And Here's How We're Going to do This...
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We'll Get Us a Militia...
Once telepathy is wide spread, everybody will be directed here. We may have a "deconstruction" event before our "reconstruction" but that's out of our hands.

Once we get things going, everybody will be given the option to donate 15 billion dollars in exchange for a king position in the next next era. And 2 billion for an important but non king position. We'll come up with rewards for other high level donations but if you want to be a part of the solution donate what little you can for no reward.

We're going to buy the corner of Portage & Main and build a huge glass skyscraper, the more impressive feat actually being what's beneath it. Hundreds of floors of basement bunker for our militia to live in, I mean assuming we can get approval by the Canadian government to have a militia. The general rule is no but maybe we can make an exception. But we'll do growing lights down there to make it seem sunny during the day and lots of plants and stuff and really just a lovely place to stay if you don't mind lack of windows.

We will rebuild the buildings we tear down to build our headquarters slightly down the street. Build it exactly to the liking of the owners at no cost to them.

We'll Put them to Work...
We will start with Africa. We will fix Africa.

What we're going to do is hire as many Africans as we can for this war, working under our militia. We will take out all the evil dictators and unite the continent as one huge country. Not counting North Africa which will go to the united Middle East. The country will then be split into provinces based on old tribal lines, not arbitrarily drawn lines from Europeans. Every dictator we oust will be given an eternal king position on a next generation ape planet to make them more willing to give in. Everybody working under said dictators will also be given a nice, cushy, eternal position.

We will do this all over the world, but hopefully other nations will unite volountarilly. Again, every national leader will be given an eternal king position.

When we're done we will have a united North America, Australia, Japan and UK... A united Latin America, a united Europe, A united Middle East, a united Africa, a united Central Asia and a united East Asia. Seven presidents, or seven kings without yet a kingdom if you will. No, that wasn't intentional. God did it.

Don't worry about keeping your unique culture. Your local culture will still remain, it's just that it is now united with all the other cultures in your region.

(more will come)

And Here's How We're Going to Survive...
Anybody who kills us before we're ready will recieve the full extent of our wrath.

It used to be, when somebody kills us, they don't get to reincarnate ever, but I thought about it and it's just not right. I realized, people who kill themselves to avoid punishment, or people who's crimes just can't be adequately punished in this life, get to go to the next life as a lesser. Believe me, you're going to prefer not reincarnating.

A lesser gets terrible genes, while we still have terrible genes. A lesser is not alowed to work or own a home. A lesser is not allowed to communicate with the others. A lesser can be assaulted or raped and nothing will happen to the offender. A lesser will be castrated. A lesser will have all sorts of terrible shit happen to them that I haven't thought up yet.

If a person thinks they would enjoy being a lesser, we will find a way in which they will not. As soon as a lesser starts enjoying it we kill them and make sure they won't enjoy it in the next life.

Having lessers solves another problem, too... Random acts of violence. If you need to hurt somebody you can just hurt one of the lessers and leave the ordinary population alone.

Now, usually you would get a certain amount of years as a lesser, regardless of how many times you kill yourself, you'll just add to your sentence. However, somebody who kills us before we're ready, and not just them but everybody up the chain of command, will be a lesser for literal eternity.

Once we've achieved everything we need to in this life the ban on killing us will be lifted and you're free to assassinate.