This is How You Are Supposed to Feel II
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Note: It is essential you read part one before this. You may notice a decline in quality from my first "This is How You Are Supposed to Feel" as I wrote the whole thing sober. Not only sober, but on antipsychotics. Also I couldn't fly through it as fast as I can when I'm stoned.

Introduction > I'm Sorry I'm Evil but You Can Trust Me.
It may appear as though I truly hate you, and while I do a little, I mostly love you. It's just that I hate to watch you be an idiot. I love you but it hurts me... And so I put up a shell. I can find a way to love anybody. Even retards. I still don't think they should procreate but I can love them. If I said elsewhere that I can't love retards I was probably kidding. Pompous retards, though. It's very difficult for me to love pompous retards. But retards that know they're retards are fine.

I'm trying to seem reasonable in order to suck you in. Subconsciously you're all "Hey, his take on global warming can go either way, I agree with him either way! Maybe he's right. Maybe I should become a heroin addict."

And then I reveal my tricks in order to show you how honest I am and that you should trust me. Me and Satan. I kid, I'm not doing it, it's God. I'm just acting natural.

For the record I think a lot of my ideas and observations are fairly obvious. And that if I'm the chosen one it says a lot about you people.

I'm just a passenger in this life. I only do as God commands me. I only experience as God shows me.

Just trust me and I can turn your life around. I can lead you to enlightenment. Don't worry I won't necessarily force you to become a heroin addict. You don't need to like me but you need to listen to me. I know I can be a pompous ass, and a bit of a dick, and that turns some people off, but it's still very important that you listen to what I have to say.

Introduction > Just 'cause I'm a Terrible Person, Doesn't Mean I'm a Bad Guy
Do you want to be me? You shouldn't want to be me. I'm pretty much the worst example. I stand by everything I've said but still.

I probably should have said this sooner, but don't do all that drug stuff until you're... let's say, 16.

Now... I should probably tell you this now before it comes out later and ruins my credibility... As a child I was a pathological liar. I want you to know this for the sake of full disclosure. I assure you that while I was not always honest as a child, I am always honest now. Aannd... It's part of the reason I now hate the lies. The way it made me feel. I assure you, now, I am fully honest about everything. In fact! I'll prove it... I pee sitting down. There. Now you know.

No I wouldn't just tell you something embarrassing so that you trust me while I plan to lie all over the place. That would be too obvious. And no I wouldn't tell you that would be too obvious so I could continue on lying, because that would be too obvious.


No I'm not lying.

Introduction > You May Now Call Yourself a Cool Person
If you've been listening to me you are now a user of psychedelics and somebody who practices meditation. Or at least just someone who practices meditation. You may now call yourself a "psychonaut." I didn't invent the term but I do love it. And as a psychonaut you may now call yourself a cool person. A cool hippy stoner, the greatest and most enlightened of all social groups.

Now, as a psychonaut, your goal is enlightenment. Or as we have come to say it a "level five" or "level six." This edition of "This is How You Are Supposed to Feel" will focus, in depth, on how to achieve this state of being in addition to all the mystical places you can visit in a psychedelic experience or a lucid dream. I'm still going to go off on unrelated tangents I'm sure but the bulk of it will be about attaining enlightenment and visiting the astral plane. So, like, drugs. The bulk of it is about drugs again.

The point of psychology, I think, is to study the filter between consciousness and reality and thereby come to understand more about both consciousness and reality. A basic understanding of psychology is essential to being a psychonaut. I suggest you research on your own but I will outline a few basic things in this project.

Introduction > World Peace is Possible
If we can all attain a level four or higher, fixing the planet becomes quite simple. It may even lead to world peace but I won't make any promises. It would certainly come with fewer differences in ideology. And hopefully less ignorance. People would be more trustworthy... But some people are just naturally evil even at level four or five. Ordinary people at level four and beyond would be less likely to be seduced and manipulated by said evil, however. Aaaaand a level five person cannot be manipulative, evil or not.

Big changes on a grand scale will not come until we make big changes individually. Then, naturally, the evolution or revolution can and will occur.

You level ones can go ahead and go with the flow while the rest of us change the world.

The End > Lifting the Viel
I hear 666 is the number of man. I don't know much, but perhaps the coming "apocalypse" is the coming of man. When we realize that playing god only makes sense. And man becomes God. Sorta. Not really.

When we say apocalypse, we mean it as the literal definition of apocalypse. The "lifting of the veil." We will no longer have the veil of wonder. We will only have cold, hard reality.

And we may have... A little destruction. But nothing that will wipe us out. I think humanity is a lot more difficult to destroy than many doomsayers would have you believe.

In God we Trust > Symbols When we Trip
Not everybody gets them... But some do. Those weird little symbols that always pop up when we're on a psychedelic. What the hell are they? What do they mean?

I assume we're pulling something out of the collective unconscious, and I assume it's probably pretty important.

When my buddy the little hippy was telling me about the time he took an ounce of mushrooms and spent the whole trip on the bathroom floor trying to puke but he couldn't 'cause he took dramamine to avoid the nausea. Anyway he told me that he blacked out but it keeps coming back to him in flashbacks when he trips. He told me he was being shown all this "stuff" but he couldn't figure out what it meant. Like some ancient wisdom was being thrown in his face but he couldn't decipher what it meant.

It's appearently quite common. I looked it up online and they're called "runes." Other people have told me about these symbols showing up when they trip but not everybody gets them. I guess you just have to be chosen.

I swear to you I will decipher this and one day make a very trippy post about this ancient wisdom. If anybody can do it it would be me.

Society > Authoritarianism is Evil
Society will always get more liberal. We're more liberal now than we were in the past and we'll be more liberal in the future than we are now. Until we're maxed out, of course. The same people fighting gay rights today are the people who fought the freeing of the slaves in the past. History will not look back on them kindly.

Knowing this, why wait? Why not just max it out now? I mean I know we probably need a whole generation of old white men to die but while we wait we may as well do what we can. And maybe once these old white men lose their Christianity we can go all the way without anybody having to die.

Being liberal, or at least socially liberal, is essential to attaining enlightenment. Authoritarianism is intolerant and unfair to the people. To become enlightened you must be tolerant. More importantly, you need to get rid of the religion that has created this intolerance.

Society > Libertarianism is Evil
I am fully aware of the fact that a society that takes better care of it's people is always better for it's people. I would have no problem living in a socialist utopia and have a great deal of respect for socialism.

However I am a libertarian and a libertarian I will stay. I believe in looking out for yourself and your family and that looking after yourself and your family should be your main priority. It's just human nature. So I am a libertarian.

Yes, everybody looking out for eachother and not letting anybody starve to death is a less evil system. I guess I'm just a little evil.

It's in our nature. It's why every emerging country just loves it when they get a taste of capitalism. Everyone just wants to look out for number one.

Disconnection Notice > What Does this Button Do?
There's a reason more men are into psychedelics than women and it's the inherent desire in us to push buttons and figure out what's going on in there. Every time we drop acid we're wondering "What does this button do?" And what does it do? It connects you to your eternal spirit, to God, and to your nature. It's a place in the back of your mind that can only be reached through pushing the psychedelic button or the lifetime of heavy meditation button. I think more women need to think like men in this regard. Naturally many already do, just... Not as many female psychonauts as there are male psychonauts.

I want to push the aminita button, the datura button... Even the PCP button and the crack cocaine button. I don't want to explore them like I explore psychedelics but I'm curious to see what happens. On the topic of sketchy chemicals I want to push the ether button a bunch of times, but mostly just 'cause I wanna be like Hunter S. Thompson.

In God we Trust > Luck
If you believe in luck, you believe the universe is organized. God has chosen this person, for whatever reason, most likely past life karma, to be very lucky, while on the other hand it has chosen a different person to be extremely unlucky.

I think... If you have good luck, chances are you deserve it. Even if you've become a terrible person in this life you have enough banked karma from your previous lives. The reason God likes to fuck with me so much in this life is because of the terrible karma I deserve from my past life.

If you believe in karma, obviously, you believe the universe is organized. And you therefor believe in God. If you believe in chaos theory then you believe in God. If you believe in any behind the scenes organization you believe in God. If you believe bad things come in threes then you believe in God, if you believe you can jinx something by saying it outloud then you believe in God, if you believe when one door closes another door opens you believe in God, if you're obsessive compulsive and believe something terrible will happen if you don't tweak, you believe in God, if you believe an album syncs up with a movie then you believe in God, if you believe "it's a small world" then you believe in God.

Society > Money
Like I've said in the past, it's all made up. Money, property, borders, cultures...

It isn't worth getting all worked up over money... It's nice to have but it isn't essential to happiness. The only thing you need money for is having fun. Don't worry if you haven't hoarded enough money for your grandchildren's grandchildren. They're better off working for it anyway.

Honestly I don't see the point in keeping your money any time after a few million. Once you have enough to be set for life, everything on top of that is just waste. Like I've said, your grandchildren's grandchildren would be better off working for it else they may become insufferable.

It's your right to hoard if you want to hoard, I mean it's your money, I just don't like it.

Society > Racism
Canada's actually arguably worse than the US with racism. Particularly Winnipeg. The general attitude is we're less racist because natives don't count. I mean we're less racist towards blacks and Asians and Arabs and stuff but still.

It's actually not that bad in Winnipeg compared to rural areas... I lived in Brandon for my high school years and the place was all but officially segregated. The natives didn't hang out with the white kids. When there was a native in my pre-calculus class everybody was shocked.

As a kid I never gave race a second thought, but now that I've lived in Brandon I make note of it in my head when I meet a native person. I don't think anything of it but I make note of it. And I hate myself for it.

Go back to Africa, you say? Well you douche bags dragged them here against their will and now you want them to leave? Make up your mind!

Racism doesn't make any sense in the Americas. I can see it in other regions but not here. I can see it, doesn't mean I approve of it. Europe is the land of the white man, Africa the black man, The Middle East the Arabs, central Asia the central Asians and East Asia the east Asians. I mean technically the Americas is the land of the aboriginals, but since that's been all fucked up we may as well make it the land anybody can freely live in. I would prefer the whole planet be land we can freely live in but for now I'll take what I can get.

Maybe I should say I don't see the racism, just the xenophobia.

Jews, as white people, your place is Europe, not Isreal. Isreal may be your homeland since you've lived there for awhile, but it simply can't be your birthland. I'm sorry, I like your religion better than Christianity, but I've gotta be harsh. Again, in an ideal world you could live wherever you want... But we're living in a world where your presence is pissing a lot of people off. They tend to overreact, but still.

Ehh... They tend to over react about most things. Their stance on Israel may not be such an overreaction.

Naturally, racist prejudice is something that must be dropped if you wish to ascend past level four. You must understand that while some races have advantages over others, we're all equal in the eyes of the lord.

Society > Manipulation
People lie, they manipulate. They take things out of context and think to themselves it's a valid debate technique. I've said it before, if you have to lie and manipulate to prove your point you should consider the possibility that your point is wrong.

Gun nuts have the opportunity to maintain their rights because any time something bad with guns happens they get to say "Now's not the time for debate, it's the time for mourning." Don't get me wrong, I'm siding with the gun nuts, just sayin' is all. While you can say that without a gun this situation may not have been so terrible, you can say if everybody had a gun this situation would have never happened. Well, if everybody who's sane has a gun.

Obama clearly said it was a tragedy. But because he didn't say it was a tragedy both times you get this out of context clip of him saying "not optimal" and you say he should have called it a tragedy. When he did. Then the same deal, earlier, with Romney saying Obama didn't call it a "terrorist attack" where before their clip starts he did in fact call it a terrorist attack. You're arguing with an empty chair. If you have to argue with an empty chair to sound right you should think about the fact that you may be wrong. Sorry Clint, you're alright.

Hey Clint did you know you met my father in a bar in Saratoga or something back in the 70s? He didn't know it was you until after you'd left. Yeah you're good stuff I like you quite a bit.

Being clear and direct, never lying and never manipulating, is another essential point to becoming enlightened. Not even little white lies... I mean it's fine to lie to cover for somebody else's lie but other than that the rule is don't lie.

Self Help from Kit Carruthers > Suicide
I don't see why people consider suicide "selfish." Personally, I find it more selfish for the people left behind to want you to stick around for their enjoyment when you yourself would rather start again.

And that's the thing, you start again. You don't end it forever you just hit the reset button. If you want to leave this world forever, suicide isn't the answer.

Buuut it might be a good idea to hit the reset button every so often. Maybe in your next life you won't be such an emo bitch about it and actually enjoy life.

Yeah emo bitches I still like you.

Come on Die Young > Psychedelics and the "God Mirror"
The reason we see God when we take psychedelics is that we are all connected to God somewhere at the back of our brain, in our unconscious. In our soul. To find God you must search inside, not outside. It's the same reason schizophrenics all think they're hearing God . It's not that they're necessarily getting messages from God. Chances are God isn't telling them to kill themselves or anything. I mean it might be but probably not. But being Schizophrenic connects you to your soul a little. It at least makes you aware of your soul and therefor makes you more interested in spirituality and religion.

Maybe God is in fact telling you to kill yourself, because your connection, in the back of your mind, has gone too deep. You were meant just to have a small connection to God, but suddenly you've become way too connected and it's broken your mind. It's broken your mind so you should probably kill yourself and start over. You've gone too deep. But then... It may also tell you to start fires and kill other people. So if it is God, I'm a little afraid of it. Whatever reason God would have for wanting you to kill... It's scary, but I could see it. I mean God is aware of the fact that if you kill other people they'll just be reborn so I guess it isn't that bad.

I like to call introspection under a psychedelic the "God Mirror." Sometimes you have to look for it, if you're not naturally introspective, but trust me it's always there within reach. And it can be a bitch. Some people, not naturally introspective, can't even tolerate it. And then sometimes they go and kill themselves.

But drugs are supposed to be fun! Sometimes psychedelics are not fun, but you need to pressure through it and not just ignore it in order to have more fun the next time.

By utilizing the "God Mirror" we let God into our mind and become what God wanted us to be, a manifestation of him. Or, well, not him, it. And as a manifestation of it you have achieved level four.

In God we Trust > God Manifesting Itself through Images
When an image of the Virgin Mary appears on a dog's ass, I can't help but think it's God making fun of you. But then I suppose it's appeared a number of other places. I do believe it is God manifesting itself, but it's manifesting itself through our collective unconscious, through our symbols, and produces an image based on our collective psyche. The virgin Mary appears because the symbol has become magic, not because Mary herself was magic.

I hate to say it but it may be a sign that while Christianity doesn't have all the answers, God still respects it's right to exist. For now. I mean we didn't know any better and we created a fairly pretty religion that teaches some important things. We don't need it anymore, but it isn't such a shameful part of our past. It's responsible for some of the shameful parts of our past but in and of itself it isn't so shameful.

Come on Die Young > Winners Vs. Losers
Let's call people who wish to accomplish important things "winners" and everybody else "losers." And it's cool if you're a loser. Most of us are losers. As a loser who will accomplish nothing your only goal should be feeling as good as you can as often as you can. Me, personally, I exist simultaneously in both categories.

Save sexual energy and channel it into productive things if you're a winner. If you're a loser you may as well have sex as often as you can. But chances are if you're a loser you're more likely to be masturbating as often as you can. Just as like heroin, if you have nothing to accomplish you may as well.

I mean... Why feel bad when you could feel good?

You can easily be a level four and be a loser... Level five, maybe... Level six... Eehh... Doubt it. I guess maybe.

Self Help from Kit Carruthers > Decadence
It's perfectly fine to be a loser. As a winner you may just spend your entire life collecting new cars and a big house, eventually you're going to be on your death bed realizing it was all for nothing, you never slowed down and enjoyed life.

Decadence. And I will talk about it later, ultimately I'm fine with it, but in this instance I see Islam's point.

Society > Conspiracy Theories / David Icke is a Little Loony
David Icke. I'm sorry, I like you, I really do, but this reptilian thing is insane. And the moon matrix thing is even worse. But I still like you. I mean, it would be really cool if reality worked like that, but I'm afraid I just can't see it.

We can take some of it seriously without taking all of it seriously. I know I've used the same fallacy that I criticize when talking about religious scripture so don't bother pointing that out. It's different when it's supposed to be the word of God. When it's supposed to be the word of God one mistruth destabilizes the whole thing.

I'll admit, part of being a conspiracy theorist is finding comfort in the fact that certain random events are actually organized. I try to see past this most of the time and only accept those conspiracy theories that seem irrefutable but even I am capable of error.

For instance, I hear there are mirrors on the moon that can reflect lasers which proves we've been there... Buuut... I would say the recordings still seem faked and it's possible they did in fact go to the moon but they faked the video just in case. Or better yet, the original moon landings were faked but they've been there since. Or they just left the mirrors there without a human to unpack them.

So I accept those conspiracy theories that seem irrefutable... But reptilian overlords manipulating humanity in order to turn us into a slave race? I don't think so. The moon is hollow and a space ship? Doubt it. We live in a matrix projected from Saturn? Please. I'll let you know when I have evidence to support my claims but until then you're just going to have to accept that I think you're crazy but can't prove it.

Belief in certain conspiracy theories is essential to becoming enlightened. As when your mind is free of filters certain conspiracy theories should become obvious. The only reason you didn't believe in them before is that you were set to "we love the government." You don't need to believe every last conspiracy theory but you do need to accept that your government often lies to you.

Disconnection Notice > Level Up for the Good of Humanity
Living in level five and six means having no fear and being in tune with the infinite love of the universe, and all that other hippy dippy new age stuff.

I'll admit, I fear, and it brings me down in level a bit. I fear I'll die before accomplishing my goals. Once I accomplish my goals, I will once again have no fear. I used to fear a LOT. I've always had pretty bad anxiety.

Before level four you have no free will. You operate like your experiences and your education tell you to operate. As far as I'm concerned you are not a conscious being, you are merely a force of nature. And you are a part of my solipsistic nightmare.

At level six you become a representative of synchronicity, of nature, of God, no longer a mere unconscious force of nature.

Jesus and Muhammad lived in level five and had moments of level six. They would have lived in level six if such a thing was possible in their world. Buddha lived in level six.

Me? I like to think I live in level four with moments of level five and six. I think one day I'll be a level six.

Oprah's like level 5.

Like I've said, if everybody on the planet became at least a level four, our problems could be solved.

Come on Die Young > The Universe is a Party
Once you discover that death is an illusion, the universe is a party. And now that we understand reincarnation there's no big reason to be concerned about your health.

So you may as well go nuts on drugs. Try everything once. Don't do heroin daily unless you're a loser and you want to throw your life away. And if you're a loser and want to throw your life away that's cool. If you decide to tolerance/withdrawal something, however, you need to be willing to be committed. It's a very serious endeavor, addiction. I would say be a smart addict.

Come on Die Young > Being a Smart Addict
It's a very serious endeavor, becoming a drug addict.

First of all, the easiest way to be a smart addict is to choose a stimulant. It's still easy to get things done with a stimulant addiction. If anything you can be more productive. Just be careful not to lose too too much sleep or you'll go a little nutty. I speak from personal experience. Maybe drink a little, smoke a little pot, or take a valium or something before bed. I'd suggest maybe taking a sleeping pill but I'd be paranoid about possible interactions with the stimulant.

Try to avoid hitting it out of habit. Make sure you're not high enough already before you go in again.

A good idea is to regulate your serotonin levels with 5-htp supplements.

But it's hurting the people around me? Just don't make it hard for people around you. Don't do what I did and spend all your money on ketamine instead of people's Christmas presents.

Society > I'm Sorry Fags
Own the word fag like black people owned the word, I'm sorry, nigger.

I'm gonna slow down on dropping the fag bomb for a bit now... It's pretty much played. I may even get bored with retard at some point but we'll play that one by ear.

I'm over my hatred for the combination of the flamboyant gay personality and afros. I find it beautiful again. Still don't approve of the combination of the flamboyant gay personality and fatness. It's fine if you're gay and fat just not too flamboyant and fat. And I'm sure I'll get over that one too eventually.

Sympathy for the Devil > Morality
Trusting people because they're religious... I don't trust anybody that needs religion to keep them trustworthy. Okay I don't trust anybody period. I hate anybody who thinks morality can only come through faith. That an athiest can't have morality. There is something deep down inside us that knows what is right and what is wrong. And if you don't notice this thing and are only moral because of fear of hell, you may be a psychopath.

I fear what will happen when all of the psychopaths lose their religion.

We have heaven because it's a good way to keep control. But don't worry we still have a way to keep control of your people and it's called karma. It won't work as well as heaven and hell because bad karma in your next life is nothing compared to spending eternity in hellfire... But at least it's something.

Come on Die Young > Marijuana
Pot as a gateway drug... Yes, I suppose it is, but it isn't the drugs fault, it's society's fault. You try pot and then suddenly you realize you were lied to about pot and it makes you wonder if maybe society lied about the rest of them too. And while I say it is a gateway drug, it still isn't as much of a gateway drug as alcohol, obviously. Everybody starts with alcohol.

Actually, plenty of people smoke weed and don't go beyond it. Probably fewer people than drink alcohol and don't go beyond it but that wouldn't be the case if marijuana was legal.

We would be a better society if pot was our default drug instead of alcohol... Peaceful, full of wonder... Our art would get better... Fewer car accidents...

Come on Die Young > Stimulants
With an addiction to stimulants you can get stuff done... You can be more productive than you otherwise would be, even. If your niche happens to require intense focus, what you need is an amphetamine addiction.

Stimulants enhance your mindset. They enhance your personality, they make you think quicker and better, they improve your focus. Why do you think we prescribe them for ADD?

Come on Die Young > Opiates
Heroin addiction is not so advised... Mostly because it makes you sit around and not do anything. However if you happen to be worthless... If you don't feel you have anything in particular to accomplish in this life or that you've already accomplished enough, well then by all means be a heroin addict. So long as you had fun you by no means wasted a life.

Not so advised but if you can't see yourself doing anything else with your life go for it. At least you'll have fun and have a life well spent.

If you're not having fun but you can't quit because of withdrawals... You're a pussy just do it. It's not like you'll be feeling like hell forever. It will all be over soon enough. Try ibogaine treatment to make it easier.

Come on Die Young > Curing Drug Addictions
First, don't be a pussy. Like I've said, you won't be feeling like hell forever so just do it. I would say cold turkey is your best bet but if you can't do it, taper off gradually. Just... Set a date for when you're finished and don't take your chosen drug beyond this point.

Smoke lots of marijuana while you deal with it. If marijuana is the drug you're trying to get off of don't be ridiculous. There's no need to quit marijuana... Besides maybe financial reasons. Also maybe take some valium or xanax or something while you're coming off it.

Again, regulating your serotonin with 5-htp would be a good idea.

Now, this is only if you don't have access to ibogaine or ayahuasca. If you're willing to fly to Peru (while withdrawing the whole flight) or, better yet, if you can find it locally, these psychedelic magic potions can safely cure any addiction. I can't speak with experience but it's a magical journey where you can not only come to realize the severity of your addiction but also the reasons for your addiction and what life can be without it. Plus, at least with ibogaine, it also eases you off of withdrawals.

Newer is Better > Old People
The greatest generation was not the greatest generation. How could they be when racism, sexism and homophobia were the norm? No sorry we're better. We just give you sympathy points 'cause you fought in World War II. Which I respect and admire you for but still.

We learn things we get better. What it means to be cool is always evolving. That isn't to say that an old person should get a mohawk or anything... That's just embarrassing. Maybe once people of the punk generation become senior citizens I can allow it... But even then I'm not sure.

Old people shouldn't dress like cool people but I'm fine with them thinking like cool people.

Inner Realms > Schizoid
The schizoid is a good one. My favorite. For the sake of understanding let's call it stoic. A schizoid cares not for close relationships and is perfectly capable of living the life of a lone wolf. We don't need nobody. Yes yes, lone wolves usually die, but luckily for us it's just a metaphor.

The schizoid is dead to the world. Ain't nothin' gonna' bring us down... Seeing as we're already at the bottom. Not so much sad as we are flat and a little dead inside. We're not repressing anything because there's nothing there.

The schizoid blends well with the sociopath.

Inner Realms > Sociopath
The sociopath is my second favorite. For the sake of understanding let's call it cut-throat. A sociopath knows what needs to be done and will take whatever actions need to be taken.

Picture a hardened chest. Absolutely capable of making whatever decision they make, no matter how much they care for the people at the receiving end. We are born leaders.

I'm not that big a sociopath, just a little bit... I can still feel love and stuff and I don't manipulate people unless my safety or the saftey of another depends on it.

The sociopath and the schizoid were meant to be together. But only in small doses... Could get dangerous in high doses.

The sociopath I was talking about is really more of a mild sociopath. Though there is an important place in the world for true sociopaths as well.

Inner Realms > The Stigma of Insanity
It's the reason I wanted to kill myself if I ever started hearing voices. Which I don't, by the way, I just get thoughts I can't control. I don't have any auditory hallucinations.

Anyway, I think it's a terrible thing that people with mental illness are stigmatized and judged, but the thing I hate more is people who try really hard not to stigmatize and end up treating us all delicate. Like it's better for us to be spoken to in a soft voice like we're lesser people. Also, people criticize shows like The Big Bang Theory for mocking mental illness. I hate it. It's so much more sensitive to people with mental illness to make fun of them for their quirks like they're normal people, not treat them all delicate.

If a pedophile goes into therapy trying to fix or cope with their pedophilia, the doctor is required by law to notify the police. The man already didn't like it, the man was trying to fix it, and now he has to deal with the fucking police.

If you have a mental illness it becomes the most important part of your existence. You can never just be a "comic" you have to be a "comic with aspergers" or whatever.

Let's all just act like we're all normal and mental illness is really just an exaggerated quirk.

Better Yourself > Transcend Conditioning
An advance in levels is not due to you learning anything. If anything, it is an unlearning. You must transcend your experiences.

I previously said I was raised to loathe anybody who raped. This is a conditioning and conditioning need to be eliminated before one can see through the eyes of the universe. The rapist simply has an uncontrollable passion and is not necessarily a terrible person because of it. Though it is an immoral act people should be forgiven so long as they acknowledge it as the dark side of themselves. And while they're not a terrible person they're... Pretty much still a pretty bad person.

However, don't go around forgiving people for being stupid... Retards be shunned.

That doesn't mean people shouldn't be punished, of course. Usually I would say justice is an eye for an eye, but in the case of rapists... it doesn't really work because the rapist may enjoy being raped. I don't know... If it's a child they're raping I'm all for killing them.

Better Yourself > Objective Thinking
Don't be all in to everything you think. Practice objective thinking.

And you should take a critical thinking course. Everyone should take a critical thinking course. It should come super easy, but if not you need to work at it because the reason everybody needs to take this course is people like you. And if you're not one of these people you should take it anyway 'cause it's easy credits.

As a level three you should have no problem with objective thinking. As a level one or two you can try and artificially think objectively. You can kinda fake it.

Bad: Kit Carruthers said there's a New World Order so I believe in the New World Order.

Good: Kit Carruthers said there's a New World Order so I looked it up and have come to the conclusion the New World Order theory seems very valid.

Come on Die Young > Getting Fat
This is the age to get fat. I personally won't be doing it but if there were ever a time it's the age of Aquarius. Assuming we deal with the Africa thing. If we don't deal with the Africa thing I can't in good conscience recommend binge eating. Also I still reserve the right to mock your fat ass for being a big lazy fatass. Just... If there ever were a time it's now.

Actually, I think the better idea would be Bulimia.

You Have a Tumor > Don't Dumb Yourself Down
I remember pretending I couldn't count past 14 in kindergarten when really I could count to a quadrillion. Pretending not to be as smart as I am to avoid getting beat up and made fun of. I eventually figured out it was the "wish I were a retard" symptom. It is a symptom of living in this society.

A lot of people dumb themselves down in order to gain acceptance, as it is uncool to be a nerd. People make fun of you for being smart. I propose to you a complete 180. We need to make it cool to be smart. I mean it often becomes kind of cool after high school but it needs to be more encoded deep within us that smart is superior.

You Have a Tumor > The Pompous Retard
Most of the world's ignorant are all like "I don't know, I'll leave it to the smart people to figure out." America's ignorant are all like "No! Look at me be stupid! Look at my stupid opinions! Doesn't everybody agree with my stupid opinions? The world is coming to an end if people don't conform to my stupid opinions!"

It's fine when the retard knows it's a retard.

Oh yeah! Hey! Get this... I was 14 years old and I had said something about Mexicans and speaking Spanish or whatever. One of the douche kids I hung out with was all like "They don't speak Spanish in Mexico they speak Mexican." And I was all like the Spanish formed Mexico and that's why they speak Spanish and he was all like "Noo! Noo! You idiot!" And then I killed him. We were 14. 14 years old and he thought Mexicans speak Mexican.

I hate the pompous retard. It's fine when the retard knows it's a retard but god damn do I ever hate the pompous retard. America needs to get rid of all the pompous retards. All we need to do is humble them a little so they're just regular retards.

And then we need to get rid of stupid altogether. It's the only solution.

Sympathy for the Devil > Athiesm vs. The Christian God
It's not your fault if you're an atheist. Christianity made it look pretty ridiculous to believe in God. I almost want to go as far as to say atheism is essentially a response to Christianity.

The Christian God, who actively and deliberately kills your children, looks kind of silly and turns people atheist. I suggest to you that you should believe in a different God. A cosmic consciousness.

God isn't the ultimate force of good, God doesn't work in mysterious ways, as God is not deliberately creating every little event. Once we acknowledge that God is rather impartial and not necessarily the ultimate force of good, that it isn't actively and deliberately coming down and creating these events, suddenly it's not so mysterious. God isn't behind every little lightning strike. That would just be the rules of the universe. When things start getting a little too coincidental, that is when you know you are in the presence of God. Still not a conscious and deliberate God, but God none the less. I mean, you can say the lightning strike was God, but it wasn't a conscious and deliberate God. When things start getting a little too coincidental, that is when you know you are in the presence of a slightly more deliberate God. Maybe deliberate isn't the right word... Let's say semi-conscious.

Okay, I'm going to say the lightning strike was God, as everything is kind of God, just that the lightning strike was such an in-deliberate God that it ranks so low on the God scale that I can say it isn't really even God.

What's miraculous about the 11:11 phenomenon is that an in-deliberate God is starting to manifest itself in ways that are starting to look very deliberate. God is becoming more and more conscious. Still not fully conscious, but conscious enough to show itself.

When everything gets all "tick tick tick..." You don't hear it but you feel it. When that happens you know you are in the presence of a more conscious God. This doesn't happen to just anybody. I'll get more into this feeling later.

To move into level five and level six, you need to accept the reality that there is a God, and it is not the Christian God.

Sympathy for the Devil > Heaven & Hell
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Why would God only give you one single stay on this beautiful planet to decide your fate for an eternity? Why would God have created such an imperfect system?

If heaven is eternal, then the real experience is not the one you spend on Earth but rather the one you spend in heaven. You're on Earth for only a fraction of a moment. What's the point of it? God's going to put you somewhere for an eternity based on your 80-some years on Earth?

I suppose you could say our life on Earth is a test. That our true home is either heaven or hell and the Earth is simply a test. That's kind of pretty... I still think it's stupid but at least this way it's pretty. But, like, what was the point of life before you invented hell, then? That life is just something you do briefly before you join everybody in heaven. What's the point of life? And why did God create you in such a way that you were just going to fail the test anyway?

You can't remember anything, you can't do anything, because you left your brain behind. If your spirit can function as human and remember your experience as human then what is the point of having a brain? On that note, recalling past lives isn't the spirit remembering so much as it is pulling it out of the collective unconscious.

It's just the ultimate magical happy place. Kind of an immature response to the question of death. What happens? You have supreme eternal happiness. And then the other option is it's just the ultimate scary and most terrible place. It's adorable. And stupid.

To become a level five you must get rid of all concepts of heaven and hell polluting your mindset.

Sympathy for the Devil > Creationism and Intelligent Design
Now, intelligent design, now they're on to something. I believe in intelligent design. But it isn't the opinions of the original Christians it's something they developed because their original idea didn't seem very rational. If they can do that maybe we should start doing that to everything else the religion has to say.

A case for intelligent design: Why are apes the only ones who evolved to become sapient? If becoming erect and sapient is an inevitable occurrence surely we should have sapient canines and felines by now. Not to mention dolphins, monkeys. Or at least something a little more evolved than the animals we have now. Why did our brain suddenly become so much more advanced than apes but nowhere else?

Sympathy for the Devil > The Earth is 6000 Years Old
No we weren't living with the dinosaurs in early society. This isn't a cartoon show. All evidence suggests we were aeons apart from eachother.

Then there's denying dinosaurs. Of all the ways God or the devil could trick you, why would he choose ancient dinosaur bones? Okay okay get this, I'm going to invent some species of giant reptiles and pretend they existed millions of years before I created the Earth. Just to fuck with them. "It's the devil!" is just a scared knee-jerk response. All this science-y stuff is here to fool you. It's the devil!

The same knee-jerk reaction every time. Any time an observation or a reasonable conclusion comes in contact with Christianity it's THE DEVIL. Makes perfect sense to me... Anything that challenges your fucked up world view must be the work of some other part of your fucked up world view. Couldn't possibly be that the fucked up world view was wrong.

Sympathy for the Devil > Dinosaurs
Desperately coming up with all these absurd explanations of dinosaur bones and getting all pathetic and emotional about it. And all the other pathetic, emotional deniers get behind every stupid little theory with their fingers in their ears saying "lalala I am not listening."

The fact that Christianity is an enemy of science should raise a few eyebrows. I mean, science. Christianity is an enemy of science. It's an enemy of objective reasoning and observation of our reality. Not a good sign.

Sympathy for the Devil > At War with Smart
Christianity has always been at war with smart... Book burnings, prosecuting innovative thinkers all throughout history. Again, science, it's an enemy of objective reasoning and observation of our reality. Again, not a good sign.

It helps people spread hatred if they're keeping themselves deliberately stupid. Hate is generally the biproduct of not understanding which is the biproduct of stupid. And, appearently, stupid and smart are at war.

Sympathy for the Devil > I'm Sorry...
I feel I've been pretty mean to Christians and Muslims. I want to say I'm sorry and that I still love you.

The only thing I truly hate about your religion is all the hatred it spews. But I know that isn't what Jesus would have wanted so I'll try to stop blaming your whole religion for it. But honestly, how many of you actually act like Jesus taught you to? If all of you acted like Jesus I wouldn't have so much seething rage toward Christianity. I'd still make fun of you but I wouldn't hate you.

Jesus had some good things to say. We should all respect Jesus. Jesus was pretty. Your whole religion is rather pretty. Particularly Catholicism. I just have a few problems that I think need to be addressed but you can keep your Jesus-based moral system if you must. If you don't mind worshiping a crazy dude who curses fig trees for being out of season. Just kidding, Jesus was a wonderful person.

"Turn the other cheek" is a solid philosophy, but personally I don't follow it. I prefer vengeance.

I honestly don't know much about Muhammad, but I'll educate myself, figure out what I like and get back to you for part III.

You guys are actually spot on about a few things... There is a God, miracles do happen, prayer works, it is intelligent design... The only things I think you're dead wrong about is heaven & hell, and the Earth being 6000 years old.

Also I'm going to keep taking our lord's name in vain and you're just going to have to deal with that.

Sympathy for the Devil > Neo-Christianity
If you have rejected the bulk of Christianity but still wish to identify with it because of your love for Jesus Christ, that can be allowed. We'll call it Neo-Christianity. With Muhammad, Neo-Islam.

I'm really liking this new pope you've got. I think he will be the most important player in the move from Christianity to Neo-Christianity. Keeping the solid philosophy but getting rid of the dogma and the hatred.

If you are a non-evangelical Christian who has decided that some elements of it, such as creationism or the Earth being 6000 years old, are false, then it's time for you to look at the whole thing as potentially false. How do you consider them right about some things and wrong about others without second guessing the whole thing altogether? I mean if they were wrong about the Earth being 6000 years old it's not so difficult to think that maybe they were wrong about heaven. Clearly it isn't the word of God if most of it is false. I mean we can allow selective attention to some people, but when it's supposed to be the word of God one mistake should make you question the entire thing. It may still be solid philosophy but it isn't the word of God.

(No I don't think I'm the word of God.)

Your religions are going nowhere, don't worry, they just need to evolve. Weelll... Maybe I shouldn't say going nowhere, as apparently there will be a last pope, and my guess is it will be pope Francis.

To become a level five you must abandon your religion. You must understand that while they all have something good to offer, none of them are the infallible truth. Buddhism comes pretty close but it isn't technically a religion anyway so I'm still right. A truly enlightened person would respect every religion without classifying themselves as religious. Religions were created by mere mortals with their own opinions and mindsets.

In God we Trust > Modern Religion
The bulk of our religions, with the exception of Scientology, were created back when we thought humanity was the only race. Now we realize we have a huge universe to accommodate. We've learned we're not the centre of our solar system, now it's time to learn we're not the centre of our universe.

Surprisingly enough, Scientology was the closest. It's reincarnation and there's aliens in it.

The Raelians... Pfft, bunch of nutters. WINK. WINK.

Better Yourself > Your Zodiac Star Sign
If you are fully self actualized, at level four, you will fit your zodiac star sign. But that doesn't necessarily mean that if you fit your star sign you are a level four.

You are not your brain, you are merely the user of your brain. Break free of the lies told to you, break free of your media brainwashed stupor, break free of blah blah all that other stuff I say, all this stuff in your brain that is preventing your true soul from shining through, and you will be your true self... You will fit your zodiac star sign to a T.

Try it. Do a full reading and prepare to be amazed.

Society > The Transgendered
This is going to sound very unliberal of me, but I just don't understand gender reassignment surgery. If you're a man who wants to be a woman, then you were destined to be an effeminate man, at least in this life. A woman's soul in a man's body. A man who wishes he were a woman. You were not meant to mutilate your genitals. You're a man. Deal with it. God gave you a penis and a penis you will have. Maybe in your next life you'll be a woman again.

Now, I'm not going to say it shouldn't be allowed. It's your body and you're not hurting anybody but yourself. Just... I don't see why you would want to mutilate your genitals. You'll never be the same as the other gender, you'll just have mutilated genitals.

Maybe at some point in the future when they can actually give you proper new genitals and all the innards and stuff... Maybe.

But, I mean, we're all people here. There's no reason for violence and hatred against the transgendered.

Society > Transhumanism
Now, not all mutilating of one's body is a bad thing. Just gender reassignment surgery and bad plastic surgery. Good plastic surgery is fine I guess. I doubt I would do it but it's fine. I don't know, maybe I'd do it... Depends how distinguished my face looks when I'm older.

A really exciting way to mutilate your body is coming and it's called transhumanism. The people behind it strive to be God-like. And I would say they're not far off.

I understand your fears of everybody being chipped, brain implants manipulating our thoughts and all that stuff. But consider this... If I achieve my goals I will be one of the ones in charge of implementing these chips and these brain implants. And you can trust me, can't you?

Society > I Can See Why You're Mad, Islam
I may have said I like Obama, but it's noteworthy he's killed many innocents, including children, in drone strikes in the middle east. Obviously it wasn't intentional but he's still essentially guilty of manslaughter.

Islam, I understand your beef with Western culture... The decadence and the greed. Quite frankly I have no beef with the decadence, but I understand your problem with the greed. Yeah. Yeah our society still has some problems. I may have said we're the chosen culture but I will never say we're perfect. Yet. In a perfect world you would be just as decadent and greed would be a thing of the past.

But this beef you have with us is no reason to blow us up. Kill our soldiers, sure, but please, please leave the innocent civilians alone. Please don't attack us at home. I know we... Well, they. I'm not American so I don't get to call them "we." I know they've accidentally killed civilians but you're intentionally killing civilians.

I guess I'm fine with ISIS killing soldiers and stuff. I mean we're the ones who declared war on them and that's what you do in war. The genocide, though... Can't get behind the genocide. I mean I don't like that they're killing our soldiers at home but that's war.

I know we did the crusades, in which we killed many civilians, but we were a different culture then. A more primitive culture. Don't wage your own version of the crusades without acknowledging you're acting like a primitive culture. We all know you're better than that. Show you're the better men and stop acting in violence.

I mean, I know it's just revenge on the west for fucking you up but please, please leave our civilians out of it.

In God we Trust > Reincarnation
I believe in reincarnation because I have seen it take place on the astral plane and because I've experienced past life recall. I didn't believe in reincarnation until I saw it for myself on the astral plane. I mean I thought it was possible but I was leaning towards when you die you become one with God and the everything.

Now, as real as this all seems to me, I should add that my family and shrink know all about this stuff and assume I'm schizophrenic. I've been admitted to the psych ward and everything. My friends are mostly either on the fence or they believe me.

I may be crazy. I mean I know I'm crazy but I don't think I'm that crazy... Though I may be that crazy. I tell you, if I'm schizophrenic, it's very VERY reinforcing. Also it's possible my schizophrenia is what's given me access to the astral plane.

In God we Trust > And it's Like, it's Not Really me that's Coming / The Music's Coming Through me / The Music's Coming Through me
The music doesn't flow out of me, it flows through me. And as it is coming through me I feel it making fun of me.

On "Fractal Patterns and Pretty Colours," the part in the intro where the pitch drops, it's god saying "Oh so sad. You want to cwy?" sarcastically. The disgusting phaser and flanger work while I was pulling all sorts of... stuff... out of my brain on the way to becoming level five and six. The noisy, glitchy rage interwoven with pretty tones is my deep rooted anger and hostility hidden behind a pleasant emotional exterior. Just... emotionally. It's definitely not hidden behind a pleasant face. My face always looks a little sad and angry. And I don't have that much rage. Just the amount you've already seen. Then there's that one tone on "Elevated" that says I have a big nose.

Maybe the reason my melodies are getting more beautiful is just 'cause I'm getting better. I'm going to go with no, though, 'cause I feel it coming through me. It isn't coming from my brain anymore... It's coming through my soul, my connection to the divine.

Everything sounds like me. Things come together where what's on my mind is on my face is being expressed through my music. It all comes together in this, like, emotional portfolio of myself where my emotions are expressed on my face, my face is expressed in my emotions, and it represents everything that is me. It's difficult to explain. And god is making fun of it. Because god is a jerk. A loveable jerk.

In a sense I think it's come to respect me more. Now that I have sorta kinda achieved level five and six but not really but kinda, the melodies and tones become so clear and beautiful. When I wrote what was, at the time, and maybe still now, my best and most god-influenced melody, I smashed the keyboard to name it and it came out "4fghgvn,/" which sounds kind of like "forgiven."

Often once I complete a section and listen to it I get the same feeling I get when I'm having a serious synchronicity moment/looking at god or looking into certain future events. Everything gets all "tick tick tick" and I feel a much higher awareness. I get non-stop repeating digits on the sequencer. My jaw rattles. It's kind of like the feeling I get during some important, serious and eloquent conversations (not sure if you've experienced this, it's the contact high where everything everybody says comes out sounding really insightful) only more exaggerated, more high energy and with the "tick tick tick." I don't hear a tick I just feel it. Both feelings come about more when I'm high.

In God we Trust > We are Connected to God
The "In the presence of the divine" contact high: I mean the divine is actively watching me when that happens, not passively like it usually does.

I've had three others back me up on the contact high. Well, two verbally, one just by the look on his face when he said "I hate this city, I'm scared of it" and it came out sounding really deep. I'm talking the serious and eloquent contact high, not the in the presence of the divine contact high. I don't know of anyone else who's felt the presence of the divine high. Probably my old friend, our leader.

Then there are all the times, on a psychedelic, where me and somebody else have hallucinated the exact same thing at the exact same time. The best one... I was with my friend on about 50-60mg of 2C-I. We had just got back from seeing The Dark Knight. At one point everything washed and we both hallucinated eachother as the joker at the same time. We both reported all the same small details.

There's something in the air when a contact high is experienced. Something is happening in the air and we are both experiencing it. That thing in the air is God.

We are all connected to a point on the astral plane. That point is god. It's visible to you when you trip. Passively, at least. God is only passively interacting with you. (Another example of us all connecting to the same point is the 11:11 phenomena. All of our brains, all of us who are in on it, are connected to God. God, synchronicity, is showing itself to us, to a select few of us... Okay maybe not "few.") and by all being connected to a point we are also all connected to eachother. Hallucinating the same thing at the same time or feeling the same contact high is sort of a primitive telepathy. Two brains operating in synchronicity because of the passive influence of god. The god to which we are all connected.

In God we Trust > Information Found in the Astral Plane
A lot of information exists on the astral plane. It is where our collective unconscious lies and we can get information about past lives and such, as long as some of the people in said past life are still alive. We get the information about our past lives through the perspective of those people who were in our lives, as long as they're still alive and the information that was you is therefor still alive. We are a collection of consciousness and information. While the information can die, consciousness never does.

There's a database of people who's information is long gone. Special people like Shakespeare, Hitler... There's like tens of thousands of depictions in this database. This database that isn't in the human unconscious, it's somebody else's, but we seem to be allowed access to it. Whoever's unconscious it is, it is very neat and organized. Our's is a mess. I'm very restricted when exploring this unconscious, and what I can access is in another language.

I didn't do this on my own. In my travels I have decided it is quite clear my passage to the astral plane was aided. Something new in our brains are being activated by some external force.

Now I'm getting into stuff that should be saved for another website. However I put the beginning of it here as it suits Intelligent Reconstruction... I want to live in a world that believes in and knows how to navigate the astral plane. We'll get more in depth on how to navigate it in another website.

Ignore the skinny green men in the sky, the ones doing all the crop circles, they're just regular artists.