Direct Action in Winnipeg
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First of all, come to Winnipeg, this is where the shit is going to go down. I have a feeling it's going to be hard to find an apartment and it's not exactly a climate you would want to sleep outside in, but hopefully developers act fast enough to have adequate housing.

We'll shut down Portage Ave and the false prophet will address the crowds while I whisper evil things in his ear. I think we'll get you pretty riled up. Yeah I know people get pissed when their route to work gets fucked up but I'm sorry we need the street. You shouldn't be going to work anyway you should be joining us.

After he speaks, if you have to riot, and I would prefer it if you didn't, don't smash up any mom and pop stores, focus on the more evil storefronts. But preferably don't riot just protest peacefully. I know you all want a riot and everything and that it will probably happen but I'm not going to condone it. I have no idea what the false prophet's feelings are on this matter.

If you smash up some poor innocent immigrant's store, his hope of moving his family here, I swear to god I will slap you in the face with a fish.

Does insurance cover riots? If not usually, Winnipeg businesses should probably look into riot insurance.

I want you to wave the flag of Intelligent Reconstruction, the sign for Aquarius on red as a symbol. I know it's a little egotistical of me to make this request. And I think another neat symbol would be for you to burn many white flags of surrender. Let's not burn any other flags though. Did I invent the burning of the white flag? I have it in my head that I did but I also thought that about calling John Kerry an Easter Island head and apparently I wasn't the first one there.

Ultimately the goal is we occupy the city. Like they tried to occupy Wall Street, but we'll actually win. Or at least we'll get closer than they did.

We'll win.