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Race is Sensitive > I'm Not Gonna Say Get Back Where you Came From
While I am saying Europe is predominantly white, Africa black and so fourth, that doesn't mean only people of that race should be allowed to live there, just that those are the primary races in those regions. Anybody can live anywhere.

If you're living in the Americas and somebody tells you to "Go Back to Africa!" you should drop a "Go back to Europe!" on them. I'm just assuming the person saying that to you is white.

I want to live in a world free of prejudice where you can live wherever you want. And I eventually want to live in a world that is all a slight shade of brown, but that'll be a few million years I'm sure.

Race is Sensitive > Christianity is White supremacism
Because God came down and gave it to the white people who are tasked with telling the rest of the savage world. Make Jesus white. Make the first peoples white.

If you're a brown person and the missionaries came to your country and managed to convince you, what they did was convince you your current culture is inferior. I hate when I see how many Asian Christians there are because the religion they had before was so much more beautiful, they're basically admitting they were wrong the whole time and the white man had to come set them straight.

Now if they just like the philosophy behind it but aren't full fledged worshippers, that's cool.

Race is Sensitive > I'm Gonna be Controversial Here and Say Genocide is Bad
That if you don't like a certain group of people they should just be destroyed. It's just like people who don't like a movie so they wish the movie was never made. Just 'cause you don't enjoy it doesn't mean you need to be a dick to all the people that do.

Just let people be. Your people may be superior in some ways but the other people are superior in different ways. We all bring something to the table and that will be fully realized when we are all a shade of light brown and everybody has all the genetics. That is the only race that will truly be superior. We were meant to interbreed with other races. Our destiny is a shade of light brown. I mean why else do you think mixed race people are the best looking people?

We can be Better > Eugenics is not Authoritarian it is Libertarian
In libertarianism, we say everything that doesn't harm somebody else should be legal. Well, spreading your bad genetics harms the child, so it should be illegal.

If you really want children just adopt.

Ditch Religion > Science and Religion
The rules of the universe do not disprove God. If God openly did magic that would be the new rules of the universe, we would see it through the same eyes, and we would still be asking "if there's a God why did I get cancer?"

And I mean God does come down and do magic. Synchronicity and karma is Gods magic. These things are very plain to see and yet we still ask "if there's a God why did I get cancer?" God can't manipulate every little thing, it's just a subtle little force in the background that, if you are the right person, will drive you to your fate. You can choose to be a passenger in that car or you can ignore your karma and settle for a life of mediocrity.

Everyone is God's chosen one for their time and place.

Ditch Religion > Let's Come to an Agreement on God Here
People who worship Allah, people who worship the Christian God, people who worship the great spirit, they all worship the same God, just give it different names. None of you are wrong and none of you are right. Your people don't have a monopoly on God.

Now, however, you're all wrong in that God created the universe. God didn't do creation god is creation. I mean if God did creation, what happened before then? Was there a specific time when God was created? And what was it before then? Outside the universe there is no beginning and there is no end. It's a lot to take in, sure, but just remember, if there was a starting point, what was there before the starting point? I'll revisit this issue in a future TIHYASTF after I've laid a little more groundwork.

Whatever religion you believe in, we can all agree that there is a force controlling the universe. Let's drop all the individual names for this force and just go with God. And God's work is called synchronicity. If you want to skip the middle part and say that God and God's work are the same thing you can just call God synchronicity.

Ditch Religion > I'm Gonna be a Little New Age Here...
Crystals are the real deal. I didn't believe in them but I decided to try them out in case I'm wrong, and it turns out I was wrong, the power of the crystals in my room were so overwhelming I got a small headache. I'm used to them now, though.

The placebo effect is magic. Things happen because you will them to happen. The effect of crystals may be a placebo effect, because you want them to have power they have power, but that doesn't make them any less magic. The placebo effect is magic.

Everything is magic.

Ditch Religion > More on Qi
There have been a few times in my life where I've been walking down the street and suddenly I can't walk properly any more because the qi energy is spiralling around me and preventing me from walking. Like it's expecting me to walk a certain way and I have a weird walk so it won't let me do it.

Also a lot of the time when I'm stoned I can feel the DNA in my body connecting to my computer speakers, the speakers cut out and I can basically taste the zinc or whatever the fuck it is in the speakers. I can deliberately pull myself out of the speakers and it stops cutting out. This only ever really happens when I'm stoned.

So don't tell me qi isn't a thing.

Best be You > Living in the Moment
Everybody says enlightened people live in the moment, honestly I think you should live a little in the future too. I mean enjoy the moment now but don't stop thinking about the day things may be even better, especially if it's the kind of thing you need to plan and practice for. Maybe now you're average. Maybe one day you will be great. There's no harm in dreaming about that moment.

Maybe a little in the past, too, maybe, if you murdered somebody or something you deserve to be haunted by it, but other than that you don't need to live in the past. But! But I'm a big fan of nostalgia, so... So yeah. Indulge in your nostalgia it's a beautiful thing.

I hate to say it but the people who don't believe in "future tripping" in my mind are the people who don't really become that successful. I won't say they're not happy, though, the mindset of living in the moment will probably make you happier in said moment, but thinking of the future may make you happier in the future.

Let's Talk About Me > I Love Poker
I'm a big gambling man. At the moment I don't have enough money to be a gambling addict but once I'm rich I surely will be. I'm obsessed with cards and dice and I think it's cool enough to be a major part of my personality.

You can tell a lot by a person by how they play poker. If you're brave, dumb and foolhardy or if you're passive and easily frightened but probably more reasonable. The way I play would depend on how drunk I am. Also the way you play poker tells others how drunk you are.

Society Today > Capitalism
As a minor sociopath I am wired to do well with capitalism.

I'm not going to say greed is good, though greed can work. Greed is only okay if you're trying to get as much money as you can in order to donate it all to charity after your lavish living expenses have been paid. If you have a lot of profit and you donate it to charity, you deserve your beautiful house. If you're hoarding every last dollar you're a worse person than the homeless alcoholic you step over to get to your office and karma will fix you good in the next life.

Side note, I couldn't find where else to put it, but it's a little related to capitalism... Let's stop calling it a phone, it is no longer a phone, it's only called a phone because it evolved from the phone. Now we should call it a mobile device.

Society Today > Abortion
I see where pro-life is coming from. God bless your intentions. Shouldn't hate on them, they think they're doing right. It's just that they're wrong about the science. Honestly if you're going to outlaw abortion you may as well outlaw masturbation. The thing you're aborting is not actually conscious yet, it's just a cluster of flesh. It's no more conscious than a sperm is conscious. And even late term abortions when the fetus has a consciousness in it... Even that's okay because now we believe in reincarnation and the aborted fetus will just go and find a new fetus it's no big deal.

If you're pro-choice you have to be pro-drug legalization as well. I mean if you can't be told to do what you want to do with your own body then neither should anybody else.

Society Today > Capitol Punishment
And on the subject of killing things...

You know, as much as I support the death penalty, an eye for an eye, maybe sometimes it isn't quite fair. Somebody could have a wonderful, promising life and is killed by some guy throwing his life away 'cause it's a piece of shit and he doesn't care for it. It's not a fair trade. Maybe they should get worse than death. Maybe torture them to death.

The "Killing people for killing people to show them killing people is wrong" sounds good, and makes a good point, but it isn't balanced. Killing the people who kill the people brings a balance to the universe. Plus, when you go on a killing spree you become sub human, and it's okay to murder a sub human. Well, this particular kind of sub human. I know it can go to dangerous places like saying a certain race is sub human but obviously that line of thinking is simply incorrect and we won't be applying it to that. Criminals, however, are varying degrees of sub human. Some so much they need to be put out of their misery so they can be reborn and try again, and some who can easily pull themselves out of it and rejoin the human race as an equal.

Since it's been a topic of note lately, air conditioning in prisons... I would say there are quite a few people in there who deserve to be sweaty and maybe die, but there are also quite a few people who don't. So for their sake, we should have air conditioning in prisons.

It's very nice of people to say prison is about rehabilitation and not punishment, but I'm a little more vengeful. But sometimes the punishment also rehabilitates and sometimes there simply is no rehabilitation and we shouldn't even try. The only true way to rehabilitate them is to let them start over in a new life and let karma fix them.

God isn't going to punish you with karma forever like I want to punish you forever, because God is love, and I am a dick.

Society Today > If You Go and Decide to Kill Somebody...
A mental disorder is no excuse for violent behaviour. Our brain is our brain. It is an important part of who we are. Your dysfunctions are no different than what any "sane" murderer has. Something went wrong in his brain that drove him to murder and mental disorders are no different. The things that go wrong in your brain are a part of who you are, I mean at least in this life, and they do not excuse your violent behaviour.

Every time somebody murders somebody it's because something went wrong with their brain. It doesn't matter what that something is, you're the one who decided to kill somebody. Your disorder is a part of who you are. You shouldn't get off on a plea of insanity you should meet your end the same way the sane people do. Maybe in the next life karma will fix you.

Best be You > Morality is not Subjective
Some morality is objective, some is subjective. It doesn't matter how much Hitler thought he was doing right, he was doing wrong. They are objectively wrong. They really thought they were doing things for the betterment of society, they thought it a necessary evil, but they were wrong.

A lot of my stances are a little evil. People will be unable to have a child, no matter how much they want to, because of their inferior genes... But it's not like I'm locking them in camps and starving them to death. I still love them as much as I love any other, I just have to do things for the benefit of society. In a future life they will be happy I did it, they have better genetics, and everybody wins.

Feels like I'm trying to convince myself here.

A little good and a little evil are what makes the world go around, but don't lie to yourself and say you are not evil.

Best be You > Bullying
Bullying is just a natural part of childhood. The problem I have with it is that the dumb bully the smart. It should be the other way around. And relentless bullying until somebody kills themselves is obviously not cool. Only a little bit of bullying is fine.

When I was in middle school I decided I wouldn't mind if my bully dies. Now I'd rather him not die but I want him to know I'm better than him. The rest of the people in our group turned on him in high school and he got all lonely and fat so honestly the debt is paid. But I still need him to know I'm better than him. I'm better than you Jordan. I won't destroy your life and mention your last name you can just go ahead and say that Jordan isn't you.

Society Today > Co-Ed Sports
I'm thinking allowing trans male to female into female sports is a little unfair. I hate to be the guy who says that but wait I'll make it better.

Co-Ed sports. Men and women on the same team, it doesn't matter what gender you are it only matters that you're good. Naturally the men will out number the women but there are plenty of women who are worthy of playing along side men.

Now, a lot of women will be excluded here so I can see why we would want to have female only teams. That's cool too, but what's not cool is the men get paid so much more. The female league should pay just as well as the male league. Wait, even better, the males should be paid less than they are. It hurts my soul that one athlete makes the money of 10 doctors combined. At best.

By the way I didn't say everyone who likes sports games is stupid, I can enjoy them myself, just that all stupid people care about is sports.

Society Today > On the Transgender Issue
If you want to be androgynous, do it. I myself am a little androgynous. You can dress up like the opposite sex, you can have sex with anything that walks, you can identify as the gender that isn't your genitals. I'm perfectly comfortable with effeminate men or masculine women, I'm okay with you saying your soul is male but your body is female, that's probably actually true.

But god gave you a penis because this is one of the lives where you are male. You have a soul that goes back and forth but in this body you are male. You have a female soul in a male body. There are male souls and there are female souls, but there are also ambiguous souls, and honestly I find the ambiguous souls to be the coolest.

But when you chop your penis off what you're saying is God made a mistake, and God doesn't make mistakes. But I've said it before and I'll say it again, whatever you do to your body is none of my business. If you want to cut your cock off cut your cock off, I'm not going to tell you what to do with your own body.

There's nothing wrong with you if you want to cut your dick off, just that you're living in a pre-reincarnation universe.

And don't let your kids decide their gender when they're still children. Before kindergarten all of my friends were female, and honestly if I were given the choice back then I probably would have said I'm female. I didn't realize until my adult years that I'm all man, and luckily society at the time didn't let me make a tragic mistake.

Society Today > PMS
Denying the existence of PMS does a disservice to your cause. It justifies misogynistic thinking that says you're all a bunch of emotional wrecks who think they're never overreacting. Sometimes a woman can overreact, all caught up in emotion 'cause she's "bleeding from her wherever." It doesn't mean you don't deserve equality, just... sometimes bitches be crazy.

But be patient with her, it isn't really her fault, she doesn't want to be like this and she'll surely regret it later.

Society Today > Domestic Abuse
Believe it or not some people in other countries don't like women who call domestic violence on their man as it tears families apart. I guess I can see their point. I guess. But it's less important than a woman living in fear all day every day. This is a family that needs to be torn apart.

I really don't see how hard it is to not abuse your wife. Why can't everybody just act civil? I mean what the fuck is wrong with you? How hard is it to just not be a dick? Do you have any self awareness at all? Do you just think person make angry person must be hit? Fuck you, you're a piece of shit.

On that note it's not hard to control your penis a little and not hit on every woman at work. Especially if you're ugly, it's even creepier if you're ugly. Saw a guy wearing a "boobies make me smile" shirt at bowling. Basically sexual harassment to any women in a 15 foot radius. That and the "Female body inspector" shirts.

One of my uncles has a theory that all the world's problems come from men not controlling their penis. It's not foolproof but I think it's an interesting theory.

Society Today > Alimony
Divorce laws imply that women need men to take care of them once they're single again. I totally understand child support, that shouldn't go anywhere, and obviously I don't have to say it. But alimony is the kind of thing that makes me sympathize with misogynists. I'm still hardcore feminist but I think alimony does a disservice.

Women who marry somebody for the money then take half of it when the man finds somebody who actually wants to sleep with him, you're doing a disservice to your gender, making you all look bad. Just get a job like a normal person.

Of course if you earned that money together then obviously half of it is yours. Also, if you were raising the children you deserve a little of that money, but the people I'm talking about are the people who just take advantage and don't do any homemaking. If you're cooking your husband dinner every night, sure, you deserve a few bucks, like as much as a restaurant employ would, not millions of dollars. If you just stay home and order takeout with your husband's money like a diva then no dice.

Society Today > Lawsuit Culture
I hate lawsuit culture of the United States. I respect a lot of things about the United States but not this one. Like my alimony thing. It's a lot like my alimony thing. People in the United States have this mentality that they need to exploit the system in order to make themselves rich, and nothing is valued higher than striking it rich. Even if you have to be a major dick to get it. All of that is forgiven, you're rich now, everybody loves you.

Society Today > Billionaire Culture
There's no need for billionaires. I don't usually do this but I'm going to quote an internet meme I saw: "Once you hit one billion, all of your money on top of that should go to charity and you get a trophy that says I won capitalism."

Unless every cent of that billion is going toward bettering society you are a greedy son of a bitch. You don't need all that money. You could have 20 children and not need all that money. You're just hoarding. You should be on that hoarding show where you cry and say you don't know how it got like this.

Society Today > Dying Cities
We can save dying cities if major corporations were willing to invest in them. Stop flooding the major cities with businesses, go build your shit in Buttfuck Nebraska. You shouldn't be thinking about building in your favourite cities you should be thinking of ways to better society for all of us. Find a place with high unemployment, you'll get the workers you need, they're dying to work.

You don't need areas with a high draw area, those places already have plenty of other companies that need employees. Find a place where people want to work but can't.

I mean maybe companies that need highly educated people to work for them, those may be best in huge urban centres.

Society Today > It Used to be Okay
I know this is old news now, I made a note of this when it happened... If we're going to talk about that senator guy being okay for hitting on teens because Mary was a teenager... If we're going to bring back things from biblical times, how about gladiator battles? How about stoning adulterers?

A lot of things used to be okay. If they were still going to be okay we wouldn't say they used to be okay we'd just say they're okay. Like I've said, every generation gets better, and every generation realizes the one before it made some mistakes. We learn things we get better. I'm not "woke" but I would still say our generation is treating people better than the one before it. When I first heard the term "woke" I was all like about time somebody puts a word to it, I'm totally woke. But honestly it's gone places I wouldn't want to go. I'm a little woke but I refuse to be a snowflake.

Speaking of snowflakes, does anybody really care if they were wished a merry Christmas instead of happy holidays? And on that note, nobody should care about being wished a happy holidays instead of a merry Christmas either. Everybody just needs to shut the ever loving hell up about this non issue. The person saying it is just being friendly they don't need to analyze everything they say because it may not include everybody or analyze it for offending the people who like it the old way. Just return the pleasantry and get on with your life don't make a big fucking thing about it nobody is trying to hurt you.

Also on the subject of "it used to be okay" I forgive the show Friends for the gay marriage thing, it was a different time, but still that feminist book episode pisses me right off, I'll never forgive them for that one.

Society Today > Calm the Fuck Down
Did somebody die? No? Did somebody get their heart broken? No? Then who gives a shit? Fucking snowflakes. I've gotten worked up over things before, but that's fading. Plus it's different, I didn't care to the core.

After a certain event that I spoke about in an essay a little down the list, that you'll get to if you're reading these in order (you should be reading these in order), I've learned not to sweat the small things. Everybody who's gone through a life threatening situation learns not to sweat the small things. You can be annoyed, sure, but if you're screaming at people in the condo board about the kind of flowers they should allow on the front step you need to take a breather.

You know what's mildly annoying? That little bar that appears at the bottom of the screen advertising the next show. Sometimes it blocks subtitles, jerks.

Society Today > Just Shut up and Eat it
We have eating contests while children starve in Africa. Okay, yeah, I'm really starting to see your point about the decadence, Islam. I think we should all be being decadent and enjoying everything the planet has to offer, but not to the degree of eating contests. It's just disgusting.

You have a problem with the food that is served to you? Just shut the fuck up and eat it. I don't care if it tastes bad. Figure out how to like it. I like everything. Just remember if you're having trouble with a dish, as strange as it is, just remember this is a delicacy somewhere. Eat the bugs. Eat the sheep's lung or whateverthefuck. Somewhere somebody is starving and would kill for the opportunity to eat a sheep's lung.

Best be You > You Choose Yourself
I chose my personality. Part of it was the influence of my heroes, part of it was the influence of the internet, part of it was in the stars, and part of it was just what's in my soul. But, well, I both chose it and it chose me. I chose it because I chose me. It chose me because I thought it was the best I could be. And the best you think you can be is who you truly are.

If you hate yourself it is because you are not yourself, you are living a lie. You should love yourself. If you don't love yourself then change yourself to what you think yourself should really be, for that is your actual true self.

Take some psychedelics, you'll figure it out.

When you're school age you may figure you suck and that's why you're picked on, but you're going to come to a realization in university that you are actually much cooler than your bullies. Especially after you start experimenting with psychedelics like the true university experience is supposed to be.

There's a bit of a catch 22 here... You may be scared to change, and the only way to not be scared is to gain confidence, but the only way to gain confidence is to be the person you're afraid to be. So I will just say this: You need to take a jump. I'll say it again, a psychedelic jump.

Best be You > Come to Winnipeg
The best you is moving to Winnipeg to be with the other enlightened folks. We will develop a society of better people than what can be seen anywhere else in the world. Hopefully when enough of you come the numbers will drown out all the meth addicts who mug you on the street. I want to see a gathering of more enlightened people than even a Buddhist monastery.

Another reason to move to Winnipeg, when the whole world is flooded Winnipeg will be relatively dry. I mean we may have to build a small dam in the north but we should be fine.

Canada has a sense of community politeness, community togetherness, it's a good place to be. US has more of a sense of individual freedom, lacks politeness. I respect both.

Best be You > Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To
Doing drugs will enhance your art. Look at me, I've been sober-ish for 10 years and on antipsychotics and I'm so much less funny than I was while high. I'd say weed and booze is good enough but if you want to smoke a little meth or something that's fine. I'm not going to encourage meth addiction but the idea that it enhances your art is the best reason to take drugs. You could just sit around and giggle or you could make use of the time you have between hits to create art. There may be something wrong with taking drugs and being a sketch bag not accomplishing anything, but the idea that it enhances your art is a very good reason to do drugs.

My old roommates's girlfriend liked to watch Intervention. This guy who was on meth. He says the meth helps his music then they showed him just tweeking out at his computer. I'm sure the meth actually did help his music, they just happened to turn the cameras on when he was tweaking. Society wants to sell you the idea that no drugs are ever good ever. But drugs are excellent when you're creating art. Almost essential.

Side note, we need to make mass amounts of DXM the normal thing to do when you have a cold and are an adult. Just pure DXM. I enjoy Neocitran but nothing compares to getting dosed on DXM.

Society Today > Popular New Conspiracies
Flat earthers. I don't even... I don't know how to... No. Just no. How did this even become a thing again? Is there anything else from the middle ages you don't think we've sufficiently disproved? Do you want me to fly you into space so you can see? I'll fly you into space so you can see. I mean who the hell would even benefit from lying about the flatness of the Earth? What is there to gain? Looking at all the other conspiracy theories there are plenty of motivations you can follow. What the hell is the motivation here?

If you disagree with somebody's politics they must be baby blood drinking pedophile psychopaths. I am on the side that is righteous and the other side is just beyond Hitler levels of evil because they disagree with me. I'm not even going to turn it on you and say the real pedophiles are the republicans, though I'm sure there are a few, because I live in a world of grey areas and you live in a world of black and white. If it's not how I feel it must be pure evil. And I must use this information to get people together to swarm the capitol building and attempt to murder the evil doers.

If it isn't love, it is hate, and there is nothing inbetween. The other side is just pure evil. Pure evil from shapeshifting reptilians who know no reality besides pure evil for no reason. Satan. If you don't agree with us then Satan.

None of the conspiracy gurus are perfect. I mean except for me. Basically in this field you're never going to find somebody to follow blindly so just make yourself your own guru. They have some interesting things to say. Alex Jones was pretty interesting before gay frogs. Fucking gay frogs he jumped the shark.

The Big Finale > I Cannot Tell a Lie
There's some stuff coming up, a little in this article and a lot in articles slightly down the page. The only explanation beyond that magic, but reasonable, things are happening, is that I am lying. I want to make it clear that while I've had to bend the truth a few times to keep these magic secrets, and once for no reason other than I was embarrassed that I'll get to in a second, I never lie. It may be hard to believe because as a child I was a pathological liar, anything for an interesting story or to make it look like I knew stuff, there was a certain point in my teen years where I just said enough, never again, I can't keep track of all my lies, they're pointless, and it's just a stupid way to live your life.

Later in life I decided I hate the lies, and I value nothing more in a person than unabashed truth telling. Then something else came up that you'll see in future articles makes lying pretty much impossible anyway. Now I owe it to all of you to never break what I have created as a trusted source who never lies.

I lied once... well, embellished. I need to say it though, it's eating me up inside. Well I said that in a drunken stupor I missed... Honestly we weren't that drunk at that point. I mean we had been drinking but by that time we weren't very drunk.

I know this is the kind of thing somebody would say before they serve you a big fat lie but I swear I'm not like that, I am a man of my word and I will maintain this integrity forever.

The Big Finale > I'm not Full fledged Schizophrenic, but...
I have thoughts I don't control that feel like they are coming from outside of me. This has lead to me being sent to the psych ward on multiple occasions and being forced to take antipsychotics. But I don't act like a schizophrenic in any way besides a little anxiety, paranoia, and a little OCD. The anxiety being so much worse after a brief brush with death that gave me some PTSD that you'll read more about in the next page.

Some of my writings come directly from the "voices." Things like "Is it pointing? Making faces?" and "Benzodiazapine is encoded into are genetics" which is something that just came out when I was trying to think of a way to throw benzodiazapines in. And most notably "Ignore the skinny green men in the sky, the ones doing all the crop circles, they're just regular artists." The last one being something I heard when I first started "hearing voices."

The Big Finale > I'm Here Because You Need Me
The reason we are where we are is because of the systems in place, the systems working like systems do. We need somebody outside these systems to step in and fix them. We've let them run on autopilot and they are the reason for all the problems in the world. We can fix the systems but we will always need people to work outside the systems and keep tabs on the systems.

This person will be chosen by God.

This person will be the Antichrist.

I am the Antichrist.