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11:11, crop circles, remarkable coincidence and psychedelic visions have led you to me. If you wish for the true explanation of what is occurring you may read on. It will start out as oddly alarming, then you will have a moment where you simply don't know what is happening, it will become very satisfying and aligning, it will get a little scary but don't worry things worked out, and then you will go so far down the rabbit hole you can't even believe. You will question everything you know to be true. Everything. Not just the fables. Everything. Your every opinion. Everything you hate. Everything you fear. Everything. By the end you will be different. By the end you will understand. By the end you will accept. By the end you will be ready.

I should add, if you wish to skip to the good stuff, scroll down to Writings and then Non Fiction. It is very important that you read them in the order they are presented. Don't even look at future titles you'll break the universe. It will start light and get you interested and from there it will simply progress. Though I am very succinct it will take you a very long time. You may want to begin early in the day because once you start you will not stop. Also I would highly recommend reading this high on marijuana or a light dose of a psychedelic but if you don't have any that will be fine. Turn the music off. Turn the television off. No distractions.

My name is Kit and I have a drug problem. I'm all dark and passionate. And the thing I'm highest on is myself. And I'm hipster. And I hate everything that's dumb! Leave me the hell alone. Seriously don't contact me unless you have something important to say I don't need to hear your grovelling.

Kit Carruthers is a 36 year old artist and philosopher from Winnipeg, Canada. He is an enthusiast of transpersonal psychology and metaphysics; he is a futurist and an advocate of social reform.

The teachings of Kit Carruthers will lead you to a state of enlightenment. A state of pure bliss. They will break you down and make you understand that you are an uneducated, uncultured idiot who should probably be sterilized. And then build you back up and make you understand how everything can be so beautiful.

I am harsh medicine. You need it.


.: O Beautiful Death (Post-Rock, Psychedelia, IDM, Neoclassical)
.: Offret (Experimental Ambient, Dark Ambient, Neoclassical)
.: .//phenethylamine (Melodic Psytrance, Psychill, Progressive Trance, Neoclassical)
.: *is done* The Dry Path (Minimal Techno, Neoclassical)
.: Grand Theft Poultry (Industrial Noise, Dark Ambient, Atonal Electronic)

Collaborations Conceived by Myself
.: Stupid Boi! (Synth-Pop, Electro, Neoclassical)
.: Human Garbage (Psychedelia, Atmospheric Sludge, Post-Hardcore, Post-Rock)
.: The Solanaceae Artist Collective (Indie Rock, Indie Folk, Psychedelia, World Music, Post-Rock, Post-Hardcore)


.: Kill, Teach! (Novella, Drama/Crime, 2015, )
.: Until Absolute Perfection is Achieved I (Novella, Action/Science Fiction, 2016)
.: Until Absolute Perfection is Achieved II (Novella, Action/Science Fiction, 2017)
.: It's Gotta be Something, Forever (Novella, Drama/Romance, 2020)
.: Die on My Feet (Novella, Western, 2022)
.: The Dark Embrace of Phenethylamine (Short Story, Drama/Romance, 2022)
.: A Dangerous Fantasy (Short Story, Gore/Erotic/Crime, 2016)
.: Age of Harmony [or Dances with Dark Forces] (Short Story, Science Fiction, 2022)
.: Chosen (Short Story, Western, 2020)
.: Scotty Harrison (Novella, Drama, 2022)
.: The Basement (Short Story, Drama, 2015)
.: Snowblind (Short Story, Adventure, 2015)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 10 025: The Blight (Novella, Action/Fantasy, 2020)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 14 002: On a Cloud (Novella, Crime/Fantasy, 2021)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 21: The Areates War (Short Story, War/Fantasy, 2021)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 2200: Imposing Our Will (Short Story, Political/Fantasy, 2021)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 10 031: For the Glory of Eran (Short Story, Adventure/Fantasy, 2021)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 10 033: For the Revolution (Short Story, Drama/Fantasy, 2021)
.: Alcavana, Year 12 003: An Impossible Task (Novella, Fantasy, 2022)
.: Alcavana, Year 17 002: Soon it Will be Autumn (Short Story, Fantasy, 2023)
.: Alcavana, Year 12 007: The Trouble with Eternity (Novella, Fantasy, 2022)
.: A Dying Land, Year 2041: The Angel of Death (Short Story, Drama/Crime, 2023)
.: A Dying Land, Year 2049: Knowing I've Made a Difference (Short Story, Drama, 2023)
.: A Dying Land, Year 2048: Negotiating with Death (Short Story, Drama, 2023)
.: Imagine a World Where Christianity Reigns (Novella, Dystopian, 2020)
.: All Civilization Ends by my Hand (Short Story, Horror/Science Fiction, 2022)
.: Welcome Home (Short Story, Drama/Surrealist, 2021)
.: Yin [or Don't Die in the Desert] (Novella, Action/Science Fiction/Western, 2023)
.: Cleanse it with Fire (Novella, Crime, 2022)
.: The Sum of All Knowledge (Short Story, Science Fiction/Horror, 2023)
.: The Eyes of God (Short Story, Drama/Science Fiction, 2023)
.: Death Wish (Short Story, Drama, 2023)
.: Ice'd (Short Story, Mystery/Crime, 2023)
.: Apostate (Short Story, Drama, 2023)
.: Making Our Way in the New World (Short Story, Drama, 2023)
.: Eat my Dust (Short Story, Action/Crime, 2023)
.: The World of Yomi (Short Story, Drama, 2022)
.: My Favourite Psychopath (Short Story, Drama, 2022)
.: It Was Always Satan (Short Story, Drama, 2023)
.: This Emotional Triangle (Short Story, Romance, 2023)
.: The Devil's Trumpet (Short Story, Surrealist, 2023)
.: One Foot in the Afterlife (Short Story, Adventure, 2022)
.: Under the Cherry Blossoms (Short Story, Crime/Romance, 2022)
.: Musings on Death (Short Story, Drama, 2023)
.: I Can't Wait to See What the Future Looks Like (Short Story, Drama, 2021)
.: Death is the Crescendo (Short Story, Surrealist, 2021)
.: You Win, World (Short Story, Drama, 2023)
.: Chrissy the Clown (Short Story, Drama, 2023)
.: Frozen Solid (Short Story, Drama, 2023)
.: Why I'm Goth (Short Story, Drama, 2021)
.: Unveiled (Short Story, Science Fiction, 2022)
.: Fuck All (Short Story, Western, 2023)
.: Merry Christmas or Else (Short Story, Christmas, 2022)
.: A Visit From the Straight Man (Short Story, Drama, 2022)
.: John Can't Sleep (Short Story, Surrealist/Erotic, 2021)
.: Captain Rochefort Reporting (Short Story, War, 2021)
.: Just Bring me my Pistol (Short Story, Crime/Drama, 2021)
.: This is the Moment (Short Story, Surrealist, 2021)
.: A Dream of Shadows (Short Story, Horror, 2020)
.: I'm a Canadian and I am in Trouble (Short Story, Thriller, 2020)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 10 024: The End of the Beginning (Short Story, Drama/Fantasy, 2021)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 8012: I've Always Enjoyed the Saxophone (Short Story, Drama/Fantasy, 2021)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 11 250: I'm King of the Nerds (Short Story, Drama/Fantasy, 2021)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 9017: Toxic Fog and Toxic People (Short Story, Crime/Fantasy, 2021)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 10 013: Pernna's Story (Short Story, Drama/Fantasy, 2020)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 10 018: Endless Night (Short Story, Crime/Fantasy, 2020)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 11 907: Introducing Kura (Short Story, Crime/Fantasy, 2021)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 10 025: Ellissy Discovers Herself (Short Story, Post-Apocalyptic/Fantasy, 2021)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 10 039: Ellissy's First Conquest (Short Story, Drama/Fantasy, 2022)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 14 051: After Yashudan (Short Story, Post-Apocalyptic/Fantasy, 2021)
.: Yashudan, Galactic Year 11 892: The Beginning of Kura (Short Story, Crime/Fantasy, 2021)
.: Abyss (Short Story, Adventure, 2003)
.: Bandit (Short Story, Drama/Crime/Mystery, 2003)
.: The Life of... (Short Story, Drama, 2003)
.: King Teddy (Childrens, 2021)

*Note: Make sure to read these in the order they're presented.
.: *updated again* Everything We Do is Awful (Essays, 2023-??)
.: This is How You Are Supposed to Feel I (Essays, 2009)
.: This is How You Are Supposed to Feel II (Essays, 2015)
.: The Rise of Intelligent Reconstruction Part I (Information and FAQ, 2009)
.: This is How You Are Supposed to Feel III (Essays, 2021)
.: I Respectfully Disagree, Jesus (Essays, 2023)
.: The Problem With Christianity (Essay, 2023)
.: Psychedelic Psychology (Essay, 2023)
.: America: The Chosen Culture (Essay, 2023)
.: Astral Dreamscape I (Essays, 2018)
.: We Were Wrong (Essay, 2023)
.: The Universe is a Party (Essay, 2023)
.: *less new* Creation (Essays, 2023)
.: Okay Raelians... (Essay, 2023)
.: The Rise of Intelligent Reconstruction Part II (Information and FAQ, 2018)
.: *updated* Of Course You are Important, but You are Not Important (Essays, 2023)
.: The Beauty and the Majesty (Essays, 2023)
.: Let's Clear Up Some Terminology (Essay, 2023)
.: This is How You Are Supposed to Feel IV (Essays, 2023)
.: Me (Biography, 2023)
.: Outside the Universe (Essays, 2023)
.: Everything is Perfectly in Place and There is No Need to Worry (Essay, 2023)
.: Paranormal Phenomena (Essays, 2023)
.: The Distant Future: Onward Into Eternity... (Essays, 2023)
.: My Father Had the Most Epic Life of Anyone and He is Amazing (Biography, 2023)
.: It is Time to Realign Your Opinions (Essays, 2023)
.: I Love Ketamine More than People (Essay, 2023)
.: To My Beloved Jewish People (Essay, 2023)
.: The Rise of Intelligent Reconstruction Part III (Information, 2023)
.: Under the Veil (Essay, 2023)
.: God's Favourite People (Essays, 2023)
.: A Closing Statement (Essay, 2023)
.: A Few Final Words... (Essays, 2023)
.: And... A Message to My Soul Mates (Essay, 2023)

.: Yashudan Info Sheet (Information, 2020)

Websites I Own
.: Awaken to the Universe
.: Intelligent Reconstruction
.: The Solanaceae Artist Collective
.: The Society of Lucifer
.: The Astral Plane Compass
.: Bright Neon Lights
.: Telephasic Workshop

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Additional Information About Kit Carruthers
Kit Carruthers is interested in... Film, Music, Writing, Hedonism, Overthinking, Psychology, Art, Astral Travel, Altered States of Consciousness, Dreams, Culture, Metaphysics, Neurophilosophy, Neurotheology, Theology, Psychogeography, Astrology, Meditation, Sociology, Language and Communication.

Kit Carruthers' favourite musical artists, in order of favourite, are... Boards of Canada, Tim Hecker, Steve Reich, Sonic Youth, Bardo Pond, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Autechre, 65daysofstatic, Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine, Philip Jeck, Blueneck, Aufgang, Daturah, Biosphere, The Doors, Jakob, Deathprod, Jessamine, Saxon Shore, Mono, A Silver Mt. Zion, Kashiwa Daisuke, The Antarcticans, Surface of Eceyon, Fennesz, Gas, Christopher Bissonnette, Swans, Deaf Center, Stars of the Lid, Max Richter, Acid Mothers Temple, Sweek, The Evpatoria Report, Murcof, Envy, Redjetson, Loscil, Piano Magic, Oceansize, :zoviet*france:, Aereogramme, Bowery Electric, Mogwai, Massive Attack, Love, Cities Last Broadcast, Magyar Posse, Brian Eno, Bj÷rk, William Basinski, Bathyscaphe, Lustmord, MGR, Boris, Jetone, Spacemen 3, Earth, Dredg, Explosions in the Sky, 2814, UNKLE, Celer, The Beatles, The Cooper Temple Clause, Andrew Chalk, Arovane, The Flaming Lips, Jefferson Airplane, VNV Nation, Infinite Body, Roly Porter, Haujobb, The Streets, Simon & Garfunkel, Wolf Eyes, Lull, Jesu, Interpol, Cream, 1 Mile North, Jˇhann Jˇhannsson, Bola, Maybeshewill, Loop, Of Montreal, Hybrid, DJ Shadow, Circulatory System, Sleepmakeswaves, Hadouken!, Crippled Black Phoenix, 35007, Oval, Mirror, Sunn O))), The Velvet Underground, Hood, Coil, Burial, Aidan Baker, Venetian Snares, Jimi Hendrix, Muse, Funeral Diner, Shora, Slint, Hakobune, Suicide, Bethany Curve, M83, m˙m, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, The Rolling Stones, Slowdive, Bark Psychosis, Oneohtrix Point Never, SleepResearch_Facility, Hammock, Unwound, Refused, Dont Look Back, Isis, Grails, Plastikman, Frank Zappa, Talk Talk, Herbst9, Deafheaven, Infantjoy, Cursive, World's End Girlfriend, Hope of the States, Vladislav Delay, Flying Saucer Attack, Mineral, Sylvain Chauveau, Sunny Day Real Estate, Sparrows Swarm and Sing, 13th Floor Elevators, Windy & Carl, Hallucinogen, Comets On Fire, Casino Versus Japan, King Crimson, Clann Z˙, The Byrds, Sneaker Pimps, Inade, Underground Resistance, Tricky, Idiot Pilot, Susumu Yokota, Over-Gain Optimal Death, Fleetwood Mac, Red Sparowes, Gregor Samsa, Alva Noto, Logh, Monolake, From the Sky, Slow Six, Curve, Eluvium, Ben Frost, The Black Heart Procession, Do Make Say Think, Dńlek, PanĽAmerican, Codeine, The Zombies, Ladytron, Olivia Tremor Control, Rachel's, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Comus, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Grouper, Tod Dockstader, Pendulum, Terry Riley, Laura, All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors, silentwatcher, The Heads, Scraps of Tape, Harold Budd, Rosetta, Can, Ryoji Ikeda, Clogs, TV On the Radio, RJD2, Mico Nonet, DJ Krush, How To Disappear Completely, Shpongle, Rival Consoles, Animal Collective, Old Man Gloom, Pavement, Komet, Portishead, Empusae, The Unicorns, Aphex Twin, Alison's Halo, Encre, R÷yksopp, Pan Sonic, Minsk, Bossk, Efterklang, Moving Mountains, Broken Social Scene, Gifts From Enola, Airiel, Asobi Seksu, Circle, Boredoms, The Moody Blues, Starflyer 59, Lightning Bolt, The Dead Texan, 5ive's Continuum Research Project, Yellow6, The Postal Service, Seachange, Monster Movie, Friends of Dean Martinez, Magnetic Fields, The Orb, The Dismemberment Plan, Cult of Luna, Philip Glass, Up-C Down-C Left-C Right-C ABC + Start, Arktau Eos, Neutral Milk Hotel, Muslimgauze, The Microphones, Jeniferever, Chubby Wolf, Sasha, Nirvana, Silver Apples, Tracer AMC, Alec Empire, My Vitriol, Queens of the Stone Age, Yasushi Yoshida, Yndi Halda, Opitope, Iron & Wine, The Samuel Jackson Five, Amiina, Chapterhouse, The Album Leaf, Joy Division, The Apples in Stereo, Caspian, Vitalic, Spiritualized, Port-Royal, Donovan, Cocteau Twins, Cap'n Jazz, Television, Early Day Miners, Paatos, The Notwist, Fbcfabric & Reindeer, We Lost the Sea, Love Spirals Downwards, Pixies, Lou Reed, The United States of America, Aarktica, Ride, Shellac, Buffalo Springfield, Kyuss, The Caretaker, Pelican, The Rapture, God is an Astronaut, At the Drive-In, Iamthemorning, Kid Koala, DJ Spooky, Guitaro, Amon Tobin, Godflesh, This Mortal Coil, Meniscus, The Faint, Bonobo, If These Trees Could Talk, Bauhaus, Mute Math, Bad Sector, Cat Power, Built to Spill, Assemblage 23, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Sigur Rˇs, Grendel, Amusement Parks on Fire, Modest Mouse, Leftfield, LCD Soundsystem, Esmerine, Covenant, I'm Not a Gun, iLiKETRAiNS, Labradford, Destroyalldreamers, Auburn Lull, The White Stripes, Nick Drake, Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia, Kim Hiorth°y, Led Zeppelin, The Incredible String Band, Bel Canto, Spoon, Concord Dawn, Arcade Fire, Galaxie 500, Astral Projection, Joy Wants Eternity, The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, The Who, Beck, Serge Gainsbourg, The Mars Volta, Pink Floyd, Circle Takes the Square, Bright Red Paper, Blonde Redhead, The Verve, The Telescopes, !!!, Stereolab, Tom Waits, Stellardrive, Brainiac, Tarantula AD, Infected Mushroom, The Guess Who, Weezer, cLOUDDEAD, The Beach Boys, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Dead Can Dance, Audrey, Adorable, Bob Dylan, Á-Ziq, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, The Strokes, Tortoise, Enon, Apoptygma Berzerk, Low, Nine Inch Nails, Singapore Sling, Buck 65, Bailter Space, Juno Reactor, September Malevolence, First Band From Outer Space, Merzbow, Gorillaz, Diary of Dreams, The Timeout Drawer, pg.lost, Depeche Mode, Ben Folds Five, Cam Butler, Blind Mr. Jones, French Teen Idol, This Will Destroy You, Meanest Man Contest, The Smashing Pumpkins, Not to Reason Why, Ozric Tentacles, The Shins, Readymade, 9 Lazy 9, The Beta Band, Tool, Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang Clan, The Weeknd, Moby, Deftones, Dr. Dre, Rage Against the Machine, Eminem, Paul Oakenfold, KoRn, System of a Down, Disturbed, Linkin Park

Kit Carruthers' favourite musical genres, in order of favourite, are... Ambient/Sound Art, Post-Rock, Psychedelia, IDM, Neoclassical, Shoegaze, Post-Hardcore, "Post-Metal," Space Rock, Minimal Techno... Futurepop/EBM, Experimental Industrial, Martial Industrial, Neo-Folk, Noise... Trip-Hop, Downtempo, Turntablism, Drum'n'Bass, Indie Hip-Hop... Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Indie Folk, Slowcore, (True) Emo... 60s Psychedelic Pop and Folk... Psytrance, Goa Trance, Psychill, Progressive Trance... Alternative Country, Gothic Americana, Old School Country, Bluegrass... Chanson Francaise, Vocal Jazz and 40s Vocal Pop... And as a kid I liked Nu Metal and Gangster Rap and will always have a soft spot for it. And yes I also listen to pop music. I'm post-post-indie.

Kit Carruthers' favourite films, in order of favourite, are... Apocalypse Now, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Badlands, Stalker, Fight Club, The Big Lebowski, Akira, Seven Samurai, Waking Life, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Last Temptation of Christ, Babel, Fantasia, The Neon Demon, The Mirror, Ran, Blade Runner 2049, Barton Fink, Persona, Days of Heaven, Pi, Mulholland Dr., Solaris (original and remake), Interstellar, Audition, Romeo + Juliet, Black Swan, 21 Grams, Full Metal Jacket, Brazil, Dancer in the Dark, The Fountain, Vanilla Sky, Schindler's List, The Matrix Trilogy, The Beach, All About Lily Chou-Chou, The Three Colours Trilogy, Requiem for a Dream, The Seventh Seal, The Tree of Life, Ghost in the Shell, Mother!, The Hateful Eight, The Departed, Happy Together, The Thin Red Line, Aguirre the Wrath of God, No Country for Old Men, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Inception, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Magnolia, Chungking Express, Se7en, Miller's Crossing, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Insomnia (original and remake), Cube, Yojimbo, A Clockwork Orange, Inglorious Basterds, The Man Who Wasn't There, All the Real Girls, Jacob's Ladder, Collateral, In the Mood for Love, Days of Being Wild, Ikiru, Insomnia, Pulp Fiction, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Return, Spirited Away, Annihilation, Ran, Babel, Memento, O Brother Where Art Thou, Donnie Darko, Psycho, Lost Highway, There Will be Blood, The Truman Show, North By Northwest, Crouchning Tiger Hidden Dragon, American Psycho, American Beauty, House of Flying Daggers, The Pianist, Goodfellas, Lost in Translation, Hero, Minority Report, Trainspotting, The Godfather Trilogy, Memento, Amore Perros, The Machinsit, The Man With No Name Trilogy, The Game, The Life of Pi, Snatch, American History X, George Washington, The Social Network, Falling Down, The Star Wars Trilogy, The Star Wars Prequels, The Conversation, The Lighthouse, The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Oceans Trilogy, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Usual Suspects, Parasite, Gladiator, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Everything Everywhere All at Once, Predestination, The Cabin in the Woods, Unforgiven, The Harry Potter Movies, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, Pineapple Express, This Is the End, Knocked Up, Office Space, Deadpool, Deadpool 2, Borat.

Kit Carruthers' favourite video games, in order of favourite, are... Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Star Ocean: Second Star Story, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Final Fantasy Tactics, The Civilization Series, Final Fantasy X, Pokemon Red and Blue, Stardew Valley, Star Ocean: First Departure, Hogwarts Legacy, Tales of Destiny, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Wild Arms 3, Wild Arms 2, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Armored Core 4, Armored Core 3, Armored Core 2: Another Age, The Age of Empires Series, The Command & Conquer Series, Outpost 2, Caesar III, Sim City 4, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Super Mario World, Super Mario Brothers 3, The Spyro Series, The Donkey Kong Country Series, Kirby All Stars.

Kit Carruthers' favourite drugs, in order of favourite, are...
1. Marijuana
2. Dissociatives: Ketamine
3. Dissociatives: DXM
4. Dissociatives: Nitrous Oxide
5. Dissociatives: PCP, 4-MeO-PCP, 3-MeO-PCP
6. Phenethylamines: DOB, DOM, DOI
7. Phenethylamines: 2C-B, 2C-T-7, 2C-I, 2C-T-2
8. Phenethylamines: Mescaline
9. Phenethylamines: MDMA, MDA, Methylone
10. Tryptamines: DMT, 5-MeO-DMT
11. Tryptamines: AMT, 5-MeO-AMT
12. Tryptamines: LSD, LSA
13. Tryptamines: Psilocybin
14. Stimulants: Amphetamines
15. Stimulants: Cocaine
16. Stimulants: Methamphetamine
17. Opiates
18. Alcohol
19. Kratom
20. Ether

I am an INTJ, sometimes INFP. My zodiac sign is Cancer. Yes, believe it or not, I'm soft on the inside. My favourite colour is green. My second favourite colours are orange and purple. Then blue. Okay I love all the colours. I am a 1 on the Kinsey scale but I play up my bisexuality because it's sexy. On the political compass I am basically all the way social libertarian though my belief in eugenics puts me a little authoritarian. Fiscally I am pretty centred but I lean slight to the right, as in my soul I am libertarian. But of course I believe in both extremes. My Hogwarts house is Slytherin. My RPG elements are darkness and light. My instruments are the piano, the synthesizer and the computer sequencer. My heroes are Rick Sanchez, Squall Lionheart and crazy Joe Davola.

"Fuck, fuck-ah, yeah. Fuck, fuck. Fuck, fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah. C'mon baby, c'mon. Fuck me baby, fuck yeah. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah! Fuck, yeah! C'mon baby. Fuck me baby, fuck, fuck yeah. Whoa, whoa, yeah, fuck, yeah. C'mon, yeah. Alright. Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill..." ~ Jim Mirrison

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