I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood
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Obey Your Government, Your Government is Here to Serve You

You are not being yourself, sir or madam, you are being foolish. I am worried about your mental health. You are being led around by the nose. You are floating around in a trance.

I understand you. This trance is very seductive. For years I wandered around in this disgusting state.

I didn't know it but I was sexist, racist, materialistic. And I fancied myself a feminist. I fancied myself racially unbiased. I fancied myself unmotivated by material goods.

I am in the group of the "liberal educated elite." To see the reason is to fall into a crowd. I see that history dictates the liberal message is unstoppable and therefore I fall into the crowd of the "educated elite" and they're such a small number. The educated elite does not speak the people. The majority says. The majority says...

The majority says fuck the dead poor people my family needs a new hot tub. Down there, at least. We're a little more enlightened in Canada. Better outlook... Better schools.

I watched a lot of television. My mind was ready. Ready to absorb the trance.

Do what the people on the television tell you. The people on the television made it where they are because they're cool. You want to be cool, don't you?

I was fat. My body was ready. Ready to absorb the hedonism of our culture.

Stuff yourselves on generic fast food burgers. You were born in the Americas, correct? Well then this is your right. This is your right as a citizen of the Americas.

Society is stuck in the head. We are all stuck in the head. We are going insane. We must change this before we drive ourselves into the dirt. We are being lied to and we are being zombified, our stupor is carefully maintained by the powers that be... The government, the media, big pharmaceutical.

You need to stop and think. Unless you're some kind of woman. If you're some kind of mindless woman you should probably just let your husband do that for you.

These are the rules. Live by them. Obey or be shot.

Obey your government. Your government is here to serve you. Obey your government. Your government is here to serve you.

I'm Insane

I have ventured into the bottomless depths of insanity and attained a certain enlightenment. I'm still insane... I'm still insane. Paranoid... And this don't make no sense. I don't know what this is supposed to be. I don't understand how to understand the mindset... Everybody's mindset. I don't understand how it can be so fucking stupid. So I drug binge until I shut up.

*sigh* Society...

This is funny, isn't this funny? This is funny I'm having a laugh.

George Bush is an idiot, isn't this funny? I wanna rant about George Bush is an idiot. I missed my chance to rant about George Bush is an idiot, oh well... He speaks the people and he's an idiot. Isn't this funny?

The New World Order put him in there. FOX News says it so everybody else is just like "Oh, okay." and millions of people just watched the media go "Oh, okay" and government goes on like everything is normal. Millions of blissful idiots, isn't this funny?

But that's like one of those conspiracy theories I don't wanna sound like a crazy person.

When I was younger I thought Bill O'Reiley was doing parody. I was so sheltered growing up in Canada. I was completely oblivious to the idea that this was an actual mindset and he was dead serious until I found the internet. That there are millions of idiots in the southern states spewing this nonsense. Rabble rabble rabble. And they all worship this person that makes it so blatantly obvious he's a dumb obnoxious jackass and nobody understands this grand cosmic joke on them that the people they worship are the most obnoxious assholes in the Universe. Hm... Is it cosmic or is it the New World Order? Is Bill O'Reiley actually doing parody? Sort of? Maybe? Subconsciously? Unknowingly? This realization was a major turning point in my life...

Keep the people stupid and you keep a nation in line.

I don't understand how to understand the mindset. If the theory exists, it's probably worth checking out. And there's plenty of theories where all you need to do is look at the information and it becomes painfully obvious. But that's like one of those conspiracy theories I don't wanna sound like a crazy person. So. Fucking. Stupid. Gaaawwd.

The New World Order sunk the World Trade Center* and you know it. You know it.

And NASA faked the moon landing. Well, they may have been to the moon but the recordings are definately faked. Possibly a failsafe.

See, there's this certain mindset. The "crazy conspiracy theorist paranoid looptyloop" and there's a bit of a cosmic joke on us as well, 'cause, like, most often we actually are paranoid looptyloops and it's difficult to take us seriously. But we are the ones who see the world for what it is. We are the ones that are capable of looking at the reason and looking at the information and drawing logical conclusions. And everybody else is swimming around in this media brainwashed daze and there's all these government secrets and nothing is being done about it and it's driving us into a bunch of paranoid rambling lunatics. It takes a certain disposition. A certain mindset. And it's a scary mindset... We're the only ones who can see we're living in a media brainwashed dystopia and everybody else is wandering around in a daze and it's freakin' us out.

I'm insane. You know I'm insane. Faked the moon landing? Get out, you're crazy...

*They may not have masterminded the whole thing but they definately allowed it to happen.

I'm Standing Here Surrounded By Morons

You're all one of them. I hate every single one of you. And I love you. I love-hate you.

You're all idiots. You're all looptyloop. You're all demented. You're all so vile. So full of lies and misplaced rage. Passive aggressive dirtweasels. Stuck in hundreds of backwards thought patterns you don't even know. Always spreading your lies and your secrets. None of you will ever tell me who you are or who you think I am, really. And you're stupid. So fucking stupid. You don't see the reason it's so obvious. The answer is right in front of your eyes it's so obvious. You're so stupid. Floating around in your little trance.

There's so many of your little mental dysfunctions floating around in our society...

Like Christianity, for one. Yeah... Seriously. They just invented hell some time in the middle ages. The information is out there. It's right there just look at it. How can you believe in hell when it says it right there we just made it up? Seriously. How can you even believe in any of it at all? In antiquity there was a bunch of pretty people that said some pretty things and they thought there was like a Heaven so let's go with that one, then take out everything you find about spirituality being an inward journey, turn women into the spawn of Satan, make Jesus a white man, and package it with this absurd concept of Hell that says you get tortured for an eternity if you follow the instincts that God gave you. The God that loves you. Yeah. We got this. It's that one it's definitely that one we know what we're talking about we should probably go tell the rest of the world how evil they're being.

Idiots! Gaaawwwd...

And it's, like, the little things, too... We're stuck in so many little problems that just seem so stupid. How many of you have these great solutions to problems that seem so obvious?

I think I can solve plane crashes. You know how we do it? Parachutes! Why don't they just pack enough parachutes on the plane for every passenger? * We're all sitting here crashing to our death like a bunch of clueless losers when we could have easily diverted this problem.

I'll tell you why. Because that would take up space. That would be less seats. That would be less money for the airline. Yeah it's gotta be that one I can't see any other explanation besides we all just overlooked that a parachute will get you out of this. I don't think so. No you can't all be that stupid it can't be.

I'm standing here surrounded by morons.

* It's because the plane is going too fast, apparently. But I'm not giving up... You couldn't use some sort of a neck brace or something? Maybe I'm the idiot, I don't know.

And It Will Be Crushed

Alright, that's it you demented little fuckweasels...

You're all going insane. You and the Christians.

There's all this information flying around us that says the world is driving into a landmine. We're just getting smacked with all this drama and it's all very mysterious and the age of information is saying look at the answers it's right there it's right in front of your face. And all the demented Christians too dumb to use a computer are going "No! No! No! La La La La I am not listening" and we're going "What? Hello. Just look at it."

Hellooo... The information is right there in front of your face. It's all there just look at it. The New World Order sunk the World Trade Center. The reason they're in Iraq is oil. George Bush stole the election. Something's going on here and it's all very mysterious. And we're just all like, whatever dumbasses, peace bro. And we rant and we rant and we turn the news into comedy. Rightfully so, I mean it is comedy. Because we're smart enough to see this and they're not so this is funny. This is funny. This is really fucking funny. We're all a bunch of idiots this is hilarious.

You know what? I'm not finding this very funny anymore. This isn't funny this is scary. There's a big pack of retards guiding us into the brink of total annihilation and we can't defeat them so we mock them. This is scary. We're all like, uhh... uhh... Just look at it you dumbasses. Peace bro. Uhh...

You know you shouldn't bottle up all this anger. It's unhealthy. One of these days it's going to come to a climax... And it's just going to blow up all over the fucking place.

And it will be crushed.

I believe in Intelligent Reconstruction.