Imagine a World Where Christianity Reigns
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Note: The views expressed in this story are not, nor have they ever been, the views of it's author. The author means no offence to those who do believe and hopes he has presented your views respectfully.

Chapter One
I am one of the people of this world "cursed" with homosexuality, the world can never know, the world will persecute me and maybe even kill me. I have a beautiful life with my beautiful boyfriend but we must live in secret.

I've known many people who were arrested, never to be seen again. I've known people who were executed on the spot simply for being belligerent to the police.

Chapter Two
A lovely spring night in the park with my lover. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, everything is pink and beautiful. Nobody is around so we're holding hands.

I go in for a kiss when I hear a woman down the path scream at the top of her lungs. We start to run but the police stop us before we can exit the park. A stranger grabs me by the hand and leads me into the bushes, but he was unable to save my boyfriend.

He tells me to keep running, he looks back and fires a few shots from some ancient weapon. The police decide not to bother and let us go.

He tells me "I'm a member of the resistance. And now you are a member of the resistance. Well, not officially, but we'll get you there."

Chapter Three
"We believe we live in a world that has shown us complete authoritarianism, we feel the only remedy for such a world is complete anarchy. We follow the ancient ways that many have forgotten, back when we were enlightened, before Christianity won the planet."

I say "The ancient ways?" He says "Freedom."

I say "I didn't know it was possible to think like that." "Oh you're having trouble processing that? Wait until you hear this: The Earth is not flat, it is a sphere. We had highly advanced science before the takeover, we basically understood the nature of the physical universe, before Christianity won and turned everything all hocus pocus. Heaven and hell are not a sure thing. Jesus did not want an authoritarian state."

"The ancient ways... How ancient?" "Nobody knows."

"We could be living an extra 40 years each if we haven't denied science. Luckily ancient wisdom and technology is still known to us, the followers of the antichrist." "Interesting..."

Chapter Four
"Okay! I'm in! I'm an anarchist!" "The government now considers you a terrorist." "What do you call yourselves?" "We don't call ourselves anything, that would suggest we're just another group of politicians. We are not just another group of politicians, we are THE rightful saviours of this planet. The revolution, or the anarchists, or the followers of the antichrist, will do just fine."

"I want you to note, for a moment, that as far as 'sexual deviance' is concerned, the government forgives preachers who molest children but not regular homosexuals who don't harm anybody." "I know."

"I still love Jesus." "That's okay, we have the feeling Jesus would be an anarchist along with us. As long as you don't still love the church we have no problem." "I'm not going to say I love the church, I'm still getting used to the fact that it isn't truth, I grew up with it... I have... Cognitive dissonance." "Okay but the official party line is that you hate the church, don't go telling other members of the resistance you struggle with it, you are now a Buddhist and a Gnostic." "I can be a Buddhist and a Gnostic. Though I was raised to think of them as superstitions, Buddhism at least."

Chapter Five
"We travel to Lhasa, Tibet, with what you have on your back, you will have no need for possessions where we're going. We don't live on a flat Earth so we can travel by sea from the Pacific coast." "I've always been told the west coast doesn't go anywhere." "I know, the only travel on the Pacific is secret government boats and us."

It took about a week to get to the coast and travel by sea for a month. I had a long time to organize my thoughts and I only hope my new life choices can lead to a scenario in which I can see my lover again. Maybe the resistance can break him out? I can't bring myself to make such a request.

We get to Beijing, then we go on donkey back for 15 days, sleeping in the wilderness, a hardship I've never experienced. Eventually we come to the metropolis of Lhasa.

Deep in downtown Lhasa, we enter an abandoned building and travel to a cave dug out of the basement. It's massive.

Chapter Six
I'm in a large crowd in the centre of the cage. My friend says "Good, just in time." "In time for what?" "To listen to the antichrist speak." A tall, handsome man with long black hair dressed in robes walks up to a podium front and centre and upon seeing him the crowd goes silent.

"We don't know how long it's been since we were free. It could have been five generations ago, it could have been fifty. Keeping us from knowing how long this civilization has been around is just another method of control, for all we know this has gone back eternally and will go into the future eternally."

"We do know that even in this terrible state, we once had great kings who really believe in their ideals. We disagreed, but they were good and honourable men. Now, we have a fat, bumbling moron known as King Matthew. The people around him are the only reason he's in power. This is ideal for us, as his incompetence has given us our moment."

The audience roars.

"This is our time. The resistance has been around since the beginning, but it is this generation where we make our move. I have been your leader since the beginning, from my many past lives until now, and I have bided my time until this incarnation."

Chapter Seven
"Like our Gnostic forefathers, the ones who our leaders have tried to erase from history, but not our history, the true Christians, the real Christians, we will partake in the celebration of ergot wine." My friend turns to me and says "You're new to this so we'll make sure to give you a relatively small dose, this is just to get you ready for the much larger dose that will come when you're officially initiated."

I drink the horrible tasting wine. In a few minutes I start to see cracks shooting all around the cave. I tell my friend and he says "It is the future you see, the cracks that will come naturally in a few thousand years. You have the mind that picks up on patterns and figures things like that out in the background." "Neat."

Everything briefly turns dark and everybody disappears. Everybody but me and the antichrist. We make eye contact, a burst of light comes from his eyes and I feel a certain warmth coming from him, but at the same time a certain coldness. Suddenly everybody reappears.

Chapter Eight
I start coming down and my friend says he's going to introduce me to the anitchrist. "Are you sure? I'll be so nervous!" "Trust me, you'll forget all of that once you're in his presence."

"Hello, I'm Mark." "Hello, Mark, nice to meet you." I feel immediately that everything is not normal, I feel hypnotized." "I hope, because this is how I introduce myself to you, that you don't feel I'm fixating on what is otherwise a very unimportant part of your personality... You're allowed to be gay, and no god would have any problem with that." "Did somebody tell you I was gay?" "No." He puts his hand on my shoulder and says "It was good to meet you." and walks away.

I turn to my friend and say "Okay! You've convinced me! I hate the church. I pledge my allegiance to antichrist and the anarchists, I will never say anything about my still lasting love for the church again. I still love Jesus though."

Chapter Nine
My friend brings me to a smaller room full of about 50 people with the antichrist once again at the front. My friend says "This is where the antichrist tells our newer members what we're dealing with with King Matthew."

"The man, who I will hereby refer to as the fat king, will be revealed to you today. He is not the king you think he is, he is a buffoon and an addict. He makes the drugs illegal for the rest of the population but he has people grow poppies and manufacture heroin for him on his compound. He'll just sit there in a drug induced stupor while people around him think and act. He's never written a line in his speeches, he's never thought of a single thing, he just sits there doing nothing and having people beheaded for implying, even if only in his own head, that he does nothing. After speeches he'll go back to his people and talk about how amazing he is until he passes out from too much heroin."

"He preaches the word of Jesus, but not only has he never read the bible, he personally worships Satan. He thinks Satan is why he's in charge and why he will continue to be in charge. He feels when this is over he will kneel at the foot of Satan and rule in hell."

"But most importantly: He's a fucking idiot."

Chapter Ten
"When you get back to your cities of origin, you will go burn down a church, you'll feel good." I say to my friend "Uuhh... Okaaay..." and he says "Just listen."

"The church is a prison, the people who attend are prisoners. When we destroy their prison, they are free."

"Free to find another church..." I say under my breath.

Chapter Eleven
"Tonight we sacrifice a preacher for Satan."

"Wait what." "We're just kidding when we say things like that, but we are going to kill a preacher." "Uuhh... Okaaayy..."

"Your life has been devoted to a lie, we now rescue you from such a life. Your leader worships Satan and preaches Jesus. We worship Jesus and preach Satan. We hope in your next life you will see the truth. You're welcome."

And the floor goes out and he is hanged, while he cries.

Chapter Twelve
I ask "Are we so sure about reincarnation?" "The antichrist knows. He has experienced past lives and helps us all to uncover our own past lives. Plus we're Buddhists, and that's what Buddhists believe."

"We're not just replacing one dogma and prophet with another?" "Keep that to yourself."

Chapter Thirteen
We watch a play-reel of the fat king giving a speech. The first time the fat king has even recognized the resistance, apparently.

"Our strength is great, our strength is in Jesus. We all come together and praise the prophets before us: Jesus, Abraham, Moses. Not the false prophets in this day and age, you may know him as the antichrist. The antichrist wishes to bring the world of Satan. The antichrist will be crushed. The followers of the antichrist will be crushed, those who openly follow and those who keep it secret. Anybody who has political ideals outside of those acceptable in our society will be crushed and only the pious will remain. The pious will be free from the grips of these evils."

"You know he didn't write a word of that. The fat king is nothing on his own, it's the people around him who prop him up. Until now they didn't even recognize the existence of the resistance, clearly we've become big enough to be on his radar."

Chapter Fourteen
"We've heard a lot of stories about the fat king from our ally who's placed in his cabinet."

"He says liberalism is a mental illness, he executed everyone in his cabinet who is even slightly liberal. I'm talking like hard core authoritarian but may think it isn't right to execute gay people. Anybody who questions him even a little loses his head. The theory is he has homosexual tendencies himself, and while he could easily admit that and make the world a better place, he lashes out."

"And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his own self awareness. Every portrait painted of him, he's buff, he has higher cheek bones and beautiful eyes. In reality he's fat and has dead, uncomprehending eyes. He calls himself high IQ when in actuality he's just down right average. He preaches that drugs are Satan's way of trying to tear us apart, and yet he is a heroin addict. He shoots up like 7 times a day."

"And to top it off, he's a buffoon. Part of him knows this, at least subconsciously, as he never lets himself be interviewed."

Chapter Fifteen
"And today we initiate you, with another Ergot ceremony."

I guzzle the disgusting wine down. "This is a much higher dose. If God is on your side and wants you to be one of us, you won't go gangrene." "Wait what? You could have told me that before I drank it." "You'll be fine."

I once again see the cracks in the walls and floor, but this time I see demonic, skeletal figures hovering above me. One of them makes eye contact with me and I get a cold feeling all throughout my body. I hope it isn't going to take a limb. The antichrist looks at me and says "You see the demons? If you're finished talking to them I'd like to bring you up front."

I go up front and once again everything goes black except for me and the antichrist. He says "Kneel." I kneel and he pours holy water on the back of my head. "You are now a warrior of truth, you're truly on God's team now, congratulations." I hear applause and suddenly I realize I'm in front of a lot of people, but in the presence of the antichrist I feel nothing but calm.

Chapter Sixteen
And we travel back to the American region to meet the rest of our group stationed in the capitol. Another long donkey ride, another long boat ride.

My friend says "The antichrist likes you. But then he likes everybody. I think he feels potential coming from your soul. I know I do.

As we arrive in port, I ask him "Now that I'm officially a terrorist anyway, could we break my boyfriend out of jail?" "Seems like the kind of thing we'd need a small army for. I'll keep that request in mind the next time I talk to the antichrist." "If we promise to get my boyfriend out of jail I promise I'll swallow all my doubts and do whatever you want. I'll burn churches, I'll sacrifice preachers."

"Well with that in mind..."

Chapter Seventeen
We open the doors to a church and make sure the way out is clear. I stand by the entrance while my friend goes to the back and tosses napalm through all the windows. He signals to me and I sound our alarm. The people, familiar with this sign, come running out.

I, reading from the notes, say "You are free! We torch this conformity factory in the name of God! God does not wish for this! God wishes for you to be free!"

My friend runs around to the front and as the last people leave, the preacher begins to leave. My friend slices his legs off from the knee and says "Your life has been devoted to a lie, we now rescue you from such a life. Your leader worships Satan and preaches Jesus. We worship Jesus and preach Satan. We hope in your next life you will see the truth. You're welcome." and cuts his head off.

I say "Don't you think a better way to protest would be... Peacefully?" "You can't have peaceful revolution in this day and age. We wouldn't be a resistance if we were peaceful, we would just be a bunch of whiners." "You're right. Okay. Swallowing my doubts."

Chapter Eighteen
"I just had a phone call with the antichrist. I told him you are a loyal servant and a competent soldier. I recommended you to join an elite force, after some training, that is going to invade the imperial headquarters and end it all. And on the way there we're going to liberate your boyfriend. Apparently there's already a plan."

"I'm in. I'll do anything."

Chapter Nineteen
"This is a pistol. They're ancient and highly illegal. Most people forget the days of the pistol. Aim at this target and pull the trigger." I fire and hit the target with decent accuracy. "You're a natural."

Lots of heavy exercise. Weights, jogging... I'll have a nice core for my boyfriend when we rescue him.

Months go by and I seem to be ready.

Chapter Twenty
The antichrist comes to town, meeting with him and the ally who tells them all the secrets.

"By the time we get there your boyfriend may already be free. We have people on the inside that are going to stage a prison riot and we can just let them torch the compound while we walk into the main building and go right for the fat king. I can't wait to see the look on his face when I approach him as a member of the resistance."

Chapter Twenty One
We're outside the compound. I've never been, but the walls are just as huge as I was told.

The alarm goes off. "That's us. Our ally should be opening the gates shortly and we'll just walk in the font door."

The gates open and the team casually walk in. People who were fighting off the prisoners take notice and start to attack us. We lose one man, I didn't really know him, but then the prisoners overpower them from behind.

"Daniel!" "Mark! How serendipitous we should meet at then end!" "It's not the end, only the beginning." He says "Oh, behind you" but one of our guys takes out the one behind me.

Chapter Twenty Two
We get to the main gate and the people there step aside and let us in. The ally says "They like me more than the fat king." One of the men at the gate say "Apparently he's waiting for you. Apparently he has two surprises for you." The ally says "Yes, we must act quickly."

We fight our way to the main hall.

Chapter Twenty Three
We get to the main hall and all the furniture is pushed up against the wall and a pentagram in the middle of the room.

"Oh, you caught me while I was busy. I know this is the end, but I won't go out like a bitch."

He starts calling on Satan through a portal to hell but nothing happens and the antichrist shoots him in the stomach. Antichrist takes the crown off his head and throws it off to the side, he says "We can breathe now, it's no longer illegal. You two get out of here and live a long and happy life without having you look over your shoulder, the rebellion is over and it's okay to be gay."

The fat king says "I still have hand. Ancient weapons are launching all over the world and nothing will stop them now." He pulls out a needle and shoots up heroin one last time.

Chapter Twenty Four
"Don't worry, we have ancient technology experts with us. You're up." "Yes boss." "There's a failsafe here, we just need the king's fingerprints." He drags a semi comatose king over to the computer. He says "You may save yourself but you will be the ruler of ashes, half the planet is dead as we speak." "I don't intend to rule." "Okay, we caught it before the half way point, we were unable to save Lhasa, that was the first target, but the people here should be safe, we probably saved about half the planet.

"We lost a lot of good men today, at home in Lhasa, on the plus side we don't need them anymore." "That's awfully callous." "What would you expect from the ruler of the ashes."

"I hereby declare anarchy! We have no need for leaders!" and he takes his pistol out and shoots himself in the brain.

Chapter Twenty Five
We declare anarchy over the loud speakers and say the rules of man no longer apply, we will rule this Earth ourselves.

We bring out the body of the antichrist, strapped to an upside down cross. To be hoisted up by the crowds.

The city streets are crazy. Fires, dead bodies, broken windows. The ally says "Much better."