The Dry Path
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The Dry Path is a minimal techno project from Kit Carruthers. It was the first of Kit Carruther's projects to actually have a genre and second project overall.

2009 - Hexagon LP
The first and final tracks are really the only ones that are still minimal techno. Everything inbetween is a drugged up, genreless sludge of over stimulation. I don't hate it as much as I usually hate my work but I still hate it a little.

01. Fractal Patterns and Pretty Colours [09:50]
02. First Bardo [05:01]
03. Elevated [06:19]
04. Choose Life! [03:54]
05. 4fghgvn,/ [04:33]
06. Glimpse Through the Fabric [07:33]

2009 - Elevated.02 EP
This is one older track (pre pentagon) and part two of Elevated, which was written just before I started work on Hexagon. It's another okay I guess. The main feature of this ep is hex, which was a very major turning point for me, written around the same time as Elevated.02. Hex may honestly be my best work.

01. Elevated.02 [06:19]
02. The Radar's Out [10:34]
03. hex.i (rise) [07:21]
04. hex.ii (flow) [05:45]
05. hex.iii (break) [06:52]

2008 - Elevated.01 EP
This is a big chunk of older tracks (pre and post pentagon) and part one of Elevated, which was written just before I started work on Hexagon. It's okay I guess. Bit of a production issue.

01. Elevated.01
02. 11117 [02:56]
03. Broken [09:25]
04. Big Mental Breakdown Incoming [03:53]
05. Crush The Butterfly [10:51]

2007 - Pentagon LP
Pentagon was my second attempt at minimal techno and a major stylistic turning point. The first time I deserved to be happy about my music. Sooo muuuch reeeverrrb. So much production issues. Stupid shitty headphones... Turn the base real down and the volume real up. But it's still just practice and I sorta like it! It sounds like turning at some antiquated peice of junk on acid. But, uh, the volume stuff... yeah I'm full of production issues from working on shitty headphones. Best played on shitty headphones.

01. washed ashore.i (04:19)
02. washed ashore.ii (05:36)
03. pentagon.i [05:35]
04. pentagon.ii [06:54]
05. pentagon.iii [08:22]
06. pentahedron [04:19]
07. i like to sit and stare at the sky.i [07:45]
08. i like to sit and stare at the sky.ii [06:29]
09. i like to sit and stare at the sky.iii [09:59]

2006 - Square LP
This is where I pretty much sorta decided on minimal techno, and started writing in key... For the most part. I Was Dead Today isn't in key, but that was pretty deliberate. It's more practice stuff I hate it!

01. Theory of the Deep Forest Fox (He Knows Everything) [01:47]
02. It Was Dead Today.I [04:22]
03. It Was Dead Today.II [05:02]
04. I Was Dead Today [04:17]
05. Square.a [01:04]
06. Square.b [09:05]
07. Cube [05:16]
08. Release me at Once.1 [03:40]
09. Release me at Once.2 [04:09]
10. Soft Light Through Hard Rock [04:22]
11. Hard Light Through Glass and Steel [09:08]