King Teddy
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The great king has passed on, and he leaves his kingdom to his beloved teddy bear.

The first day of the teddy bear on the throne his top general is asking him about the war in the south.

The teddy bear just sits there.

The general asks if we should focus on defence or attack.

The teddy bear just sits there.

I say "Uhh... You realize..."

The general says "You have a problem with the new king? Don't do something crazy and deny his rightful position on the throne, you could get in trouble." "We'll focus on defence."

I'm talking with my wife. "I'm pretty sure... The new king isn't actually alive." She says "What do you mean? Are you sure?" I say "I'm just... I'm pretty sure... He's a teddy bear. Don't tell anybody." She says "I wish you never told me."

The throne room is empty. Stupid bear... I pick him up and hug him. I say "Aww how could I be mad at cute cuddly little you." Wait a minute, what's this...? I see a note.

It says "If you had the nerve to pick him up, you must know he's just a teddy bear, and you should have found this note. You, the person who questioned the will of the bear, you are truly not like the rest of them, and to you I give my kingdom. I say "Oh. Huh."

Don't be the one who simply follows the status quo. Question authority, question everybody, don't bow down to pressure. Be unusual, be weird, be the one who sees things the others don't. You're special, and I'm not just going to be lame and say everybody is special. You, specifically, are special, the rest are ordinary. They are as they say, sorry to be trendy, "basic." Don't be basic, be you.