Astral Dreamscape I
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Here's What's Going Down...
Winnipeg, Nagasaki and Burbank are all part of an experiemnt. The aliens who created us, the Nap_ia (or Nap[uh]ia) have decided it's time for us to wake up to the universe and connect on the Astral Plane. They have given us all the secrets of the universe, which can be found at Awaken to the Universe. The goal is to activate many people with waking telepathy, and every person with access to our collective unconscious while they lucid dream. In the collective unconscious you can learn things, most notibally who you were in past lives.

To become telepathic you need to be young, roughly under 40, before your brain stops being malleable. Also to experience telepathy you usually have to be stoned or half asleep. There are ways to get telepathy all the time but you'll always be better at it when you're stoned or half asleep. If you're very drug addled your brain is still malleable enough to be activated after age 40. And if you were activated before age 40 you will always be activated.

We have awoken to the universe. An event every society in this universe and beyond must come to eventually.

How to excel at telepathy can be found on the website The Astral Plane Compass.

God chose Winnipeg as the first city to activate due to the artists of Intelligent Reconstruction.

Again, there is always the possibility that I am completely insane. But hopefully this will convince you as well as it's convinced me...

So I'm 20 years old, taking 2C-I for the first time at my computer desk around 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, writing "Are We Mirrors?" and suddenly I feel this pressence. Like a metaphyiscal glow from the distance. I lapse and type something about "Being on the fast track to success." I hear a voice (not really a voice, more a thought that wasn't mine) tell me I am one of many youngsters getting set up to save the planet, among other vague memories... Like something about the sickle cells in my body, then I get this sense that they're not sure of me yet. I'm forced to delete everything I wrote and the memory is completely repressed.

Later that night I remember I'm on the toilet, all buzzing off having writen "Are We Mirrors?" and I say in my head "Don't worry, God, I got this." and it didn't seem unusual. Everything just felt... Normal. Then the next morning I'm on my computer reading and editing "Are We Mirrors?" and I think to myself that I wrote... Something else... Something that changes everything in my life, I just... I can't remember what it was. Where did it go?

But I was activated. I was one of at least 100 (at this point) in Winnipeg who have been activated.

Then later that month I was walking home from 7-11 on 2C-I, again at like 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, by the way it's a really trippy thing when the wind follows you home and pushes at your back both ways when you're on a psychedelic. I'm just passing through our parking lot, thinking to myself about how humanity is on the brink of destruction and nobody thinks about it, they're just living their lives, and I was thinking it was kind of funny, when suddenly I got this voice in my head saying "AND YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?" and for some reason I knew it was coming from the appartment I was passing by, and such a thing just felt normal, I didn't think about it.

Then I was sitting on my bed meditating one afternoon and I heard a voice (by the way, when I say voice, I don't mean auditory hallucination, it's all in my head.) say "We're watching you."

I knew I was telepathic but I didn't. It wasn't a conflict in my head. Usually if I started hearing voices I would freak the fuck out and kill myself, but something in the back of my mind just said this is reality now.

Then I was getting a ride home from work with one of my batshit crazy but cool coworkers and we had a good conversation. At the end he asked me if I would film a documentary about him and his exercise routine or whatever-the-fuck, and I said sure, 'cause I liked him and didn't want to dissapoint him, but then couldn't stop thinking about how my debut to the film world would be this documentary, when suddenly I got this pressence again and it said something like "Shakespeare would be proud." and I felt the pressence of Shakespeare and this pressence watching me. It said Shakespeare isn't currently incarnated. And suddenly I just believed in reincarnation now. Before I had just thought you become one with the universe when you died but okay now I believe in reincarnation. Kinda makes more sense anyway.

Then I was smoking pot with my roommate and one of his friends when suddenly I locked on to the fact that all I had said in the past two conversations was "yeah." It felt absolutely unbearably weird and terrible, like I was totally deffective. I had to go to the bathroom to find my head. Suddenly thoughts just started repeating out of my control, and I started to form a thought about how weird this is, and the words in my head said "You know what's weird? I suddenly feel like Josh." and I was like "Josh that kid I went to elementary school with?" and it said "Yeah Josh... (something)." It said his last name but I couldn't remember it. I went to my room to ride the storm out, thinking about Josh. See Josh was this goober I was friends with in elementary school, but one day I ditched him to protect my own popularity. Now this Josh guy had killed himself and used whatever mental magic was available to fuck with the lives of everybody who had betrayed him. After I had sobered up I went outside and went to Burger King with my roommate and his friend, but everything was just... Odd. It's like I never realized how beautiful it was in my head until I experienced the opposite. And now I live in the opposite.

I gradually managed to set it aside, but I still had to deal with this depersonalization and feeling like everything was strange and stupid. "Why'd God make the trees look like that? They look stupid!" It mostly wore off eventually, but there was still a little of it in my head.

Sometimes on the bus to work I would just get this feeling, when I was nearing Osbourne Village, that my old childhood friend who I will talk about later was watching over me. It was strange, I had never really thought about him before, but suddenly I knew he had become a very important, fascinating, brilliant guy.

So I had moved out and into my own place near Osbourne Village. I had it in my head when I was once again tripping on 2C-I that the energy of the neighbourhood didn't want me. Like the people knew I was new and they wanted the other lady that lived in my appartment back. Again, though, it just felt perfectly normal that I was sensing the feelings of certain people in my neighbourhood.

Then I was on LSD, writing in my journal, and you know this part... I figured I'm probably insane and I need to get the crazy out of me by getting to the bottom of it during my trip. And you know what happened. Suddenly I remember what happened at the beginning of our prelude. Suddenly I was "On the fast track to success" again. High speed automatic writing in a different penmanship. But no, it couldn't be, it just... It isn't possible. I was definetly crazy. But I didn't think I should kill myself. In the back of my mind I knew it was real, though. It was just... It was the only logical explanation. There's no high speed automatic writing in a different penmanship. There's no sickle cells in my hand being controled by some other force. Something magical happened here and I need to readjust my views on reality.

So many moments between here and my special visit from an old friend. Having thoughts in my head as I fall asleep and some voice saying stuff like "Ooo, yeah, let's do that in the future" and thinking about how I was going to take 5-meo-DMT with a friend the next day and the voice saying something like "Perfect time for me to experiment on you." Then there was the fact that one of the voices in my head was black and I was all like "Why is one of my voices black? Is it my inner racist and white privalege?" And it laughed. Among other things.

Then came my childhood friend that I had been a bastard to. I think he still resented me but there was more important stuff to worry about. Had a pretty normal afternoon, went to the bar and had a few drinks (where we talked about EMDR, and he said he had another use for it that he will explain later), then went for a walk by the river. I had some kind of profound thought about the trees and nature and stuff and the voices said something like "Sounds good but nobody can understand this illegable ker-giberish so just put a cap on it." And I was like, cool, I put a cap on it. My friend asks me if when we start peaking on the 2C-I we can just meditate together. I said sure, thinking my kind of guy, but he wasn't interested in actual meditation. I got into a comfortable position on my couch, and him too, I can still remember the cool position he was in, resting his head in his arms on the arm rest of the couch. I closed my eyes and then I hallucinate him, he pokes through the space between us and suddenly starts telling me all this stuff, that I'm not crazy, this is real, that it's reincarnation, that aliens created our planet and was hiring us out to fix it, that we need sickle cells (when properly activated) to feel the emotional vibrations of the universe, everybody has a death fetish, and ultimately that I am the chosen one. He had talked about how there was a lot of telepathic activity in my neighbourhood that night. He then explained to me, telepathically, that we can use EMDR backwards to enhance our telepathic ability, and never said a word about it out loud. A lot of people saw it go down. And then he cleaned my brain up and got rid of all that crap from "the Josh attack" he called it. A major relief.

Later that night I "met my maker" as they had said. The alien, Jerridic, who created our planet.

Uh. Okay then. Mission accepted. Who would of thought, of all the consciousnesses that could get to be the chosen one, it's THIS one? The one I'm in. This is the kind of thing that will ultimately end up getting me thrown in the psych ward.

Moment One
Then there was a few months of me chillin' with the voices in my head, having a good time. One night I come home and this woman comes into my head and says something like "Hey you're the guy who stole my appartment. It's Jamie Graham." We did some talking and I suddnely heard this voice say she's a soul mate. I interpretted it wrong, thought the voice meant THE soul mate, rather than A soul mate. But I quickly became very possessive and jealous. I mean I tried not to be, just... It's kind of hard to hide these things when people are in your head. She was definetely one of us on the fast track to success. She had a good idea for her image, she was going to be glam. We were going to make music and then we were going to move on to film. She thought I was adorable. And then she died. And when it went down, I was tripping with my ex roommate. I had to go to my room to scream and cry, leaving my ex rommate to assume I was loosing it in there.

On the note of Jamie Graham... There was a moment there when we were experimenting with body swapping and some other soul took over Jamie's body. So, if her family came here after seeing my video and I said that literally wasn't her. I told you I don't say literally when I mean figuratively. I meant literally. That literally wasn't her. And then she finally got her body back after the soul who stole her body overdosed... Then... She decided one more hit of the crack pipe wouldn't hurt. And then she was dead. I could have saved her. If I truly understood the situation I wouldn't have let her hit that pipe one more time. I failed her. I failed you.

I also got introduced to another soul mate, who may actually be closer to THE soul mate. I had met her when Jamie, or Gloria as she wanted to go by, was still alive. I thought maybe I would date this woman first and then move on to Jamie later, that she would be my practice girl. Maybe it was for the best that Jamie was forced to step asside. Or maybe I get two soul mates. One under each arm. Anyway, she's an empath, which goes well with my sociopath (I'm going to try damn hard not to create a toxic relationship.) She has good taste, she's just... She's great.

By the way, awhile after I had met Jamie telepathically, I got some mail addressed to one "Jamie Graham" who used to live in my appartment. This was the first time I had recieved her mail. Oh and then a few months after her death, I got one of her old friends and a hired private investigator come to my appartment looking for her. Naturally I couldn't say anything, though.

Then I get reaquainted with a woman we refer to as "Mom." She was one of the first telepaths. She somehow figured out the EMDR thing, she somehow figured out near-death body swapping, and she was a psychological genius, here to help all us chosen children cope with the effects of being crazy genius. She was the boss of a secret society we've been calling "The Society of Lucifer" and she was dead. Before she died she figured out body swapping, and after she died she was placed in a new woman's brain/body via body swapping. Mom was the first voice I heard when I was writing in my journal on LSD and she eventually gave me over to Jerridic.

It was Mom's idea to label it a "Moment." She told me we were in "Moment One."

Then Mom's new body died, and she would temporarily visit us in the bodies of the women of the Society of Lucifer, but is yet to find a permanent body. In her absense, her boyfriend is in charge of the Society of Lucifer.

Then I figured "Why is there nothing on the internet about this occurence? There needs to be so people know it's real." Then I wrote a lot of crap under the psudenom "Devin Gulliver" that was okay but I'm not particularly proud of it. I put it on the webstie "Evolver" which at the moment was featuring a lot of new age bloggers. My childhood friend hated it and thought I was ruining everything, and he eventually made me see his point, so I got rid of it and started typing up a big long note, that is now lost, and putting it out in secret that was only to be shared with other telepaths. For the record it shot up hundereds of hits, all from Canada, and nowhere else, in case you were still doubting me. I never showed it to anybody out loud.

But before I took it down, I showed my parents, and they thought I was schizophrenic, they cried, and set up an appointment with the youth psychosis prevention society or whatever-the-fuck they're called.

I said to myself, when talking to Mom's boyfriend, that we need an antichrist. I just assumed it couldn't be me, but eventually I realized, wait, that's me, so I made a post on Evolver ranting about being the antichrist like a crazy person. I then realized that my childhood friend must be the false prophet, and my new soul mate, the empath, who for the record said she's always felt a divine calling to be a whore, is the whore of Babylon. I'm not sure if I'm the real antichrist or if God just wants me to play the part. I'm not sure if revelations predicted the future or God set it up to deliberately look like revalations. All I can say is it's a role I was born to play.

[note that you saw this before i did a more dramatic reveal of being the antichrist. it's coming on TIHYASTF III.]

I couldn't get a hold of my dealer so I was talking to one of my friends on MSN Messangers and agreed to meet up and he'd bring me to his dealer. Afterwards we went and smoked up... His friend came over and was immediately enamored with me. I had to go, though, because he was telepathic and his mental atmosphere was making me uncomfortable. So I left, I didn't think to stay and befriend him so he can tell my parents telepathy is the real deal. Anyway within a few weeks my friend was over at my apartment and we were talking. He said "Who could be the antichrist...? Could it be you?" Obviously his telepathic friend told my friend, who had not yet been activated but is probably one of us.

But I deleted all my stuff as Devin Gulliver and put up one last note saying that this telepathy thing is just an alien experiment and we were about to join the rest of the universe in our heads but we had to start slow.

Then this one time, a friend of mine invited his friend over to do shrooms, and the friend was really annoying. I heard this voice in my head say "Does somebody need to leave this party? I need to go on a bus." Then out loud he says "I need to go on a bus." We looked up the bus schedule and sent him on his way. The next time I saw him he apologized to me telepathically for being annoying.

Then I went to a party at one of my old highschool friend's house that happened to be just down the street, and it was a hot bed of telepaths. People were freaking out all around me and this one guy was calming people down, who hadn't realized they were telepathic until they saw God take command of that party ("Something in the air" we called it.) and show everybody what was going on in my head and direct them to this one guy who was explaining it to people one by one. How it's an alien experiment and the like. I saw it out loud in person, it was happening right near me. This one attractive telepath worked up the nerve to talk to me and she approached me. She ran her finger down my nose, which I thought was really cool, but she seemed really nervous talking to me. She said she was going to come back later, and I saw some potential here... But then I got somebody telep to me this was all going to fail and I should accept life as an alcoholic psychology professor, and I was like shit my childhood friend had gotten shit around real good, so I told them all to view the new notes and it spread around like wild fire. As I was leaving God said "And it's synchronicity music, too" and I said "How is it synchronicity music?" And it said "Does it 'say goodbye'?" at the exact same time as Paul McCartney sang "say goodbye." All sorts of "It's very obvious it's telepathy" stuff happening but I can't bare to ask any of them to explain it to my parents for some reason.

Oh and in the notes I said I would suck Barrack Obama's cock, that'll be important later.

Then there's this stuff with "Those Who Watch and Whisper Secrets" but I'm not going to talk about it here, it desrves it's own article.

So I started "This is How You Are Supposed to Feel" and put it on blogspot. I usually turned out about three articles a day. Then, the day after "Thy Life of Sin is Coming to an End!" something... Happened.

Moment Two
[most of this moment has been temporarily redacted]

November 14th, 2009...

[most of this moment has been temporarily redacted]

They started flooding my blog with comments about me and my childhood friend, and death. Making fun of me. Making fun of me in ways that not just people who read my blog would know about. I shot them down, though. My father would later tell me that this was just my childhood friend playing a trick on me, but I never told my childhood friend out loud about my blog, I never told him out loud about any of the things these people talked about, and he would have no way of knowing that the voices had suddenly turned against me. My parents were desperate to deny this just like I used to be. We can't free a mind once it reaches a certain age. It's dangerous, and the mind has trouble letting go.

[most of this moment has been temporarily redacted]

Oh! But before they locked me up they had me in the back room all medicated with clozapine and klopinin. This lady in the back must have known about telepathy 'cause I heard her reading my blog and she was all like "OOOHHH!!" and another nurse lady ran past us crying and as she passed us said "Rob's psycho!"

[at the psych ward...] While I was there I met a nice down syndrome Jesus, a neat older guy who was in for a rage outburst or something that I really jived with, a fast talking manic creative woman who was pretty cool (I tried to friend her on facebook after the fact but it turns out we didn't jive as much as I thought we would.) And then most noteably, a crazy lady who thought I was somebody from her past who told me if I ever touch her again she'd kill me and then a couple of days later tried to attack me in the main area. "CODE WHITE!" I tried to escape twice, in the dead of winter, once to the inner city and once I tried to hitchhike to Vancouver but neither of those attempts worked out. And then I was released and got to sleep at home waiting for them to come down on me and my family.

[most of this moment has been temporarily redacted]

Also while I was in the psych ward I was watching TV with some guy who seemed to have trouble keeping his thoughts in his head and rambled about how "I'm sitting here in the psych ward and the antichrist is sitting next to me." We were watching Barrack Obama give a speech and he had said "Suck his cock for me." Again, though, I did nothing. I wanted to tell him to testify for me but I just couldn't. I was completely silent and nothing came of it. God thought it was not yet time.

[most of this moment has been temporarily redacted]

Moment Three
And now we enter the peacefull and boring time. Living with my parents. I had god knows how many anxious outbreaks given the severe PTSD I now had, I got a lot of writing and figuring myself out done, and everybody still thinks I'm crazy.

This one guy approached me on the walking bridge home and said "Do you know all the secrets of the universe?" And I said "...Yes." Not thinking until just afterwards that I should have told him "You're speaking to Kit Carruthers." and maybe he could tell my parents it's real. Again, I guess, it just wasn't time. He struck me off gurad.

And that's everything. Now we are in the present. I'm living in a smaller town outside the city with my parents and plan on moving back to the city as soon as I can.

My life is boring and I've put on a few pounds. Don't worry I'll get skinny again before I'm famous.