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Our Vision
Intelligent Reconstruction envisions a future where people have broken free of their media brainwashed daze. The people learn to question authority. The age of information keeps everybody in the know regarding government secrets. Everybody is going to come to the understanding that the New World Order is taking over. The New World Order is keeping you stupid so you can be led around by the nose. The New World Order is keeping you in a media brainwashed stupor so you don't notice while they take over.

Once everybody has broken free of this media brainwashed stupor we can get some real thinking done. The educated liberal elites can get their point across and we can become an enlightened, unified people, free from the constraints of all this demented hogwash polluting our mindset.

The age of information is upon us. Anything we need to know is right there at our fingertips. There are no more excuses for being uninformed. What we're saying to The New World Order is no more of this foggy stupor. If this is the way you're going to continue to run the world, the people won't stand for it. The people wish to be enlightened.

If the people wake up and understand every aspect of "It's Stupid. This is Stupid." and we look at the people doing this to us and we ask them "Why?" And ask it loud. Then maybe we can come to an understanding and we can work together to create an enlightened species.

Intelligent Reconstruction envisions a future where people are educated, cultured, free, cared for, relatively safe, and in a constant state of bliss. Intelligent Reconstruction envisions a new Renaissance.

Intelligent Reconstruction believes that as this age of information reaches an apex, we will be drawn into realms of thought previously unseen. Intelligent Reconstruction will be there for you as we enter this threatening new territory.

Intelligent Reconstruction understands the New World Order's campaign to conquer the globe is coming to a climax and takeover is inevitable. However, if you're going to conquer the planet you're going to have to understand that the people will never listen to your lies, the people won't stand for your methods, we are educated enough to see what you're doing, and we simply won't stand for your conception of an ideal society.

Intelligent Reconstruction speaks the people. New World Order, we're calling you out, you need to listen to us and together we can create an ideal society and embrace utopia.

Embrace a new age. An age of enlightenment. An age where the people throw off these shackles and stand up for what is right.

We must work with the New World Order to ensure a brighter tomorrow.

Intelligent Reconstruction envisions a future where everybody is educated. Where everybody is cultured. Where we can all see eye to eye. Where we understand that science is not the enemy of spirituality. Where we can all understand, together, that the meaning of life is to live and be free. Where we can all understand that we should be working together to figure out how to best have fun and figure out what's going on.

Where the internet has been properly integrated and we embrace this age of information's plateau. Information is no longer withheld from the people. Art is no longer stifled by mainstream record companies and Hollywood film studios. People with good ideas are heard. Everybody is heard and everybody is worth listening to.

Where we decide to embrace a better tomorrow. Where we embrace eugenics. Where we embrace perfection. Where we embrace mandatory higher education. Mandatory whole brain learning. Where we understand the nature of the mind, the filter between consciousness and reality, and thereby we may even come to understand the nature of consciousness and reality. We all occupy a mind that is perfect and all of our opinions are interesting. By the time the Age of Aquarius is complete and a new cycle begins we will have attained global, unified perfection and Intelligent Reconstruction will no longer be necessary. We can trust in the Illuminati... Can't we? By now? ~ Kit Carruthers

Intelligent Reconstruction envisions a future of free democratic city states, which will lean toward partial socialism if they listen to Intelligent Reconstruction, all under the imperial rule of the Illuminati; Rural areas and the new capitol of Winnipeg will be hardcore libertarian. Vigilante groups, private schools and health care companies will register with Intelligent Reconstruction and be carefully and publicly scrutinized over but left to do their bidding.

The Manitoba Legislative Building was designed as a Masonic temple. Do you believe in the New World Order? They always had plans for Winnipeg but something went wrong. It's too cold. Something went wrong but we're about to set it right. If you're pissed off at anything, it would be within your best interest to migrate to Winnipeg. Come to Winnipeg. There's all sorts of meth psychosis and everybody's having a blast. The harsh climate colours our psychology. We're bipolar. There's a good vibe in Osborne Village. Osborne Village isn't very scary.

The age of Aquarius is emerging. Join us in Winnipeg. Together we can create a better future.

Beyond the First Cycle > Beyond the First Cycle; Perfection Achieved; Embracing Evolution
There will come a time, the end of the Age of Aquarius, when we have become perfect. Once this is achieved it is time to focus on our evolution. During the Age of Aquarius we are in the process of embracing perfection. People are becoming smarter and smarter, and the bottom half of society is gradually becoming edged out by eugenics and the use of machines for grunt labor. It is my theory that as we are becoming gradually more equalized in ability, we will naturally become more and more socialist. None of our money is going to supporting the bottom half of society and we are all very well off so we may as well spend a lot of money on high class public service. We are all very well off... Which means the monetary system is about to become nearly obsolete and we are about to embrace a new age.

By the end of the Age of Aquarius we can consider eugenics complete. There is no more stupidity in our society. Everybody is healthy and attractive. It is time for us to embrace an age of evolution. Now, evolution can take a very long time... You will be in the hands of the Illuminati for eons under a state of utopia/dystopia designed by Intelligent Reconstruction before a new chosen one rises, several cycles into the future. During this time, thanks to brain implants, you will not be aware of anything relating to what we did during the first cycle, you will not be aware of the existence of Intelligent Reconstruction nor the teachings of Kit Carruthers. Once the new chosen one has risen, all will be revealed, and the people will be enlightened enough to govern themselves... Any remaining necessary order will be kept in place by the system of brain implants. Corporations will be reintroduced into our society. They will own the land but they are not permitted to make rules.

The teachings of Kit Carruthers are completely covered up. The concept of life is fun do whatever you want is completely foreign. Life is hard. You either do something with your life and contribute something important to the betterment of society or be dropped and therefore executed.

Upon entering the second cycle, we will need to embrace a new system of government. The ideal government system for us at this time would be strict communism. We are all of equal ability so it is the most logical government system. Through communism it will be ingrained in your head that you should find your niche and choose a career based on your own personal skills and interests rather than based on potential earnings.

We are evolving... Achieving the equivalent of multiple doctorates; musical, visual and written expression; athletic training, including training in martial arts; meditation ritual; and practice of telepathy, telekinesis and healing is heavily enforced by the rules of society. Electric shocks from brain implants keep everybody locked into ritual. We are achieving a new stage in our evolution. Eventually, we are monotone... Eventually we are one race of superior beings; we are of one mind; we are all equally brilliant; we are all fit and quite capable of defending ourselves; and we are all masters of ESP. We have very tall foreheads.

Through feats of space travel, terraforming and engineering we have conquered the galaxy. We have populated every planet inhabitable to us. There are trillions of us all over the galaxy. We have terraformed and populated the moon. It is a dense metropolis. You can see the lights from Earth. There is a central, galactic capitol building in the middle of a vast over-terraformed artificial nature reserve. It is a gigantic glass pyramid, the sun reflects through glass and shards of crystal in order to create brilliant displays of light all over the exterior hallways and central elevator systems ... It is wide open... There is huge marble pillars... The floors are marble... There is sound art ringing through the great halls... Designed by me, of course, along with the wall of glass skyscrapers with shards of crystal and marble floors surrounding the artificial park and capitol, along with many other new structures of importance, such as the government buildings in Winnipeg and the first lunar bridge/spaceport in Winnipeg, as well as the intergalactic spaceport on the moon... The Earth bridge will be on one end of the Lunar capitol, the intergalactic spaceport on the other. At the northern point will be the royal residential village. At the southern point will be the central military buildings... All designed by me of course. All of these structures will have a lot of 1.414:1. At the center of each of these four points will be the entrance to the high speed train station to the rest of the moon... The spaceport and Earth bridge stations being the most grandiose. They will all feature crystal shards in the glass walls and ceilings, large marble pillars and floors, and subtle sound art. Perhaps two or three lives from now I will focus on becoming an architect and sound artist... The central corridors of the spaceports, military structures, royal residential village and key skyscrapers around the perimeter of the nature reserve will have subtle sound art, all of which is a slight variation of the somewhat overwhelming but never quite too overwhelming sound art in the central capitol... Also, the addition of crystal shards into the glass walls will be considerably more subtle in outside structures and somewhat overwhelming but never quite too overwhelming in the capitol building. All of these buildings will also feature significant amounts of plant life.

Local leaders sit across from the front table in the great hall at Luna. Luna is the capitol of all humanity. Across from the local leaders sits the Illuminati. The Audience sits on a second tier facing the Illuminati. Only certain VIPs are ever allowed to sit in the audience.

We are in the age of evolution and life is hard, but considerably more fun than it is today. The government is full of lies and corruption without Intelligent Reconstruction there to reveal it, but no worse than it is today... Less, if anything, they have less need to lie... The only difference here is the brain implants. With the use of brain implants, we essentially enter a thought surveillance and mind control dystopia. If you question the system in any significant manner you are dropped from the system. If you appear to be a threat, you disappear forever and nobody even remembers you existed.

Perhaps criminals are an element of society that can be crushed after all... I have no qualms with it so long as you are running the perfect system. I see no need for criminals under the perfect system.

Beyond the First Cycle > An Enlightened Society on the Way to Embracing Post-Human; Age of Utopic Communism
The teachings of Kit Carruthers will lead to an enlightened post-human.

We have communism because we are no longer living in a world where people have varying abilities. Everybody is doing something important for the betterment of society... Everybody is a professional and we of course have machines doing all the grunt labour so people generally don't have to do much. People have a lot of free time to just sit around and do whatever they want... And we can't have that, no, people get fat and lazy.

Extensive left and right brain exercise...

You are required to achieve the equivalent of at least one doctorate. You are required to play music, creatively express your thoughts, and practice some sort of visual media. Essentially, there are no more professional artists. Everybody is an artist and everybody's work is free. We are monotone.

Meditation ritual...

You are required to meditate for at least half an hour a day, in order to stay in touch with your emotions and increase production of grey matter.

Extensive physical training...

You are required to stay fit and healthy.

Martial arts training...

You are required to attain training up to a marginal level in a martial arts practice of your choice. If everybody completes basic martial arts training, everybody can defend themselves and we are less likely to have problems with assault. Muggings should be eliminated by electric shocks from brain implants and the destruction of poverty... We can't give electric shocks just because somebody wanted to fight somebody, however.

Practicing our telepathy and telekinesis...

We don't need to spend a lot of time working, so we may as well focus on attaining a new evolution.

Drug use...

Drugs will be properly integrated into society and highly restricted. Marijuana and alcohol are the only legal intoxicants. Psychedelics are used exclusively by psychiatrists and neo-shamans, and by the general populace for coming of age ritual and psychological crisis.

The cover-up of the first cycle...

Burn all the books. Keep copies of everything in a safe deep underground.

Choice pieces of visual representation will remain... We will know there was a Jesus and a Buddha and the like... At least, we know what they supposedly look like and that they were somebody, but we will not have any idea who they were... A vague, general image will be given but nobody will know what we thought or what we did.

The majority of structures will remain. We can get rid of large sections of suburban sprawl in order to make for smarter cities. Embrace density. Having a private yard is luxury only for higher members of government.

We need a new standard clock. Something in base ten. We need a new standard calendar. Something based off the equinox.

We need a new standard language.

The planet is split into several warring nation states. World leaders are not in bed with other world leaders. (Secretly yes they are.)

The people will know nothing of the existence of Intelligent Reconstruction during the first cycle, obviously. We will stage a false rebellion at the dawn of this system. Any problems you may have with the system can be summed up by our mysterious rebellion at the beginning of the second cycle. So essentially everybody knows there's no way out; all of your concerns have been dealt with and gratified.

The rules of society will be written in a way that somewhat suggests this is only temporary. You will have to draw a lot of conclusions, however, nothing in any way definitive will be given. Until we have attained a higher evolution and are capable of governing ourselves. Until a new chosen one emerges.

And now brainwashing is much more effective, as you do not need to be an idiot to believe in the government...

Q: Are you suggesting we overthrow the government and install anarchy?

A: No sir. I'm simply requesting we work with the New World Order. I don't think this will necessarily be installed in this life. Perhaps within the next generation of Intelligent Reconstruction. Perhaps by the time we are embracing one continental government... If everybody were allied under missile defense shields or something it would be pretty easy for the New World Order to just come in and take everything over officially once and for all. The rest of them may bow to the New World Order, but they'll run into some resistance in Winnipeg, yessir...

Q: How libertarian?

A: All the way libertarian. Survival of the fittest. Every drug is fully legal and only loosely regulated, if only to ensure the quality of drugs sold to the public. Prostitution is legal and loosely regulated... If... Only to ensure the quality of prostitutes sold to the public. Like, for AIDS and herpes and stuff... There's no such thing as racketeering. Kill the fucking ban on public smoking! Yeah! There's no police... There are vigilante groups which register with Intelligent Reconstruction and they are carefully and publicly scrutinized over. Same with health insurance, private schools. No taxes... Eh. At least the lightest of taxes. I can't see there being any taxes, it would be unjust, but I don't know what the Illuminati has planned... But then maybe we have a well trained militia so fuck what the Illuminati has planned.

Some kind of... psycho-brainwashed willing to die for the cause at a moments notice, heavily trained in martial arts and urban warfare kind of militia. Some kind of militia that isn't afraid to traumatize new recruits. Training camp, is like, it's like... Military boot camp has nothing on a training camp that has no qualms with beating the hell out of you, withholding sleep and sending you into methamphetamine psychosis (any psychotic episode will be given constant, individual attention by a group of psychiatrists and brainwashing experts), withholding food if you're too fat... There will be no fat people in our militia. And intelligently outlining every last detail of you're a worthless piece of shit, and they can get real unfair and personal because they're your buddy and they've gotten to know you. And showering you with drugs and alcohol, prostitutes, good food, a good place to stay... The best. Everything is the best for our recruits. And methamphetamine addiction is practically beaten into you. Our militia runs on stimulants. We may want to keep these people away from the normals... Maybe give them a section of the city right next to the central capitol buildings but off the main drag...

Yeah man. Yeah. Intense. Yes, the next generation of Intelligent Reconstruction... I know what I'm doing, we'll keep the Illuminati in line. No, we're not payin' no taxes.

Q: What if you live in a rural area inconveniently far away from any vigilantes?

A: If you're in a very isolated rural area and you have anything worth stealing, you should probably erect some walls, I mean if you're paranoid enough to think anybody's going to find you. Perhaps with armed guards. My next life cabin is gonna have armed guards... And like... Walls that they can walk on with sentry posts. Yeah groovy.

Q: What about roving gangs of bandits?

A: But then I figured you're probably just as likely to see roving gangs of bandits as you are now. I mean the punishment now for being a roving gang of bandits is prison, where as with this system there's a price on your head. Nevertheless, you should maybe pack a gun when you're in certain rural areas or Winnipeg. Hell, you should already be packing a gun everywhere. Seriously.

Q: What about serial killer death cults?

A: Winnipeg may become host to more serial killers, just naturally as a result of having so many shady characters around. Yeah... Eerie. Once again, however, there's a price on your head and any vigilante is going to treat a serial killer much worse than the government would have. Also, once we're past eugenics, we will be much less likely to see psychotic behavior... Much less, but we can't get rid of it altogether, every psychological disability serves a purpose... But we'll see less outbreaks into psychotic delusion because honestly to give into psychotic delusion you have to be a little bit dumb. So we'll probably just have intelligent serial killer death cults... Trippy.

Q: How much power is given to the vigilantes?

A: In rural areas and Winnipeg they are given the right to imprison, torture and kill. In the city states they must abide by the restrictions of the individual communities. Over punishment can result in a suspension of their official status. Any vigilante group that loses it's official status is illegal in the city states and constantly at odds with our militia in rural areas and Winnipeg.

Q: What if I get mugged and it's not worth the price of the vigilantes?

A: You should have had your pistol. And if it's not worth the price of the vigilantes... Who will actually end up finding every last piece of stolen jewelry, for the record, because they don't just get paid the same amount one way or the other and file every pissed off native drug addict under waste of effort never gonna happen, can't even distinguish him from any of the others. If it's not worth the price of the vigilantes who gives a shit. Shut up about it, it's not worth anybody doing anything about so quit your fucking whining.

Q: What if the mafia is overcharging me for protection?

A: Intelligent Reconstruction recommends you go to the vigilantes for protection. If the mafia offers you a deal you cannot refuse, this will be considered extortion. Extortion is illegal and is to be dealt with by the vigilantes. If a war arises between the vigilantes and the mafia, our militia may step in. Our militia may step in on a number of offenses that simply cannot be handled by vigilante groups.

Q: What about speeding? Reckless driving? DUI?

A: This is going to be fun. It'll be like driving in a developing country we'll be fine. If you're drunk and you kill a person, then it is only fair that a vigilante kills you. If you're drunk and you don't hit anybody then, well, there's no problem is there?

Q: What about roads?

A: The price of upkeep for all rural and Winnipeg roads will be split amongst the car insurance companies and the labour will be organized by Intelligent Reconstruction. We can force people to buy insurance as long as we offer a minimum package where all you pay for is your use of the roads and have no actual coverage.

Q: What if I get shot and killed for no reason on route to visit my family in another city 'cause all the scumbags rule the countryside? Wah wah wah we're letting all the criminals run free! They are an element of society that should be crushed!

A: What!? Are you dumb? You think there's no cops in rural areas so suddenly we're just going to find, like, uh... Snipers on the highway!? In Winnipeg maybe... Just due to the particular shade of citizen you're likely to find. Letting all the criminals run free, are we? Anything you do to harm another person in any significant matter will be dealt with by the vigilantes. Sure, you'll find a lot more worthless drug addicts starting bar fights and pulling weapons on people. Generally, however, as long as you mind your own business you're pretty safe from these people. We're letting these people gravitate toward Winnipeg and rural areas in order to keep your citys safe.

Q: City states?

A: Yes... At this time we will be under the imperial rule of the Illuminati. So no more federal democracy. Our national set of rules, which are lenient, will be applied to every city state and city states will have a lot of leeway in terms of, hopefully just about anything else. Intelligent Reconstruction will preach partial socialism. Obviously... Vigilante groups are highly restricted... I don't think we need anything other than partially socialized medicine but I guess if individual city states vote to completely privatize health care that should be acceptable. I guess. If you want. I guess. But I mean what the hell is the point of a society if it's not even going to keep you safe and healthy? Intelligent Reconstruction will preach two-tiered but I guess it's on individual city states to decide... And if you need Dr. House you're flying to Winnipeg. That's right. Winnipeg. Winnipeg. Winnipeg. You want to go to Winnipeg. The city will elect individual leaders who will voice their opinions to Intelligent Reconstruction and the Illuminati and our think thank will take their ideas and make them vaguely better, pending the approval of the leaders of the city states, and force it on the Illuminati at gunpoint before letting it go to a vote, a city wide vote for every little insignificant. Fucking. Matter. I can see myself getting very angry at this already. Nah I won't hardly have to deal with the plebeians... And then it goes to a vote and we shoot one of the members of the Illuminati in the foot.

Q: What about all the lowlifes threatening our community?

A: Now, what we see, is all the lowlifes gravitate to rural areas and Winnipeg. Yup! Gone! You're safe! You're safe from all the lowlifes... Mostly. The drug dealers are likely dealing in stuff that's gone through inspection at one point or another, and it's probably only been cut a little since then. At least you likely won't be getting any more horrible cheese heroin.

Q: What are the national laws and boundaries?

A: Use of fossil fuels will be completely abolished. There's no reason to be using them now, besides lining the pockets of the Illuminati, let alone 40 years in the future. We've been able to build a fully functional, good quality electric car since the 1980s if you don't put all those unnecessary limiters on there. Of course, if you have some old junker that runs on gasoline you can still drive around in rural areas and Winnipeg, but stay the hell out of our nice clean cities with that piece of crap.

Marijuana will be legalized and loosely regulated. That would be funny if marijuana is still illegal in 40 years. Every other drug will be available to you given certain situations. You can give a good excuse to any crooked doctor, psychiatrist or other drug specialist and get yourself just about anything. Cocaine or methamphetamine would be much better for your... Adult ADD than Ritalin. If you can provide a convincing argument that you need the hardcore stuff. But I guess if you still want Ritalin 'cause it's subtler and less addictive, fine whatever. Still gets you high... Especially if you crush it and snort it. I don't really know about orally, never done it orally, but, but... I know it still gets you pretty high. If you're in some absolutely serious pain, heroin would be a much better opiate pain killer for you than morphine. If it's so much pain the morphine isn't doing the trick, what you need is something that won't do the trick better. Then you can at least catch a much better glimpse of relief. I don't know why these cruel doctors aren't doing the best for their patients. Society is being unnecessarily cruel. GHB was a perfectly good sleep aid, why'd you take it off the market for being fun? It so closely resembles alcohol that to make it completely illegal and take it right off the market is absurd... What was wrong with it as a prescription drug? If that's the particular flavour of sleep aid your customer prefers, I don't really see the harm. Yes people are enjoying themselves with your drugs. Half the fun of taking a sleeping pill is the part before you fall asleep. So it gets sold on the street. You can't stop it. Go ahead and take it off the market, if people like it enough they're just going to make it themselves. More money in your pockets if you're the ones making it. There's plenty of fun prescription drugs out there that nobody's taking off the market just 'cause they're fun. Then there's Vicodin... What the hell god dammit. If we don't turn this around they're going to take our Valium. And of course, psychedelics and ecstasy can be used in psychotherapy. If our doctors and psychiatrists embraced the use of every single drug and then worked TOGETHER with holistic healers and neo-shamans with their ayahuasca, who are given a nearly equal standing in society and are often called in to the local hospital... We could be running things a lot more intelligently and efficiently. If doctors had a decent understanding of natural medicine and just used everything that works and gives you all of the options for your particular situation and intelligently weighs all the benefits and downsides for you and lets you decide we wouldn't even need the holistic healers. Of course they'll still be pushing the products of whatever pharmaceutical corporation is in their pockets.

Hardcore death penalty for murder... Unless they can give a really good case that this person had a bit of a snap and they won't do it again and they're clearly an otherwise valuable member of society who clearly has enough money for a good lawyer... Then, perhaps. 20 years minimum. I'm kind of serious, actually... If they have enough money for a good lawyer they've got something very important to do and maybe we should be a little more leniant. I mean, they shouldn't be allowed to do anything they want but perhaps they should avoid the death penalty. Also I'm only kind of serious. I'm not completely serious. And if it's a gangland shooting your son died in battle, ma'am, I'm sorry. You want justice? You're being unfair. It most likely was justice. But we'll give the killer minimum sentence and maybe by the time he's out you'll have passed on so you won't be bitching. Lowsy old ladies at funerals with all their crying and screaming. Shut up! Shut up!! Gawd. Why can't everybody shut up and just be cool!? Aw and now there's men crying oh my god I can't watch this...

Q: Can city states be libertarian?

A: No. One of the ideas is to drive the lowlifes into designated areas.

Q: What about taxes?

A: Taxes will mostly be dependant on individual city states. There will be a light federal tax in order to support the military and keep everything equalized... Bail out any citys in trouble, and correct accordingly. Whether or not the libertarian center point will be paying any taxes is yet to be decided. Perhaps residents of Winnipeg... That may fuck anybody over who just wants to move out to their ranch with their guns and their grow op and support themselves off their own crops and cattle who don't feel there's any particular reason they need to support the community if the community ain't supportin' them.... That would probably be, the taxes are coming off your paycheque and if you're living off the land you've got no paycheque... I could have just deleted that but I wanted to point out that I like that kind of person.

Q: What's to prevent the city states from losing all their business to Winnipeg?

A: If city states were wise, they would not charge taxes to corporations.

Q: What if the more socialist of city states just get flooded with welfare recipients?

A: Perhaps it would be in the city's best interest to install a law that only long time residents can receive welfare benefits.

Q: How dare you?

A: According to the conspiracy theories, communism is what is favoured by the New World Order. We must give them what they want if we wish to work with them. Plus, it is the best possible option in a perfect world where everybody is a professional and robots do all the grunt labour. Do not worry, Intelligent Reconstruction will see to it that it is more of a utopia than a dystopia.

Q: Why communism? Are you not a libertarian?

A: Welp, there are three reasons:

1. In a world where everybody is equal we need to make every position equally attractive in order for people to follow their niche and not just go after whatever pays more.

2. The natural evolution of capitalism will result in a hand full of monopolies dominating most markets. It isn't such a big transition to just have the government take them over.

3. We may be mostly libertarian but the Illuminati is not. We have to give them something.

Q: But... But... We wanted to be libertarian forever.

A: Don't worry, rural areas will now be straight anarchy. The only rule is you are not allowed to band together. You rejected society you can't create a new one.

Q: Are we not all men created equal?

A: All men are created equal? You hold this truth to be self-evident!? No! It's not self-evident! Not all men are created equal! Some are created spectacular. Some are created worthless. Some were born to be ruling class. Some are not deserving of much of anything.

Q: What if I'm perfectly content in being smart amongst retards and don't want to give up my position?

A: Think about this... What if you became a retard? Now that we believe in reincarnation it should be easier to support eugenics. I mean you wouldn't want to reincarnate as a retard.

Q: How stupid is too stupid to procreate? What if I have other features?

A: In the first phase it will be only the utterly retarded. Aaand... Then we have a new criteria for utterly retarded so i guess it will always only be the utterly retarded. And there are a number of different forms of smarts we need to test for. It won't be based solely on IQ. If genius runs in the family but you're rather retarded, we may take the chance with your genetics... Until the last few phases, of course, when we will no longer allow retards to exist. Not to mention there are many different traits we should test for that may allow you to procreate even if you happen to be too stupid. We can't just go with "only nerds can procreate" right off the bat because the population would suddenly become a lot less attractive. We won't only allow extremely intelligent people to procreate until the last few phases.

Q: Who does all the grunt labour?

A: It doesn't say anywhere that people doing grunt labour need to be dumb. And more importantly, by the time our plan is implemented grunt labour will be done by machines. And it is because grunt labour is being done by machines that we need eugenics... Dumb people simply will not be useful for any reason.

Q: What if my family name dies with me?

A: Now that we believe in reincarnation you shouldn't worry too much about spreading your family name. Don't worry if you're too stupid to have children. You no longer need to be on a family tree so people from the future know you existed. If you're still desperate to be on a family tree you could always adopt.

Q: When does it end?

A: By the final phase of eugenics we will have eliminated every single undesirable human genetic trait. We will be perfect. This is when it will end... Let's call it the very end of the Age of Aquarius.

Q: What about schizophrenia? Autism? Minor psychological disorders like schizoid or antisocial?

A: We can pretty well get rid of full on crazy but a lot of psychological disorders come with genius and other desirable effects, so we will not eliminate all psychological issues.

Q: Are you some kind of racist?

A: So selective breeding would automatically come with racism? Isn't that a little bit racist? I believe all races have equal but different potential. I mean Asians may be smarter but there's certainly not one particular race that I think will score dumbest. Worst case scenario it goes Asians and then the rest. Or we find out Asians being smarter is more of a cultural thing. And with all positive qualities figured it will without a doubt be equal across all races.

Q: Will this ever lead to death camps?

A: I hate the retards but not so much that I think they deserve to die.

Q: Where exactly do you lean, politically?

A: Socially I am extremely liberal. Fiscally I am mostly conservative. So I'm a libertarian but I do have a few socialist leanings. I believe the point of a society is to keep you safe and healthy but outside of that it should stay out of your life.

Q: Where do you stand on drug laws?

A: I believe nobody has the right to tell you what you can put in your own body.

Q: Where do you stand on gay marriage?

A: I believe it should be a matter for individual churches to decide, and not the state.

Let's say, for the sake of argument, being gay is a choice. We live in a free society, do we not? What difference does it make if you choose to be gay or were born gay? And no I don't personally believe being gay is a choice.

Q: Where do you stand on abortion?

A: I believe it is just a lump of flesh. And if there is a consciousness in there it will go and find a new fetus.

Q: Where do you stand on gun control?

A: Gun control isn't going to save anybody's life. If somebody wishes to kill they're going to kill... All you achieve with gun control is inconveniencing them slightly. Well, maybe a ban on assault weapons would save lives by making it more difficult to kill en masse but what would make it even more difficult to kill en masse would be have everyone carry a gun.

Q: Where do you stand on doctor assisted suicide?

A: If one wants to end one's life that should be one's own prerogative.

Q: Where do you stand on the death penalty?

A: An eye for an eye.

Q: Where do you stand on censorship?

A: I hate it. Who even gets offended by swear words nowadays anyway? Hey old ladies: Fuck anal cunt cockpit. Hehe cockpit. Telling somebody they can't say something because it offends you is like Christians saying you can't be gay because it offends them. Okay it's not exactly the same but it's close. I mean if it's racist... You shouldn't be able to say it... But if it's homophobic Christians then... Same deal... Okay I'm confusing myself now I'm not sure what I believe. Uhh. Fuck anal cunt cockpit.

Q: Where do you stand on religion in schools?

A: Children should be educated about religions but never fed dogma by anybody other than their parents or preachers.

Q: Where do you stand on affirmative action?

A: Whether or not you get the job should be based on ability alone. Remember if you're a minority and this guy wouldn't hire you if it weren't for affirmative action then he's a racist dickhole anyway and you don't want to work for him.

Q: Where do you stand on the prison system?

A: It's a free ride and a waste of money. We should be dumping these people in the remote arctic. No I'm not serious. Almost serious but not quite serious. If you think it's a good idea then I'm serious, if not I'm kidding.

Q: Where do you stand on surveillance and wiretapping?

A: We're talking about potential terrorists here. If it can save lives it should be utilized. However, we may not be in agreement as to what constitutes a potential terrorist.

I dream of a surveillance dystopia. A surveillance dystopia would be really pretty once we're past the first cycle.

Q: Where do you stand on waterboarding/torture?

A: Again, we're talking about terrorists. If the information can save lives they should be permitted to use any means necessary. Using it to force a confession isn't such a great idea, however, obviously.

Q: Where do you stand on the war on terror?

A: Stop declaring war on concepts. You're going after terrorists that's a given.

Q: Where do you stand on health care?

A: I believe if you're going to live in a society that has the nerve to give you rules, the least that society could do for you is keep you healthy. I believe in a two tiered system, because making hospitals richer can only be a good thing while no member of society should have to go without treatment. With Winnipeg being fully libertarian, however, residents are not exactly a member of society and should fend for themselves.

Q: Where do you stand on welfare?

A: I believe it should be considerably more strict. Some people need support... Most of them are simply mooching off the taxpayers and that doesn't seem very fair to me. I may even go as far as to say this sort of thing should be handled by charities.

Q: Where do you stand on government grants for the arts and public broadcasting?

A: I oppose it. I oppose any government spending that isn't limited to health, safety, education and the military. And I may even be a little iffy on education. I mean I think every child should be educated, but I'm not sure about people with no children having to pay for it.

Q: Where do you stand on child labour?

A: Companies are improving the quality of living in developing countries. Yes they are being exploited but the end result is positive.

Q: Where do you stand on immigration?

A: So long as they are not a bane on our society, let 'em in.

Q: Where do you stand on global warming?

A: I believe we're surely doing something to the planet with all our pollution, but it isn't as serious as these doomsayers seem to think. I think the planet is more versatile than they would have you believe. It is yet to be proven to me that recent changes in weather is anything other than a natural cycle... However it wouldn't be so Earth-shattering to me if it turned out to be our doing.

Q: Where do you stand on deforestation?

A: Uh, guys, we need those rainforests. Get your wood somewhere else. The rainforests are, like, our life support.

Q: Where do you stand on the war in Iraq?

A: I don't like being lied to. The reason you're in there is obviously oil and not so much weapons of mass destruction. However, you have ousted a tyrant and brought them democracy so perhaps it wasn't such a bad thing. I can't wait for America to officially be labeled the world police so there's no more need for lies.

Or... I guess... Maybe we'll be the world police.

Q: Where do you stand on war in general?

A: Explosions are neat. However, very rarely is war necessary.

Q: What do you think of unions?

A: I'm okay with them in concept, not so much in execution. I think an ideal company doesn't need a union because it treats it's employees well.

Q: Where do you stand on Israel?

A: I'm torn between two opinions: One is "Why can't we all just get along?" and they should live together peacefully. The second is the Arabs were in the region first and the white devil should just vacate. We can tell they're intruders by the fact that they're white. But then with that said there shouldn't be any white people in North America either, sooo... I'm more into living together peacefully.

Q: Where do you stand on store owners refusing service to homosexuals?

A: On the one hand I think store owners should be allowed to refuse service to whoever they wish, on the other hand I think it's a terrible terrible thing and these store owners are terrible people.

Q: Where do you stand on Sharia law?

A: Naturally I strongly disapprove, but if this is the way you must live your life so be it, we can accommodate that. You will have to sign something saying you wish to participate in Sharia law and you can't be prosecuted unless you've signed it. Once signed you have to have a pretty damn good reason to unsign it... "I don't want to die" won't do as you've made your bed.

Q: You're a prick.

A: I'm just putting on a face. :)

I love you all, I just hate to see you be stupid when you could do better. The frustration may make me hate you but not as powerfully as I love you. I only mock you because I love you and it hurts me to see you be stupid.

Q: What is the biggest problem we face?

A: Too many stupid people.

Q: Why do you need a militia?

A: 1. To be the world police.
2. To keep the illuminati at gunpoint.
3. To fix any problems that the viginantes can't handle. And any problems that may come up with our system.

Q: Conspiracy theorists are a subgroup of left-leaning people? Conservatives can't be conspiracy theorists?

A: Well, there are a lot of conservative conspiracy theorists, but I find most are libertarians or anarchists.

Q: So you're fine with homosexuality. Are you fine with bestiality? Polygamy? Inscest?

A: Bestiality: If the animal can consent, sure why not. But they can't so I'm going to go with no. And just because they can do whatever they want doesn't mean I would approve of it. I would mock it to no end.

Polygamy: As long as it includes both polygyny and polyandry, sure why not.

Inscest: Well my philosophy is people can do whatever they want as long as it doesn't harm anybody. Having a child with your sister hurts the child. So I would say as long as they don't have children, sure.

Q: So you think the west is the chosen culture. Are you racist?

A: Not really, no. Individually I think everybody has the same potential regardless of race, just as a whole the west is clearly the chosen culture. Or should I say, everyone has different but equal potential. When we're talking about race, that is. Not in general.

Q: Are you trying to make an enemy of Bill O'Riley and Ann Coulter?

A: Naahh... Bill O'Riley's a good guy. He's an idiot but he's a good guy. Actually, you know, on second thought, he's actually pretty smart. He just plays an idiot on TV... Frankly, I hate that I like him. When he's on other people's shows at least. Ann Coulter, on the other hand, yes.

Q: What's your beef with Reagan?

A: His crackdown on drugs, reaganomics, being dumb... Ahh he's fine. Overall. I didn't mean it. There have been more offensive presidents.

Q: What's your beef with the circus?

A: Nothing. Just... clowns. I have a beef with clowns. No I'm not afraid of them.

Q: I don't live in the Americas. Why do you think I live in the Americas?

A: Because it's the centre of the universe.

Q: Are you racist toward Jews?

A: No, I'm not actually racist toward anybody. I just thought I was being funny. Racist jokes are great 'cause they're about as offensive as you can get.

Q: So you say the middle east does not have the chosen religion. Are you implying the west has the chosen religion?

A: If that religion is Christianity, then no. If that religion is secularism, then yes.

Q: Making jokes about the World Trade Centre... I don't know...

A: I'M SORRY. I was drunk and high when I wrote it... I feel bad about it but I can't bring myself to delete it.

Update: Okay I deleted it. Sorry to everybody who saw it before I deleted it. SORRY. Sometimes sober Rob hates drunk Rob. For the record it wasn't that bad. Just basically I didn't like the way they looked.

Q: Are you trying to create a religion?

A: No. I'm trying to destroy them.

Q: You talk of world peace. How can you make this a reality?

Well it's a work in progress, but so far I have... Step one: Destroy religion. Not the philosophy behind the religion, just the blindly followed dogma. Step two: Seven unified world regions. United North America and Australia (and I want to put Japan and the UK in there as well but we'll see how that's received), united Latin America, united Europe, united Middle East, united Africa, united Central Asia, united East Asia. Seven presidents, or kings if you will, that do not currently have a country. Don't worry about losing your culture, you'll still exist as your own cultural entity, just now you have one more level of government to report to. Competition will keep innovation alive, but for the most part the seven unified regions should get along, as their sovereignty is guaranteed by the New World Order. Don't worry, world leaders who are going to lose their country, we have a very, very, very sweet deal for you.