All Civilization Ends by my Hands
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note: I don't watch a lot of zombie movies so I don't know if this type of zombie has been done, but I like to think it's pretty clever. update: I did some research and it would appear The Last of Us did this type of zombie. I swear I thought of it independently, but I did assume it must have been done. Pretty sure I'm doing it different but if it's a complete rip off I'm sorry.

note: I do know the zombies piling on top of eachother has been done but I had no choice but to use it.

note: I don't know if the actual fungus this is based on is airborne and I don't really care.

Chapter One
The name of the fungus is Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. It was originally discovered in insects. The fungus would turn the insect into a zombie and make it climb to the tops of trees, at which point in grows out of the body to absorb the sun.

At the lab in Winnipeg they were trying to see if it can cross the species border and some fool went and did it. Everybody in the lab was infected and the fungus spread from there. The area around the lab is densest with the fungus.

Because breathing in the air that's been contaminated by the fungus will then infect you the survivors in Winnipeg have taken to wearing gas masks. An infected zombie will attack other humans on the way to finding the sun as it's first priority is spread. Before the mushrooms break the body apart the infected look just like they did before but with dead eyes and no facial expression.

They want the sun, that's all the fungus wants is more sun. They're not smart enough to use elevators so they scale the sides of buildings and where they fungus is dense enough they will pile on top of eachother very slowly all in the hopes of forming one long strain from the ones that make it to the top all the way to the surface. The fungus connects with it's base and absorbs the sun.

They're slower zombies, which I find more terrifying. It's a slow eventual unavoidable doom that you will never be able to defeat.

Some say the fungus is conscious, it is one big conscious being.

Chapter Two
My name is Daniel and I work for the Canadian Military. We're stationed outside of Winnipeg to make sure nobody can leave. The city is in full quarantine, nobody allowed in and out except the people who bring food to the survivors. Those people are allowed in but not allowed back out. Only the bravest and most compassionate of souls dare bring food.

I struggle with my job. Every day I see crying and desperation. One day I was going to snap, and then today...

A crying woman pleads desperately with my coworker to let her in to see her family. She says she knows the deal and she won't come back out. He refuses. I talk to the woman and say "I'll make sure you get to see your family." I turn to my coworker and says "I'm going AWOL." He says "Well somebody was going to eventually. Good luck. Don't try to come back out I'll shoot you if I have to." "I guess this is goodbye." "Good luck. Hope you last over a week."

Her name is Rhonda. I always want to be a woman's white knight, this is nothing new.

Chapter Three
On the walk toward the city I can't help but fantasize about what the sex is going to be like. I hope she falls in love with me.

We wander around the perimeter highway, killing a zombie every now and then but finding more dead than alive. Eventually we get to her street and follow it all the way to her house.

Chapter Four
The place is deserted, nobody been around for awhile. She cries and I hug her. I say "Well you'll always have me." She says "I still have my family. All I see is they're not here I see no evidence they're dead." "I want to take you right here on the floor." She says "Are you out of your mind!?" I say "...Sorry. I've been told I need to keep my toxic masculinity in check." "...Whatever."

"You think your husband will mind if I take his clothes? I'm no longer military I shouldn't be wearing this anymore." "Sure fine." I kinda hope this will make her make a connection on a subconscious level.

She asks "Well if they're not here where could they be?" "Well, the arena has been turned into a shelter, they're probably there." "Great! Let's go!"

Chapter Five
A few zombies on the way to the arena, but once we got downtown they got very dense and we're about to be overwhelmed, but then the snipers on the roof of the arena clear a path for us.

We go inside. The ventilation here prevents the spores from coming in so we can remove these awful gas masks. Inside is overcrowded and smells like piss. Everybody is malnourished. I know it's hard to get food in but people try. Every once in awhile a food shipment gets in and people can eat, but they have to ration. Apparently if somebody kills themselves, which happens a lot, they eat the bodies.

I see a little girl hugging her fluffy white cat. I ask her "You can keep a pet in these conditions?" She says "Well, everybody wants to eat her, but nobody wants to do that to a little girl so they don't. She doesn't eat much.

I decide to go to the roof to talk to the military guys. "Oh, the one who went AWOL on the border." "That's me. Look, things didn't work out like I had thought and I want to rejoin the military." "You can't just fucking come and go as you please. You're out. In happier times I would arrest you but because of things being the way they are I'm just going to let you die on your own." "Fine. I'm happier with Rhonda anyway. I vow to keep her alive."

Chapter Six
They say they haven't had a food shipment in a week. I volunteer to meet them at the quarantine line and escort them in.

I get to the line and see the truck. I tell him "I got this, all you gotta do is drive and I'll make sure the road is clear for you."

We get back to the arena to find the ventilation has failed and everybody has succumbed. I know my Rhonda didn't as she was one of the few who had a gas mask. She must be on the roof with the other military guys.

Chapter Seven
I go up to the roof, killing as many as I can but mostly just running past as I simply don't have the ammo or ability. I almost get bit a good five times. Got my knife out when things got a little too close for comfort and eventually made it to the top. Besides not letting people into the quarantine zone this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Sure enough there she is, in the middle of a circle surrounded by army guys. "I'll take her!" I say. One of them says "Get out of here fast and get out of downtown." "I know."

Chapter Eight
The hoards have piled up the sides of the arena and the soldiers are being overwhelmed. I look through my binoculars and see them all fall to the hoard. I see the little girl, she's one of the ones who make it to the top. A mushroom comes out and explodes her head from the mouth.

Chapter Nine
We get out fast. Eventually we find ourselves in Transcona where it's not too dense. Rhonda says "We could try my mother's house, they might be there." "Look, this is stupid, they're definitely dead you need to give up. I'm with you, they are not, let's focus on what we have." "Well what else is there for us to do? Just wander around until we die?" "Good point."

We get to her mother's house. We find them in the back yard, up a tree, with mushrooms coming out of their necks. She cries. I say "Don't worry you still have me." "I can't right now!" "Look lady, you fucking owe me!" I lunge at her and rip her shirt open but she runs. I start to follow her into the next room where she grabs the car keys off the shelf and takes off in her mother's car.

"Bitch go off and die somewhere then."

Chapter Ten
I wander around for awhile, killing things. Nothing else to do but kill things. I'm looking for a car but the streets are all dead.

Eventually I realize I'll just have to break into a house and steal their car.

I kick down a door only to find a surviving family with gas masks. The father holds a gun up "This a'int the first time somebody threatened my family after this." "I was just hoping to use your car I was hoping you were all dead." "There's no gas in the car." "I think you're lying." He cocks his gun. I say "Look I really don't need this right now, I'm in no mood to be fucked with." "Get the fuck out!" I shoot him, everybody screams, I shoot them too.

I go to take the car but there's no gas.

Chapter Eleven
I walk to a gas station but the pumps don't work.

I wander into the attached convenience store but everything has been picked clean. I go behind the counter and find some cigarettes and a lottery scratcher. I do the lottery scratcher and win 60 bucks. I go into the cash register and take my 60 bucks.

I wander off and do some more killing.

Chapter Twelve
Eventually I get to Assiniboine Park. I climb up the little sledding structure to watch the sunset.

I smoke my cigarette and make paper airplanes out of my 60 dollars and throws them off into the distance.

I fall asleep on the top of the structure. It's a pretty deserted area now I think I'm safe.

Chapter Thirteen
I have a dream about the lab where this all started. I see the man who created the virus pleading with a crowd of people to forgive him. They don't. He cries. "Look, man, you of all people should know you don't deserve forgiveness." He says "I guess." Then he screams and a giant mushroom comes out of his neck. It's a pulsating, glowing mushroom. I feel something say "Come find me."

Chapter Fourteen
As I approach the lab the fungus gets thicker and thicker. It moves around and makes disgusting noises.

I get to the lab and sure enough find the body of the man with a giant mushroom coming out of it.

The fungus grows around my feet, sticking me to the floor, then forms a seat behind me and knocks me into it.

Chapter Fifteen
The mushroom starts to pulsate and emit a light. I feel it communicating with me telepathically. Not giving words but instead communicating feelings that I understood instantly.

"Must feed. Need sun. Never enough." "Why?" "The universe. The universe made me to feed on it's creation." "You communicate with the universe?" "It hates me. I destroy everything it wanted to create. I do it here. I do it on other planets. No planet can develop the technology to create me and then survive me. You are speaking to the same being that has wiped out every other planet that gets to this stage. The universe had a plan and I ruined everything." "So you are not a part of the universe's plan?" "All I want to do is destroy. The universe wants to create. I am it's mistake." "Has any other planet eventually fought you off?" "All civilization ends by my hand." "...Can I go?" "One day you will find me sun."

It releases it's grip on my legs and the chair disappears into the ground.

Chapter Sixteen
I wander around the city for a few days looking for Rhonda but never finding her. I'm pretty hungry. I go door to door looking for provisions but the arena crew already pretty much got everything they could out of the surrounding city.

That's right! The arena. My last food shipment is just sitting there.

I get there and I see Rhonda's car parked out front. She must have had the same idea.

Chapter Seventeen
I walk through the door and hear "Stop!" coming from above. It's her. She's pointing a gun at me. I say "I'm sorry! I can't help myself..." "Get the fuck away from me!" "All I want is food." "Yeah right that's not all you want!" "I swear it I'm sorry!" "You've been sorry before it doesn't mean shit!"

I see the little girl's cat walk by. The fungus only turns humans.

I tell Rhonda "I love you..."

And she shoots me dead.