We love you too. But you didn't have a choice."

Chapter Nineteen
I meet up with Jass again and he says we need to start spreading the word. "You are the man to d it. Daddomoit found you so you could find a cause."

We make up some flyers talking about the spiritual enlightenment that comes from doing daddomoit. I pass them around, Jass passes them around, my higher ups pass them around, I give a bunch to people on the street who want to pass them around themselves.

It's very anti Eran and says this is a spiritual rebellion. This city was chosen to be the epicentre of this rebellion.

God even tried to kill Eran's mindset of hatred with the blight. Now the people, on behalf of God, have a new method to kill Eran's mindset.

I see an increase of people in Eran military uniforms walking the street. I get a little scared, I know this may be my last dying action.

Chapter Twenty
I'm watching the news. "A new drug crave has dug it's claws into our society. The city is going to the dogs, chaos is inevitable. It is being perpetrated by a man we have no name or face of because he's always changing his identity. He claims it to be an intellectual thing when the Eran government has told us he is lying and it's strictly financial."

Well I am getting pretty rich off it.

Chapter Twenty One
I hear music from outside. I look out my window and see a parade of people playing music walking up to an Eran blockade.

Somebody walks up to the line and hugs one of the soldiers. They immediately shoot him dead. I scream "NOOOO!!" and throw up. People outside are screaming and crying.

"I don't want to fight! It's fun when it isn't serious but this is for all the marbles. I... I'm not good enough to take them all down but... This may be my moment. I walk out the door, then I think about the vomit. The next tenants can clean that up I have to go embrace destiny. But... That is an awfully disgusting legacy to leave for the next tenants. Should I... Wait shit I got shit to do.

Chapter Twenty Two
I walk outside.

"My people! Eran is the enemy of love! I know it isn't in your hearts, but if you can fight, this is where you fight. I've been training for this moment myself. If you want love to spread we need to destroy this barrier to love. My fellow mages! Unleash hell!"

The audience starts to cheer and many of them unleash magical hell on Eran. Guns firing from Eran, gas bombs coming from Eran, spells coming from both sides.

Ultimately we are crushed. In my dying moments I yell "This event has been seen throughout the galaxy! The word of God is spreading! This is the start of something magical!" And then I'm shot dead.